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I sighed as I waited for the red light to turn green. It was Friday. One more day and it’d be the weekend again. Last weekend I had been doing an intense course on NLP and hypnosis so it had been a while since I had been able to be at home and chill out. This made me look forward to the weekend even more than usual. But now I was on the exact same route that I was on five days a week, to my... read more

After the lunch from restaurant in Sydney, Australia to transfer over this country away by the dangerous program with impossible technology from room to another room, the surrounds were to be rocky mountain that didn’t have any greens on those areas and there was one humongous gray-colored stoned castle on high altitude. There was one guy who waited for other guy to meet him for some exceptional... read more


As I ran onto East Pratt Street, on my way to Joseph E Lee Park, I had to think what my friends had said last night. I had gone dancing with this couple I had known for quite some time. Gary I had known since college and I remember when he met Michael during one of our nights out, about 3 and a half years ago now. Michael had also become a great friend of mine. I had felt embarrassed telling them... read more

I was getting used to living in Jerry and Rosa’s home. When I woke up, I rolled out of bed and went for a run in the park that was right next door. I would then shower, make myself a coffee and sit down to work. And work would go really fast. If I got tired, which was usually around 5, I sat back on the sofa and read the hypnosis book to learn more. Within the hour, Jon would park his car across... read more

As I was finishing packing up my things, I regretted my earlier decision. My friends Jerry and Rosa had gotten married and were travelling to Europe for four weeks for their honeymoon. They had asked me if I could housesit, mainly for their cat, Bubba. And at the time, I thought of it as an easy favor to do my friends. They had a nice place, further out in the city. They lived in an area of... read more

Mr. R. Goshop was the name of the next target. He was Diego's Art Teacher in Edna Manley Art High School. He tracked down his address and called in sick for the week and worked on new batches of Prostajuice. It was Tuesday evening, he was walking on the street across mauville drive, when he caught up with him as he was on his way home which was only a few meters. They caught up and began talking... read more

The Prostajuice is a brew from the Mediterranean hundreds of years ago. If completed with the Cum of a man, any other man who intakes this liquid whether cool, room temperature, or hot will not only start being attracted to other men as much as they were with women but after just taking it will experience immeasurable levels of Lust to fuck or be fucked, to suck cock or get their cock... read more

Diego had heard about the "Gully Queens of Jamaica". They were a group of fags who lived in a gully in New Kingston after they were disowned and shunned. If anyone knew what he was looking for, it was them. Sunday daytime was nigh-empty at New Kingston which was just what he needed, but the casual few cars passing was still to much. Jamar decided to wait until late Sunday night since rarely any... read more

Nanitenharem II

by Zorasch

May 17, 2016

Eine kleine Ergänzung zu meiner Geschichte Nanitenharem Fernando Akt 6 Ich schob meine Hüfte langsam vor, drängte mich so weiter in Fernando herein der es mit nichts als einem erstickten Wimmern quittierte. Eigentlich hatte ich Fern gesehen, mich von einem Comedyabend im Dritten berieseln lassen, als mein höriger Sklave aber all seine Aufgaben erledigt hatte, war er zu mir gekommen und... read more



by Zorasch

Dec 04, 2015

Fetische: M/m, M/mm+, Gedankenkontrolle , Meister-Sklave(n) Beziehung(en) / Harem, (einseitige, größtenteils permanente) Keuschheit, Bondage /Fesseln , Spanking / Züchtigung, Erniedrigung / Demütigung, Pissspiele /Natursekt?PrologMein Onkel Jonathan Stiegelmeier war bei persönlichen Dingen immer ein verschwiegener Mann gewesen, wir hatten zwar vor allen in letzter Zeit viel miteinander... read more

On 2054, there were the lots of population lived in small Japan. It would be biggest busier and sleepless cities. Japan had created everything, especial weird things. They would be first country that creates the flying cars. Those technologies would go crazy because they, of course, need it so badly for their satisfaction. Japanese love entertainment. It had many varieties for anyone to enjoy.... read more


Dengan kiraan 5, maka Danial pun perlahan-lahan mencelikkan matanya dan kembali menyarungkan pakaian sekolahnya.... read more

Rahul Singh terus bangun apabila terdengar deringan bertalu-talu daripada telefon bimbitnya. Apabila dia hendak mencapai telefon, panggilan itu terus dihentikan. Rahul pun memeriksa telefon bimbitnya dan mendapati terdapat lima panggilan tidak berbalas daripada nombor yang sama. Sebaik sahaja dia hendak meletakkan telefon itu kembali, telefonnya berbunyi dan kali ini mesej pula masuk.... read more

... read more

Mohd Danial Sinclair memang tidak suka melakukan sebarang aktiviti yang mengeluarkan peluh. Jika diberi pilihan antara gym dan membaca, tanpa berfikir dua kali semestinya Danial akan memilih aktiviti membaca. Sedari kecil, kawan-kawan dan guru-guru sekolahnya memang menyedari akan sikap Danial yang aneh itu. Pada mulanya, ibu bapanya menganggap perkara itu sebagai biasa. Namun ibu... read more

Into the Dark

by Habu

Feb 16, 2013

Momma, please. I won’t talk back anymore. Let me out of the closet, Momma. Or turn on a light. You know how scared I am of the dark. Don’t leave me here in the dark, Momma. Please. Please Momma. Momma? Momma?* * * *Brandon leaned over the low, padded cubicle wall and winked at Colleen and told her she was looking mighty fine today. Then, as he turned and moved down the corridor between... read more


I do not know, this could be a true story. At Washington High School, students can be grouped up in the usual, jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, college bound, loser and weirdo. Ted and Rich could be considered somewhere between geek and college bound. They were seniors, 28 and virgins with the girls. It was not that they were not physically fit or a one-on the one to ten scale. Both were... read more


You know a good deed just keeps propagating itself...... read more

Condom Eating

by donl01

Jun 26, 2009

Anyone else have this experience? email me at read more

Jimmy was rich but he did not have everything he wanted.... read more

Peter was the average kid at his high school...... read more

I don't know what this is, I was drunk, so I typed a load of wierd fantasies._________________________________________________________________________I was only 20 years old, what had I got myself into?2 men stood around me. They must have only been 5 or 10 years older than me. The tall one; I couldn't see his face, the room was dark and wore a cap. The shorter one was more visible, his... read more

Idiot Brother by Johnny Manipulator PART 1 Andy knew he was going to show himself up again that weekend. It was always the same when he went to visit his brother, his gay brother, and his boyfriend. ‘Oh god,’ he said to himself as he rang their doorbell and stood on their step. ‘Don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up…’ Andy had a history of humiliating himself in front of his... read more


Computer Programmed By Ryno PART 1-THE HERE AND NOW Wesley Pritchard, Big Man on Campus, well that was who I once was, but that seems like so long ago. But I guess, I should tell you my story and how I became who I am now, a slut that lives to serve men. PART 2-ONE YEAR AGO… I loved my apartment that meant I did not have to share my place with a messy roommate or have to... read more

Chris' Story

by Chris123

Sep 24, 2008

Chris was an average 18 year old. He liked to hang out with his friends, play video games, and surf the net. Like I said--average. He was on his way to his local shopping centre. He had received an anonymous email telling him to meet there. Normally, he wouldn't have gone, but something told him he should go. He stood outside, waiting for this anonymous person to show up. After what seemed... read more


I was checking in for my flight at the Rome Fiumicino airport and noticed a guy in the next line over to me. We were checking in for a flight from Rome to Paris. I actually noticed his tight faded jeans, his brown leather coat and his brown cowboy boots. He must have "felt" my presence because be turned around and looked at me. His bubble butt ass looked like two grapefruit halves. Actually... read more

Full House

by smapdi

Aug 28, 2007

Joey Hypnotizes Uncle Jesse This is a fictional story based on the characters Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) and Jesse Katsopolis (the luscious John Stamos) from the television show "Full House." Again, it is a fictional story and doesn't imply anything about the sexuality of any of the characters. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us Joey and Uncle Jesse?" Danny Tanner asked,... read more

Brad Habits

by smapdi

Aug 28, 2007

Synopsis: Brad Pitt goes to a hypno-therapist to quit smoking. The hypno-therapist has other ideas. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not imply anything about the sexuality of Brad Pitt. It takes place before his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Brad Habits Dr. Steve Sherman looked at his appointment book. He couldn't believe it, his next appointment was Brad Pitt! Dr.... read more

Peter's Clueless Seduction 10: Finale Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick's psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are sexually in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability. When Nick's rugby friends come to visit he finds his straight arse relentlessly fucked. Peter's brother James comes to rescue him, but his plans are... read more

Muscle Mindfuck

by mindfucked

Jan 04, 2007

It was evening i was on my way home from school. I was sitting alone at the subway waiting and listening to boring sounds clenching out of my walkman, when i noticed a leaflet laying on the ground. I don’t really know why but something about it just attracted my attention. Since I was too far away to really recognize what was on it, i stood up and took the black flyer off the dirty floor.... read more

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