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Rest stop

by Cumdumpster

Apr 22, 2017

I was on a long trip. I had to pull into a rest stop to stretch out. Not a soul around. So i walked the lot for a few min. Then a pick up pulled in. There was an older guy in it. So when he pulled in he parked kind of close to where i was. I glanced over, then checked out my phone. Looked up he was still staring at me. Did not think much of it because i was quite tired. Again a few min... read more


Shy but hung

by skinnon95

Nov 25, 2016

I'm Sam, 32, 6'1", 165, athletic build, and uncut. I had to piss and noticed a rest area was just a few miles up the interstate. I pulled in and quickly made my way inside and to the urinal. I had to pee so bad I wasn't paying attention to anyone around me. After finishing, I jerked my hood back and forth (being uncut-I have to jerk my dick a few times to make sure all the piss comes... read more

Rest Area Heaven

by skinnon95

Nov 24, 2016

I'm Sam. This is a true story that happened when I was about 30. As I was traveling home from a long business trip, I realized I had to piss really bad. Noticing the sign for a rest area a few miles up the road, I decided I would stop there. As I got out of my car, I noticed the normal few cars around and several 18-wheelers in the parking lot. As I entered the bathroom, there were... read more

On a recent business trip, I had put in a full day of consulting for a long-term client. I decided to catch an early dinner, then back to my Jacuzzi suite at the hotel for an evening of relaxation. Perhaps even pleasure. I chose a sports bar, for it was 1/2 way from client to hotel, and I wanted to eat a light dinner (e.g., sandwich). When I entered the establishment, I noted it was very busy.... read more

Am I Queer? Part-1-of-1 FYI: This is more or less a true story. Because the story took place in the 60s before the term ‘gay’ started to be used for homosexuals the term ‘queer’ is used. It isn’t meant to be derogatory just accurate for the times. When I was a young man I used to hitchhike a lot because I had no other mode of transportation. I came from a poor background and hitching gave... read more


Colorado Hotel Fun


Aug 24, 2015

I was in Greely, CO and it was January and it was cold. My work as a sales consultant kept me busy usually until at least 6:00 pm. I was staying at a... read more

It was 2am when cousins Matthew and Greg snuck out of Matthew’s house butt naked. Greg was always up for a wild jerk-off game and wanted to end his stay with a bang. “Alright. We run around the block jerking until one of us cums,” said Greg. “Whoever cums first gets to tell the other guy where to cum – it can be anywhere.” “Awesome!” smiled Matthew, his dick already rock hard.... read more

MANKINI BEARCUB PART 2by Robert read more


It could have been just a little problem but OK, it was a huge mistake!I usually didn't drink that much but tonight was different. She was supposed to be at the party at 8 PM. She said she'd get a ride with a girlfriend. She showed up at 11PM with another guy.I was looking for a reason to dump the bitch anyway, and this was as good a reason as any. But I was still pissed that she showed... read more

Sam has been on the beach all day and now needs a ride home to Manchestersam: me 18 year old teen, in shorts n tee after sunbathing on a beach all day. smooth bodied slim swimmer buildrob: Im early 40s, 5ft 11, ex rugby muscularsam: hotrob: Ok I see you and I pull up aheadsam: i run up to ur car, me in shorts tee n trainers with a small rucsac on my backrob: Hi. where you going... read more

This just recently happened during a long road trip for Thanksgiving. My family had flown out to visit relatives and I followed close behind driving the family car. The trip took 12 hours one way. All I had was a thermos full of coffee and drank it until it was all gone. I stopped off at my first fast food establishment to piss and refill my coffee. As I got back into the car I felt... read more

By chance

by David Johns

Aug 16, 2014

I was going down a local highway on my way home from an evening meeting. I saw that a rest stop was ahead so I decided to stop to take a piss.There was one car in the parking lot, so I assumed that at least one other person would be there. But I sure didn't know what was going to happen!As I went into the men's room, I saw that there were two urinals without a divider, and two stalls... read more

Back on The Road

by diggy

May 17, 2014

I watched John’s rig pull out the lot as I headed towards the shower thinking to myself “what a night” and hoped the shower would wake me up before I hit the road again. It was still early so the showers weren’t too busy. After a long hot shower I wandered into the coffee shop for the strongest brew they had. Sitting at the counter I order coffee and toast, glancing through the morning... read more

Friday Night Adventure

by diggy

Apr 13, 2014

We had just worked a game at a remote county school in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. We made these trips in Greg’s, the referee, full size van allowing us to ride in comfort. The five of us have been officiating high school football for a few years now and were use to these road trips. This is a group of guys who got along fairy well, have seen each other in tough positions on... read more

Brief stay at truck stopIt was either very late evening or too early morning on a warm summer night as I was traveling from Green River back home in eastern Iowa. I had been driving I-80 since mid afternoon and was starting to see images of the Muppets dancing along the side of the highway and thought I better find a place to pull off. Being the time that it was, my options seemed... read more

HYPOTHETICAL HITCH-HIKER PART 2by Robert both positioned our respective underwear in front of us – the outer and less intimate surface of the gussets facing towards us – and Dane lifted mine up to his nose first. I followed his lead, applying the outside of his shorts to my nose even though I would have strongly... read more

HYPOTHETICAL HITCH-HIKER PART 1by Robert lad grinned across at me, pleased for the lift. I wasn't going exactly where he wanted, but I could take him to a motorway junction twenty miles short without too much of a detour. He'd have to sort himself out from there: either stand in the cold with his thumb sticking... read more


On the Road

by robbass

Dec 08, 2013

Car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and Rob is picked up by a dude with a body looking like Conan the Barbarian, handsome face, dick of death and a need to get it on with a man.This is taken from a Kindle book of short stories called Further Sexploits of Rob Harris. It is based on a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort... read more

Roadside Assistance

by Furlong

Oct 27, 2013

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCEPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===Driving over to Rugby for a meeting with a prospective customer, my car started spluttering on the A4304, and refused to respond when I tried to accelerate. Half a mile on, the engine was threatening to cut out altogether, so I pulled... read more


by TruckerSucker

Oct 22, 2013

Driving alone cross country to visit relatives in California, i had a lot of time to think about sex or, to be more precise, to think about the sex i was not having. Flying down the interstate at 80 mph did not seem like a good time to pull out my cock to give myself some relief, so i pulled into the first highway rest stop i came across on the eastern edge of South Dakota.Parking the car, i... read more

Satin Sleigh Ride

by Habu

Oct 08, 2013

Count Gregor Arninov towered over his elegantly dressed host and hostess in the foyer of their winter dacha as his sleigh was being brought around. He was leaning over them and holding the admiral’s wife’s small silk-gloved hand in his appreciably larger satin-clad one while he murmured how wonderful their ball had been and that, yes, he had enjoyed dancing with their daughter immensely. The... read more

I was in an area packed with small towns doing leadership training for a small manufacturing company and it was going well but I’ve been here for a week with no sexual relief.My body had been transformed earlier this year by a mysterious guy named Thax at a gay resort in the Caribbean called Isla Paradiso. The transformation left me with this smoking hot body, a metabolism that lets me eat... read more

A true story. Only the names have been changed for privacy reasons.The next morning I was out of bed early. I slept well concidering the fact that the night before I had jerked another man and he did the same to me. Technically speaking he could be my dad. He was 40 I was 19 but it felt more like good friends helping eachother out. I went for the shower quickly. I dicided not to... read more

…..Thomas continued to stare at me wide-eyed in disbelief. He reached out for the letters and and began scanning over them. He placed his hand on his head and began apologizing to me. “Im so sorry kid, I had no idea, I’ve always wanted to get to know you and be a part of your life, but not this way.” It’s okay Thomas……I mean dad, I’ve learned this is mom’s fault, you tried, but she wouldn’t let... read more

The Netotiator

by Habu

Jul 13, 2013

I wondered what he could tell about me that no one at home or the office—at least I hoped and always had thought—knew. He had introduced himself as Hal when he’d appeared beside me in Business Class and I’d stood from my aisle seat so that he could get over to the window. He’d had a friendly smile, and if I hadn’t been busy during the first two hours over the Atlantic from New York going over the... read more

I am an up and comer in the firm. The firm is unevenly distributed between very young, eager nobodies and powerful senior somebodies. Having a mentor is a very important to climb the tedious corporate ladder. The seniors preferred pretty young girls and if was difficult situation for young men in an intensely competitive environment. There were rumours about amorous senior partners who... read more

We were in Jim’s big, sporty BMW on our way home together, leaving the District. He was driving, as was his preference, though I’d driven in from my office at the Pentagon to pick him up. “Oh, and Clancy called to confirm that his guys delivered the bricks and sent some photographs for me to confirm he’d delivered what we’d chosen.” He picked up his Galaxy 3 off the console and handed it across... read more

Part 6................continued from Part 5It's supper time so we go upstairs and Lucy still isn't home. We go to the fried chicken place about 2 blocks away and pick up a bucket of chicken with fries, rolls, baked beans and slaw and bring it home. We dig in and Lucy gets home and joins in. She's happy about the supper she didn't have to fix but is pissed off that Les has goofed off all day.... read more

________On way to Huntsville from Rowdy’s home in Texas, he drove with his passenger, Wesley Eracullo, in his dark red hunky Lincoln Mark LT. It was sunny day for them to do something so there are lots of trees and grassed field in that area while he drove. They were on the empty highway called “Interstate 45” in North route. They are on their way to Able Ammo store for find someone who related... read more


I have only been with older gay men - the first time, I was hitchhiking home after school and had just finished smoking a joint and a fat man about 55 picked me up. I got in the car and said hello; as I turned to him I noticed that his tee shirt was pulled up over his belly and his pants were unzipped down so far I could see his pubic hair. Under my feet, the floor was covered with... read more

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