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On small heaven island where Akio and Lucifer spent their time to stay together for 50 years, Lucifer was in control by his lover, Akio. He teaches Lucifer how to be mature and well-trained. They didn’t get older as if they just still looked same since they were entering into heaven. Lucifer watched the ocean waved as his new favorite hobby made after he was being out of hell by Akio’s wisdom.... read more

Chapter 6The CruiseDaniel and Fabio arrived at the cruise ship at four o'clock just in time to get to the suite and get settled away just as their luggage arrived. It was a comfortable room on the port side with a balcony. They were informed that there was always a happy hour in the bars on the ship from 4 to 7 each evening. Supper was served in two seating's the early at 6:00 and then a... read more

Chapter 5The InvitationWhen Daniel and Adrian arrived at the dinner party all the other quests had already arrived. They were socializing enjoying a drink and looking at the extensive art collection of the middle aged couple. The host couple, Donna and Tom Radford was smartly dressed and each was rather beautiful in their own way.Donna was a brunette and wore a form fitting dress which... read more

Chapter 4More to LearnSunday morning around 11:00 Daniel awoke from a long well deserved and needed sleep. He was lying back thinking about the previous evening and trying to recollect what had transpired. He remembered in the afternoon going to the pool and meeting Campbell with the huge cock showing in his Speedos and Arthur the cute boy of East Indian heritage. Later he went to the party... read more

Chapter 3The DateThe next morning, a leisurely Saturday at 9:00 AM Adrian was seated in the Café Metropolitan in the business district. Most of the early breakfast tourists had already finished and were off to their tours and explorations for the day. He sat outside alone at a table in the middle of the café enjoying the morning sun and a coffee as he read the morning newspaper. He looked up... read more

Chapter 2The PartyAt the end of their successful meeting Serge invited Adrian and of course Daniel to a party at the home of his employer for that evening. It was an event with a large number of people invited from the arts and business community artists, buyers and supporters of the arts and some musicians and a few from the theatre community. Adrian and Daniel arrived together and Daniel... read more

A story about an effeminate Italian boy who moves to America to study at an art school. Chapter 1The BeginningDaniel, an Italian boy in his late teens is starting a fine arts program at a college in the US. He had been awarded a full scholarship as part of an exchange program with the international arts community. He arrives before classes begin and has to stay in a hotel at his expense as... read more


Okay - first chapter .... hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think. The main character is based on myself from the looks to the desire he has to be a real man's lover. Feel free to hit me up guys. Dlcollegejock69@yahoo.comIsland Rituals II saw him from across the party, a tall, mocha vision of broad shoulders and rippling muscles, skin glistening with sweat as he danced in the... read more


Web Cam Lust

by WinstonManly

Dec 19, 2014

Jordan tried to remember just when he had gotten started doing web-cam sex with Ronald, the older man he had met through a gay on-line chat site. It had to have been at least six months ago. At least that.Jordan had never really thought of himself as... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. III

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm III : A Lesson in Hazing/ Ladies Choice... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. II

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm II : A lesson in giving head.I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. The most amazing sexual experience I ever had. The first sexual experience I ever had. It was my first week in college, and I had an asshole of a roommate, Omar. But what he and his girlfriend Luna surprised me with, when I returned home from class one morning, changed my life and my... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. I

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D Dorm Pt. I : A Lesson in Weed & Freedom* This story was literally envisioned and written during one of the best highs I've ever been on... Enjoy... read more


Satisfaction Ashram

by Habu

Dec 22, 2013

As I stood outside the entrance to the old British colonial-style Windsor Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, in the shadow of Mount Pidurutagala, waiting for someone to take me up to the ashram, I couldn’t believe how far—and how far back in time—I had moved from Teddy’s cabin in the Catskills. From the moment Teddy’s business partner, Mort Whitley, had driven up to the cabin and told me how... read more

Harmony and Dissonance

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

“Are you sure this is the address?” Lars Krieger asked, as the hotel car stopped in front of a massive, carved-wood, two-panel door in an otherwise blank concrete wall on Bangkok’s Soi 51 Sukhumvit. The road was narrow, almost an alley, it seemed, to the young German engineer, with one, long stuccoed wall running down its full length on each side with doors like this and wider garage doors at... read more

Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

I had both the advantages and curses of being a rock star. I could afford to go anywhere I wanted on the spur of the moment or as the mood hit me, but if a mood hit me that would land me in the tabloids, I’d better be prepared to go to the ends of the earth.The mood had hit me to get the most exotic and total fuck that I could find by the most talented cocksman I could attract. I had been on... read more

Congo Drums

by Habu

Nov 17, 2013

The riverboat hit a log, or something, on the hull right at my head, and I woke with a start. The first sensation in the soft, wavering light of a single lantern hung by the doorway was the sound of the drums and low chanting from somewhere above. The driver and cook at it again. The sound was monotonous and comforting all at the same time. It also seemed to be richer than before, almost... read more

Sweet Sanjay

by Habu

Oct 20, 2013

I heard my name being called out from the midst of the teeming horde pressing in on the barriers after customs in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi international airport, and a head and arm waving a sign was bouncing up and down over the tumult. The sign the young man was carrying said “Clifford Jenkins” with “New York” written under it. That was me. But I wasn’t being met by anyone that I knew of. The... read more

Vor ein paar Jahren reiste ich durch Armenien, beginnend in der Hauptstadt Eriwan/Jerewan. Mein Hotel am Hang, schön gelegen oberhalb der Stadt und mit einem Wahnsinnsblick zum Berg Ararat, hatte auch einen Swimmingpool, den ich nach den Besichtigungen im schwülen Stadtzentrum gerne aufsuchte. Wie erstaunt war ich, als ich das erste Mal zum Pool kam, und da lümmelten sich am Beckenrand... read more

Jamaica Moon Dreams

by Solo_DR

Sep 11, 2013

Jamaica Moon DreamsI first saw him on my first day in Jamaica. He was leisurely walking the beach, every so often kicking at the tide as the beautiful blue ocean crashed onto the white sands. Despite the beauty of the island; he stood out to me as the most striking thing on the beach. The morning sun shone down on him, illuminating his every step like a spot light on a stage. And yes, he was... read more

On a String in Bangkok

by Habu

Sep 04, 2013

In more recent years I look back on my mid-1970s (and then again early 1980s) Bangkok adventure and just shake my head, wondering what we were thinking we were doing then and how shallow we must have been to be so totally focused on beautiful bodies and the striving for perpetual orgasm.I think that for most of those I played with for two-and-a-half years in the 1970s, the hedonist urges... read more

I was sitting outside the cottage door, just in my shorts, wondering if the farmer who had rented the rustic Cotswold cottage with the thatched roof and the rose trellis beside the door to me for two weeks had misinterpreted my offer. It hadn’t been in so many words, but I think I had been clear enough in my nonverbal delivery. But maybe not. Maybe signaling here in England was much different... read more

Chaz's Choice

by Habu

Jun 29, 2013

“Are you sure? You don’t have to go through with this.”But, who was I kidding. Julio’s choices had been shut down that first night—the night I’d found him supposedly by chance, but with chance having nothing to do about it. He’d been had even before I approached him at the Noobai Café, the discreet little gay hookup bar in the Restele district of Lisbon, not far from the Cuban consulate.... read more

I have a friend that I have known for awhile. He was a friend that I recently got back in contact with. At the time he didn't know I was gay. I got tickets to see a comedy show that a bunch of my coworkers were going to. I invited my friend... read more

Justus Diary I

by justus

Feb 18, 2013

In Teil I des Tagebuches verrät Justus euch seine geilen Erlebnisse auf dem Flughafen in Brasilien. Soviel sei verraten: Er lernt einen heißen Latino kennen, der nicht nur mit dem Schlagstock, sondern auch mit seinem eigenen Prügel gut umgehen kann… und die beiden bleiben nicht allein!Brasilien war der Hammer! Land und Natur aber vor allem die geilen Latinos! Ich chillte gerade am Strand... read more

Nuclear Meltdown

by Habu

Feb 03, 2013

It was all happening so fast. I didn’t even have time to feel panic. I just felt a dullness and a foreboding—and a creeping sense of being trapped in a web of some sort. No, more like a cocoon, the sticky thread winding around and around me. Smothering me.“Just a few minutes, Dr. Winthrop, and you can go back to your room. I know this has been a shock to you. We have just a few more questions... read more


One summer while I was in college I shared an off-campus apartment with a guy from a Middle East country. His first name was Parviz. Frequently he would have other guys from Middle East countries over, and they unashamedly showed each other their erect cocks (I joined in, of course). And they all considered themselves straight.They would all sit around looking at (straight) porn magazines... read more

Both men were excited. They had met in a chatroom a little over a year before the day that Cris was arriving from Brazil. Mike’s seduction of the younger boy had started naturally. He told Cris about his job as a community college baseball coach and, when Cris revealed that he had started the chat because he really liked older guys, Mike took the lead and told him how he loved to discipline... read more


You never know where your going to be when you discover something about yourself. Me, I have been a confirmed cock sucker and cock worshiper since i was in the 6th grade. I've sucked a lot of cocks, some knowing their names and a few not knowing their real name. Encounters in hotels while on travels. I have to admit that some of those encounters were the best. Because I've traveled,... read more

Continued from Part 1I suddenly realised I hadn’t given thought to Shahzad by the door. Though it was hard to concentrate on anything else with Ibrahim’s humongous cock filling and refilling me, I glanced at towards the door to see if Shahzad was disgusted, or worse, had left never to return. All I noticed by the door was a pile of his clothes lying in a heap on the floor. I realised... read more

Warning : The following contains material of a Adult nature, specifically gay male on male interaction. If you are offended by such material or underage or live in an area where accessing such material is illegal, you MUST stop reading Tonio. Aug. 21, 2011(If you like the following real story, please e-mail me at All names and businesses are fictional... read more

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