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DON'T FREAK OUT (PART 1) by Robert Furlong === === For several months, I'd been promising my son that I'd show him how two men can make love very intensely and passionately together using only their two cocks. Jake is young and bisexual but when it comes to other boys, he has made it very clear that his interests are... read more


BLAST FROM THE PAST... AND FROM MY SON! by Robert Furlong === === Warning: contains mild scat === The night before Jake and I were going to watch Liverpool play Leeds, the tumble drier decided to break down. I had, of course, left the bulk of the laundry we needed until the night before our trip and so we had a large pile... read more

Paddling out

by RolfUdo

Apr 16, 2016

Mit kräftigen Armen schwang ich das Paddel durch das grünliche Wasser des Baggersees. Es waren Ferien. Ich hatte die elfte Klasse und vor einem Monat den achtzehnten Geburtstag hinter mir. Nun wollte ich erst einmal zwei Wochen ausspannen. Das Wetter war gut. Blauer Himmel, in den Morgenstunden noch nicht allzu heiß. Ein laues Lüftchen wehte von Osten und versprach weiterhin gutes Wetter. Mein... read more


On summer season, in Mumbai, India at afternoon, a boring Indian guy walked out from his best friend’s wealthy home. He took his rest on nice designed deck chair. He sighed like he didn’t have other thing to do. He cannot think about what he wanted to do. His other friends didn’t talk with him for several days so he lets they did their errands to completed as if they moved on like they got... read more


“Hey bud, haven’t seen you for a while now; didn’t know you were back,” the sweating stud in the white sweat-soaked sweatshirt with the arms cut out to show off his massive shoulder caps, biceps and triceps said to me, his blonde-furred muscular forearm out to shake hands.Of course I’d seen him the second I entered the gym floor. I’d fought the urge to pop a bone right then and there with the... read more


Part 10........................continued from part 9Thursday night, I am relaxing in my hotel room. The seminar is over tomorrow and I take the bus home on Saturday. The phone rings, it's Les. He tells me he got a job working for Ben and he has a suite not far from their office in the suburbs. He wants to take me out for dinner Friday night to thank me. He gets off at 5:00 and will take the bus... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part SixAcquiescenceThe Monday following his thrashing of Mark Riggs, Jim cornered me in my office. He, like everyone else, had learned of Mark's resignation. I guess he figured he was on a victory roll and wanted to keep his momentum going.... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FivePecking OrderMy arrival at Simi Corp., predictably, caused a bit of a protest there which cost me two of Morgan Thaler's former water-carriers. During the first week, several of the long-timers were furtively clocking me amongst themselves as I moved about the office getting familiar with everything. I could feel their eyes and I could tell that there may... read more

Chapter 81NOTE: I just finished a new layout of the campground. Also, the list of characters and the list of chapter plots are all updated. If you want any of these, just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out.Written by didn’t make any move in response to his... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part OneClosing the DealMy company, the Thoman Group, did well this year. Up 38% year over year in revenue with a jump of 10% in profit over the same period. Perhaps more importantly, however, we bested our closest rivals, Simi Corp. We did that by taking their largest and best client away from them. I can honestly say that I can wholly claim the credit for... read more


________The very dark night at 9’o clock on Friday in Houston, Texas, the man just arrived at his middle-sized modern house by his car, shiny gold BMW 650i convertible. His overall appearance is very muscly, curvy, and ripped as detailed. His facial shape is rectangular. He has black hair that styled to be short elegant faux hawk which make him look more attractive. He wore the white V-necked... read more

As you recall I recently told you about my first older daddy Paul, and his partner Kyle. After our 3 way on Saturday night, I received a phone call at work on Monday.It was Paul asking if I wanted to come over that evening. I agreed to drop by about 7pm.I rang the bell and Paul answered the door. We immediately went upstairs and sat down in the TV room where He, Kyle and I had our 3 way... read more

I went back to live with my great grandpa in 1993 when I was 27 and he was 90 to help take care of him. He also had his housekeeper Diane age 43 who took care of him during the day. In the afternoon after Diane left then Michelle and 26 year old Latina who had 2 kids came over to take care of grandpa from 3pm till 11pm. Michelle also had a 22 year old brother James and when he came over this one... read more


Blindfolded Dad part 2

by seth!

Feb 03, 2010

Refer to my first story for descriptions of the characters.In the last installment...I absolutely loved the feeling of this incestuous frot, and gave my father a deep kiss. Our tongues slid over each other for a while before I pulled out of the kiss, planning to start sucking my dad's cock again. But as I broke our kiss my dad's blindfold slipped over one eye, revealing me!to be... read more


My Fucking Kid!

by mgw2

Nov 26, 2006

My Fucking Kid! I came back from my run sweating profusely and steaming inside. Damn that kid. He was so fucking headstrong! I heard a grunt from the basement and headed downstairs. There was Danny, sitting back on the bench doing leg presses. His thick muscular thighs filled the leg openings of his thin workout shorts. Large corded calves pushed his feet against the leg plate and... read more

DON'T TAKE MY CALVIN! by Website: This story was beautifully translated into English by my friend GERARD for more FROTTAGE stories Brett wasn't in a good mood that day. After a terrible row with his seductive boyfriend Ryan, who wouldn't listen to reason, Brett threw him violently out of the... read more


by Pecstocky

Oct 14, 2006

Brett had just signed a golden contract with one of the best go-go bars in San Francisco. He was 25 years old but looked much younger. Nature had given him all the best attributes for a young male. He was a beautiful young man with surprisingly blue eyes that had that "better than thou" look. Of course he could be allowed to toot his own horn, for, with a body like his, who wouldn't? ... read more

Ride My Belly

by jjay01973

Aug 27, 2006

I had just moved into a new apartment which had a membership to an on-site gym included as part of the rent. It wasn't the typical apartment complex gym. It had a complete weight room with free weights, machines, cardio equipment, mats and balls for stretching, and both dry and wet saunas inside the shower area of the locker room. Although I could have easily changed at home, I made sure I used... read more

Stiff Competition!

by neoklawow

Aug 22, 2006

A Cockfight Story By Neoklawow “Your faggot ass won’t last a minute in a match with me!” Glenn shouted. “Fuck you, hard-on! Let’s get on the mat and find out!” Tim screamed in response. Both men were 27 and members of a gym where they lifted weights and worked out to tone their perfect bodies. They had disliked each other at first sight, afraid the other stud would steal... read more

Wow! That was really exciting getting that tattoo. I couldn't wait to get home and jerk off. As soon as I got into my apartment, I stripped off my shirt to check it out. My muscles on my chest looked great as well as my abs. Jake had given me some ointment to apply to the Eagle tattoo to keep it from getting inflamed and heal faster. I started to smooth it on my left pectoral and by doing so was... read more


Summer Vacation

by dcsott1947

Nov 23, 2005

It was a beautiful summer and our family was vacationing at Lake George. I was sixteen and always on the prowl for pussy. As a typical 18 year old I was hard most of the time and jerking off as often as I could. I met this waiter and he took a liking to me. He helped my get hooked up with the water-ski rides and I was impressed. He was about 20 and a good-looking guy. He asked me about... read more

Bottoming For My Roomie

by mgw2

Oct 22, 2005

I lay on my bed in my black satin bikini briefs as my roommate, Mark, entered the room, fresh from his shower, towel around the waist. He turned his back to me as he dropped his towel and dried his crotch. I savored his near heroic form: powerful shoulders tapering to a slim waist, muscular legs joined to the waist by magnificent glutes. He quickly donned a pair of boxers from his top... read more

Visiting Uncle Mark

by mgw2

May 28, 2005

Visiting Uncle Mark MGW2 My parents went to Antigua for a week during Spring Break in my senior year of high school. They were pretty controlling and packed me off to my Uncle Mark's while they were gone. Normally, I'd have made a stink about being old enough to stay home alone, but the thought of a week with my hot young uncle changed my mind. He was my mother's "baby" brother, about 31... read more

Chris and I

by ryan023

May 15, 2005

Junior year of college was odd. I was coming out to myself and my friends and I was switching majors and living arrangements. I was living in a dorm- with mostly underclassmen. My RA, Chris, was also a junior and a beacon of maturity, well, and other things. He was pretty hot. Being kind of shy, I rarely instigated conversations with him, as I didn't know a whole lot about him. As the... read more


by pghwrestler

Apr 18, 2005

When I was in 12th grade, I skipped one of my classes. I thought a good place to hang out until the end of the day would be the small gym in my school, where the wrestling mats where set up for gym class. My school did not have a wrestling team. I went into the room and thought; maybe I’d take a nap. I went to the one corner of the mat and lay down, thinking I would never be disturbed. ... read more


Blue Pete

by Sebastian_Wallace

Aug 29, 2004

I first met Pete a couple of years ago when I moved to Leeds from Southampton. He'd been working for a couple of years at the medical practice I was just joining, and, being of similar temperament and having similar tastes music, food and alcohol, we naturally became friends. I remember that he was, indirectly, introduced to me even before I got to the surgery. One of the receptionists had... read more

Well, that smelly night didn’t dissuade me from further exploitation—or eventually becoming a well-versed dick sucker for that matter either! Hey, you just can’t keep a hard man down, or a good man from moving on up—or something like that I guess. Well, it’s another summer night and as usually—I’ve got something important on my mind—not to be confused with impotent! Hey at 18, that damn... read more

It's the same routine after every Greek history class. I'm sitting in my dorm room with my pants at my ankles, Greek history book on my lap and olive oil bottle at my side. I always loved Greek history. To tell you the truth, it was the Greek statues and photos that always got my attention first. The Greek and Roman sculptures are amazingly lifelike and feature some damn beautiful men. ... read more

Man, I thought I was good at soccer. But, these guys were great. They have been playing soccer most, if not their whole lives, and it showed. I am part of a small neighborhood soccer league in Los Angeles. There are about seven teams in the local area. We practice on weekends and play two games a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The guys that I play soccer with range from age 20 to... read more

My name is Brad and I work on the 87th floor of the Empire State Building, so it takes forever to get to work in the morning. But I use the time to good advantage. When I spot an attractive guy I use the "dead hand" technique. This means placing the back of my hand against his cock in a crowded elevator. Usually he will instinctively shift position. But on those occasions when I find a "live"... read more

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