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That's when the door opened. I was bent over the stained couch naked with a man's cock up my ass and standing at the door was my Dad. Standing at the door with only his cutoffs on, sweaty from the heat, was my Dad. I was too far gone to react. I just looked into my Dad's eyes with question and with lust. I didn't know what to do. But I knew more that anything that the cock in my ass had to... read more

i wasnt having much luck with the girls so i got on craigslist and put an ad in saying i was a mature man not in the scene.and was looking for someone curious older than me with a nice fat cock. well in about an hour a man 59 sent me a pic .he was fishing naked and his cock looked fat but not very long.but he had a big nutsack and i knew that sack turns to cock if he gets real hard. he said he... read more

I'm not gay. Really. I'm not. I wouldn't even go so far as to say I'm bisexual. I a married, 42 year-old father of four with a wife, a girlfriend and a career as a fitness consultant for a national media chain. I own a home in a California suburb and another three properties from an Arizona mini-ranch to a duplex in Oakland, CA. Now I'm not queer but every man has a vice... read more

A quickie

by David Johns

Feb 13, 2012

George and I were sharing a room at an out-of-town business conference. I knew he would be at his session long past when I was finished, so I decided it was a great time to retire to our hotel room where I could be alone, order some porn on TV, and jack off.I stripped off my shirt, pants, socks, and shoes, and then lay down on my bed in my tee shirt and shorts. I found the kind of porn that... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more

My wife and I were in Cabo a couple of years ago, on vacation at an all inclusive resort. One morning near the end of our stay we had just finished breakfast and my wife was leaving with some women she had met for a day of shopping. I planned to hang around the pool and so headed back to our room to get my trunks on and a book. When I entered our room I found the maintenance man had finally shown... read more


Mark, the whore

by asslover

Dec 13, 2011

Tim & I have been in a relationship for 4 years, we have an open relationship. Tim has 2 sons, Danny is 21 & Mark is 18. Danny is living with us & Mark comes to visit every other week ends. This is one of the weekends.I turn around in bed to cuddle up to Tim, but he's not there. I lay in bed, since its Saturday, but decide to get up to get going on weekend chores. When going down the... read more

Brotherly Love

by asslover

Dec 12, 2011

Mark is 18, stands at 6'2... read more

Danny is my step son, he's now living with me & Tim, his father with whom I have had a relationship with for the last 4 years. Danny is 21 and a wild boy in a sense that he will try anything once. The one thing Danny is adamant about is drugs, he hates drugs and anyone that uses drugs. Danny picks a fight just about any club he goes to, he is a fighter & loves to fight, he's not afraid of... read more

My Older Step Son Danny-I'm in a 4 year relationship with Tim who has 2 grown sons, the oldest is Danny and he's 21, Mark is the youngest. At the beginning of my relationship with his father, Danny did not want any part of me. He lived with his mother & younger brother til the age of 19. He then moved to a city about 2hrs away and his father & I went for a visit, Danny started to come out... read more

My younger step son

by asslover

Nov 24, 2011

This is a story about my boyfriend's youngest son. I've been in a relationship with Tim for the last 4 years, Tim has 2 sons, his oldest is now 21 & youngest is 18 years old. This story is about my young step son, Mark. Growing up, Mark has always been a chubby kid. Not morbidly obese, but not necessarily in shape either. If you took a look at him, the first thing you would have noticed... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more

Continued from Part 1I suddenly realised I hadn’t given thought to Shahzad by the door. Though it was hard to concentrate on anything else with Ibrahim’s humongous cock filling and refilling me, I glanced at towards the door to see if Shahzad was disgusted, or worse, had left never to return. All I noticed by the door was a pile of his clothes lying in a heap on the floor. I realised... read more

Warning : The following contains material of a Adult nature, specifically gay male on male interaction. If you are offended by such material or underage or live in an area where accessing such material is illegal, you MUST stop reading Tonio. Aug. 21, 2011(If you like the following real story, please e-mail me at All names and businesses are fictional... read more

sucked my neighbor

by wolfy

Aug 10, 2011

i was new to the neighbor hood and it seemed to be a pretty quiet keep to yourself type of place. I thought i would take a quick walk around to get a glimps of some possible... read more

Brian and Ron

by rexted7

Aug 07, 2011

I didn’t even like the first boy I had sex with. He wasn’t too bright, and was pretty much a bully. In fact, I guess you could say he raped me the first time. In all, he blew me twice and fucked me once. But if it weren’t for him, I probably would never have found the love of my life.Brian was a year ahead of me in college. It was an all-male Catholic school, and we both swam on the... read more

I was on my knees sucking Perry’s cock and had him on the verge of cumming when his wife burst through the door and caught us. She must have peeked through a crack in the door and seen us because she was already armed with a narrow dress belt. “So,” she screamed at me, “do you enjoy sucking my husband’s dick, you God-damned faggot?”I tried to get up off my knees, but she thrashed me with... read more

Over the years I have collected many stories. It pleases me to be able to share some of them with you.I decided to come home from work a little early. Ever since my 18 year old son Jon had called and said he wanted to leave his mother's house and move in with me for the summer I had tried to come home about 5. He was usually out by the pool, and we had a little time to get to know each... read more

True Story

by Michael Thomas

Mar 26, 2011

True StoryThere’s a public hunting area and swamp about 20 miles from where I live. It has a few parking lots and scenic overlooks that survey the marsh that encompasses the majority of the public hunting area. A couple of the parking lots are becoming known for being a bit “cruisey” – and if you’ve spent a little time there, you begin to see a pattern of the same drivers and... read more

Rock Cock

by Tothless1947

Mar 17, 2011

When I was younger I wanted to suck my friends cock so I asked and he said yes. We were on our way to the pool and were crossing a creek it is a seclude area. We went behind a huge bouder and I proceeded to suck him off just as he came 3 older guys were standing on top of the rock. They were calling me fag and cocksucker then the said I had to blow them. I did and loved every minute ans swallowed... read more

Nineteen year old Brad Tomkins had been working at Luke's Hideaway for several weeks when without warning the University put a curfew into effect. It seemed that there were vandals on campus and to put an end to their late night shenanigans the Dean had put a midnight curfew in place, no exceptions. Therefore, Brad would have to quit his job at Luke's since the bar stayed open till... read more

This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. As much as we can all hope. Bradley and Matt: Part 1Bradley James, star of 'Merlin' was at a high-rise party in New York for the opening of the new season of 'White Collar' starring the stunningly handsome Matthew Bomer. After... read more

In the mid 70's, I was a stock boy and grocery bagger in a small town grocery store some 10 or so miles out of a large metropolis area. It helped me pay the bills while I was in college.One quiet Saturday morning I was stocking the bottom shelf, down on my knees next to my cart full of boxes when a shadow entered my work space. On the opposite side of my cart a young man was standing, facing... read more


So the next morning I crawled into Sam's bed and spooned rubbing my ass against hissleeping cock. As he awoke he asked me where I learned to fuck like that and I told him that I would sneak over using a key they gave me, put on his wife's panties and fuck myself tirelessly with his billy club.After another round where I had his beautiful face framed in between my ankles I got up to make... read more

Car Sex

by _57ARR

Dec 27, 2010

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I have to admit… I forgot my login!I’m still with Blake, and we’ve been looking at getting a house or apartment on our own as I’m now doing a course in Motoring Journalism and he’s doing a studying to be an architect. Career change or what?!We’d been driving about looking at nine different apartments and five houses. It was a hard job!It was... read more

Growing up as a Preacher's son my life was hidden amidst secrets I could never revile and broken for I knew he was forbidden true love. Lost and hopeless inside surely touching a special someone was out of my reach however... Could I possible have a close friend? One of my favorite songs Karen Carpenter sings...... read more

Well when i was still at school (just turned 18 a month ago) I started working out, I was average you know 80kg and i just wanted to get fit for rugby season. So after an average workout I decided to take a shower, now lately I had been getting gay fantasies and I saw that the soap holder had a big smooth metal pole missing and I saw it on the floor so I thought why not give it a try,... read more

Uncle Frank

by maturelover

Jun 06, 2010

It was a hot sticky night and Mike felt the sweat slowly drip from his clammy skin as he pushed back the thin cotton sheets to expose his smooth torso. There was no welcome breeze from the open window and he was restless as he longed to fall asleep. He saw the hallway illuminate and tightly closed his eyes to its glare through the open bedroom door. Mike thought he heard footsteps but... read more

My Sidekick

by jizzzmonkee

Jun 02, 2010

I refer to this dude as my sidekick because everywhere me, you saw him...It all started one day when I missed my freaking bus because i was too busy looking at amanda's tits. I went to the office to get an alternate bus schedule and I was introduced to bus 836 where I met sherry. Sherry was bright as the sun, but she was not that cute, she was do-able, but not someone I... read more

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