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I had just turned the ripe old age of 18, and still a virgin anally, I fooled about with oral stuff, but had never taken or gave. At the time I was boyish looking/smooth and very much inexperienced, till I met this fine distinguished chap.It was a rather hot day, and I was out in the park catching some rays, I had my top off, exposing my slim, silky smooth body, with nice tight football... read more

As you recall I recently told you about my first older daddy Paul, and his partner Kyle. After our 3 way on Saturday night, I received a phone call at work on Monday.It was Paul asking if I wanted to come over that evening. I agreed to drop by about 7pm.I rang the bell and Paul answered the door. We immediately went upstairs and sat down in the TV room where He, Kyle and I had our 3 way... read more

I had just turned 18 and decided I'd celebrate by getting my very first tattoo. I had recently gone off to college about 2 hours from where I grew up. Coming from my upper-middle class upbringing in the suburbs I couldn't wait to finally be a little bad. I spent hours in the days leading up to my birthday and I still hadn't figured out what to get, but I knew where i wanted it. I... read more

This is taken from the early chapters of a Kindle book called Stone Reboot. It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all.“Later mate, and we should have done... read more

Long, sinewy muscles like bands of flexible steel rippling beneath smooth skin tanned to a lustrous bronze lent power to each punch and kick with which Stephen assaulted the weighty kicking bag. Like the sharp crack of a whip, his limbs cut through the air and struck the bag in a flurry of blows, the force of his momentum carried beyond the points of impact. The bag swung wildly on its... read more

The Wedding

by krysm

Jan 29, 2012

... read more



by teachmedeepthroat

Dec 23, 2011

It was a clear autumn day. My car was in the shop so I was walking the 2 1/2 miles from work to my home. I set out around 5:15. I walked for about a mile when a large blue pickup truck slowed as they drove past. Both the men stared at me intently as they passed. Two big burly intimidating looking men. The sort of men no one has ever picked a fight with.I walked another block and... read more

Christmas Wishes

by krysm

Dec 20, 2011

Snowflakes swirled and fluttered playfully in the breezy evening air, settling down to rest on paths, streets, lawns, and rooftops. Just enough snow settled to dust the festively decorated town in pristine white, and no more. A full-bellied chuckle resounded high up in the air, from which vantage point the town seemed made out of gingerbread coated with confectioners' sugar. None of the town's... read more

Lycan Lovers

by animebear

Oct 05, 2011

Lycan Loversby Bento Bolf Donald and Matthew had been friends for several years. Having been underdogs in their small town, they really only had each other growing up. There was little to nothing they didn't know about each other. After college everything changed. Matthew went into the military in order to make ends meet. He didn't want to be stuck in his hometown anymore.... read more

First of all if you’re not legal, don’t read this.Below is a story taken from my book The Bank... read more

Brother-in-law fun

by djdublm

Aug 22, 2011

This is a true Story, Im single gay 41 my sister and her husband and son came to stay for a weekend. My sister decided to take her son shopping for some clothers and such for school, my b-in-law and I really didn't want to go so we said we would stay home and watch some TV about 10mins after they were gone he says i think Im going to get a shower, I said ok, with that he got up and went to the... read more

A Kiss is Just a Kiss!

by tjr

Aug 20, 2011

A Kiss is Just a Kiss! tj ryder From 'Escape to Jamaica!... read more

The Northwoods

by Michael Thomas

Aug 16, 2011

The Northwoods can be pretty harsh living through the winters in Wisconsin…but there are good sides to this climate, too. Summers can be quite pleasant, provided you can find a spot where the state bird (the mosquito) doesn’t congregate.I was lucky enough to find a great spot today, to catch up on some reading, and hopefully meet someone interesting. After mowing the lawn this... read more

si tito

by johnbacoco

Aug 11, 2011

hi ako nga pala si john , 19 . matangkad,maputi,tama lang ang katawan.nangyari sakin ito noong ako ay 16 pa lamang.may tito kasi ako , si tito emil matangkad sya.malaki ang pangagatawan maputi at malaki ang dibdib.dati syang pulis at galit sya sa mga bakla,ayaw na ayaw nya sa mga ito.sobrang close ako kay tito emil ,pero ang hindi nya alam matagal ko na syang pinagnanasahan, lagi kong naiisip... read more

Sex with my daddy bear Some friends and I were out and about drinking at a bar. One of the friends with a super hot daddy bear. He was about 5 foot 7, 250 lbs, bald, hairy. I am 6 foot, 200 lbs., smooth. I had just gone to the bar and grabbed drinks for everyone. I returned to the group and while passing out the drinks I bent over and he saw I was wearing a jock strap under my jeans. He... read more

Live Again

by krysm

Jun 22, 2011

Craig was studying for his finals when the front door opened and slammed shut. He felt the floor vibrate through his bare feet a split second before his books shook on the dining table. He sighed and closed his big blue eyes, running his curved fingers through his long blond locks. Though he could feel his step-father's heavy steps stomping ever closer, he kept his head bowed and eyes closed.... read more

Daddy Love

by Dorian Love

May 31, 2011

Prologue:This is a romantic fantasy I had about meeting a Daddy for hot sex, romance, and companionship. I would love to make this story come to life. Enjoy, and Don't forget to love yourself. Peace:-)P.S.I'm open to constructive feed back or intrigued Daddies that are interested in meeting up for dating, and fun.spirit_ofsex@yahoo.comI woke up at 6am, feeling completely... read more

K Truck Driver

by woofdaddy2

Apr 08, 2011

True story, while driving down the interstate in south east Indiana, I was doing my usual stroke job in my car while passing truckers. As always, I watched the side mirror of the truck to see if he was interested when I licked my lips or gave a hand job signal. This one K****er driver was interested so I opened up my pants and pulled up beside him to give him a good show as I stroked my hard,... read more

Double Dip TruckersWe connected on Craigslist. He would be at the truck stop on I-65 north of Indy. At our agreed upon time after midnight, I would go to the vending area, purchase a diet coke and stand there drinking it. He would cum to the vending area wearing flip flops, gym shorts and an old torn tee shirt with a hole near his nipple. He was just as he had described himself, day old... read more

The sun scorched the hiker as he crossed Fontana Dam. It was late morning and, though it was only the middle of May, the heat and humidity was already unbearable. Sweat drenched the hiker's red bandanna wrapped around his head. His mid-weight boots plodded on the asphalt. Despite his discomfort, he stopped for a moment to snap off a couple of photos of the man-made lake and the surrounding... read more

Rick Moss was feeling good night.  He danced naked in front of the wall-to-wall mirror in his bathroom.   He ran his thick fingers over his beefy body, every now and then pulling playfully on his firm nipples.  He ran his hand along the beard over his square jaw and round cheek, making sure they were well groomed.  He flashed his toothy smile as he traced his short mustache with a fingertip. He... read more


This is a true story, though it happened almost a year ago, so you can be sure a few of the details are fudged or exaggerated. This story is the first in a series of true stories about sexual encounters I had in East Texas in recent years. If you like what you read, email me at - let me know what you think.... read more

Kenny & John: A Romance

by krysm

Dec 24, 2010

Kenny Cho arrived at the Korean restaurant just as the other members of the group arrived.  The group comprised of mainly gay Asian men of various ages and nationalities and some of their invited, non-Asian male friends/partners.  Once a month the group would dine out at an ethnic restaurant of their choosing.  Last month was Vietnamese.Many of the members were single and used these social... read more

I kicked off my trailrunners and rubbed my left foot against his calf. I snaked my right foot across his inner thighs and began kneading his crotch with my toes. Jim spread out his legs for me, breathing heavier. His hard cock was forced to slant off toward his right hip instead of rising straight up. I wanted to play with his cock with my foot but could only reach its base. Without... read more

I am a married guy in my mid 40's with a secret interest in hairy men. Several years ago I drove by this guys house in town who was outside mowing his lawn wearing just a pair of shorts and sneakers. He had thick fur on his chest and his back. I turned around and drove past to get another look. I wanted to find out who this guy was. A few weeks later I was at our local bar and this guy was... read more

Journal Entry 6/12Jim has been exceedingly obedient. I thought that once the novelty had worn off and his passions quenched, he would revert to his usual butch self. Well, the novelty may have worn off, but his passions are far from quenched. Sometimes I feel as though I'm being scorched alive by his flames. In reality, I know that I am burning in my own conflagration. I have unearthed... read more

Journal Entry 6/4I spent the night here at Jim's cabin. It's a nice, roomy log cabin. He passes the nicer seasons here and winters in Florida.When I arrived from the hike up, my boots and calves were caked in mud. Jim had me stand on a flat rock a few feet away from his stacks of firewood while he hosed my boots and calves with water. I had to do some complicated calculus in my head... read more

Journal Entry 5/16Summer with dad will be awkward at best this year.  Mom and dad divorced shortly after I started my courses in August at UNH.  It didn't come as a surprise to anyone.  It was never a happy marriage.  They didn't hate each other.  In fact, we were quite happy overall.  They just didn't love each other anymore.  Mom and dad were always very careful to make me feel loved when I... read more

I must say that a few years ago I would have never thought to be doing what I so enjoy doing, that is laying down naked in front of hairy, masculine truckers and letting them do me any way they like. I started when one night I was driving from Atlanta along I-85 going north. I had several cups of coffee in me and needed to stop so I did at a rest area. There were several trucks and a couple cars... read more

My Neighbor, Jason

by jeroldc

Oct 23, 2010

Our former neighbors in the rental house next door to us were a real pieceof work. The husband was deployed with the military in Iraq (bless thetroops for their heroic work) and it was the wife and kids that lived there.No matter what we said or did in terms of trying to be friends with them wasto no avail. They were not amused living next to a gay couple and showed itin the... read more

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