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For the next six months, Justin was a constant fixture at the gay bar. During that six month time frame, Justin encountered numerous sexual endeavors. He still realized that something special was missing from his life. The sex part was great, but there was an empty void eating away at him. During this time frame, the Gunny had been transfered to Okinawa and a new Gunny had taken his... read more

Digital Beginnings

by fcukwolf

Sep 26, 2009

“Oh fuck it!” said Colin as he slammed the controller down and got up from behind his PC desk. He’d spent the best part of 4 hours playing an online game as was getting bored now. “I need some action” he thought to himself. It has been almost 8 years now since Colin had lost his wife Pauline from cancer and he longed for companionship again. Colin, who is now 48 is a very good looking guy... read more

The orphanage rested about 15 miles outside of town. Unlike many stories, there were no signs of mental, physical, or sexual abuse at this particular orphanage. Though it was strict, and at times, extremely strict, this orphanage truly took care of all the disowned occupants. Father McMichael oversaw the orphanage, and he paid extra attention to Justin for all of his 18 years he... read more

Nathan had life and the world by the balls. At age 26, he had his own successful construction company and a very beautiful wife. His wife was his high school sweetheart and after college, they got married and began living out their dreams. It did help having a wife whose parents were filthy rich. When they got married, her parents gave them a wonderful and luxurious home along with her... read more

Nathan had life and the world by the balls.... read more

Lost Love part 2

by xmengay

Aug 21, 2009

Part 2... read more


by xmengay

Aug 21, 2009

(Part 1)(This is a special love story and its for all those of my fans who wanted a multi part story)The sky is gray and ominous, and a rumble of distant thunder breaks the silence. I watch as a squirrel scurries across the lawn to seek shelter from the coming storm. The wind tosses some leaves across the patio into the pool and a chair flips over from its force. The coming storm is... read more

Spellbound Continued... read more

Spellbound, Part 2: All Steve got was that one thrust, and Chris was torn up about that for a long time after, before he burst through the door. Chris slammed his way into Niko's room, livid with rage. Rage at himself for waiting as long as he had. Rage at Steve for violating someone this way. And Chris was filled with a perverse envy that Steve had gotten to be with Niko, that Steve was... read more

Chris is an all amerian str8 boy. But in one night his whole world will change, forever.... read more

Get Well Soon

by _57ARR

Apr 24, 2009

~all characters have had names and partial identity changes~~'Cept me of course!~Get well soon:First I have to remind you of Blake, 6ft2... read more

The Crush, Part 2

by Phantom

Apr 22, 2009

Scott and I had been together for several months and were getting close to each other...... read more

The Crush

by Phantom

Apr 05, 2009

For years, I've had a crush on my best friend Scott, but he showed no interest in men and appeared very straight. He was also very faithful to his girlfriend, a quality I admired. I never told him how I felt or even that I was gay. Secretly, I adored him. He had the most beautiful sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a great body. I often fantasized about him while I jacked off. How I wanted to... read more

Rodeo John

by Pappa Jack

Mar 20, 2009

I am telling you this story is an attempt to share some of the thrill that I have had from the true-to-life experience that you’re about to read. My name is Kent Hudson; I am a lawyer in a small southern town. On March 4th of this year I turned 48 years old. To some of you that is “over the hill,” to others I am not all the way to the top yet. I do my best to keep my 6’1” 190 pound frame in... read more

My New Boyfriend

by latin.fusion

Mar 18, 2009

Guillermo and I have been together for some short time, but in the time I met, him we seriously did have some fun... 3:15 OKAY! I'm getting tired of waiting. It's HOT people are starting to stare RE: Okay I'll be out that way. Start walking my way. It shouldn’t be that hard to spot me. I'm the only white person here. RE: Lol So I leave from my position underneath the palm tree,... read more

It had been nearly a week since Aaron and Ben had shared that special night together. Both had felt a connection deeper than either had felt before. For Ben, it was an awakening of his sexuality after years of repression. For Aaron, it was finding a man who had taken the time to know him as a person instead of using him for fast, easy sex. Although they both knew that the seed of something... read more

In front of him stood a fairly ordinary looking man wearing the generic casual wear of most every thirty-ish man, his most redeeming feature was the old-fashioned black rimmed glasses he was wearing. His mousy brown hair was neat and short, he wasn’t a perfect physical specimen but he had answered the advert. He had given his name as Ben which may or may not have been true, Aaron was never sure... read more

Uncle Harold

by dcbigguy

Feb 02, 2009

I'm in Los Angeles on business, end of a tiring trip. It’s Friday and, instead of catching the red-eye back to DC, I decide to stay overnight and get a seat on a noon flight. My Ex has relatives in LA, including her lovely grandmother and a gay uncle, Harold, about 15 years older than me, about 5'6" slight frame, short gray hair and mustache, nice deep blue eyes. His eyes, I thought, were quite... read more

In the first two parts of this story, you learned a little about me. I’m Jonathan and I teach World History at a large public high school in the Oklahoma City area. The first part of this story revolved around an in person connection between Luke, a teacher at a Catholic high school in Tulsa, and myself. Part two provided an unexpected repeat with Luke combined with adding into the mix Jessie,... read more

The week following my introduction to Patrick I received a surprise. I was asked my the principal at the high school if I could sub for Mr. Reynolds a history teacher for the rest of the semester, as I was the only sub that was a certified history teacher. I was delighted to do it. On Monday morning I came in and found Patrick in the teacher's lounge. "Hey." I said to him. "How's it going?" ... read more

Hard to believe it's been eight years now; eight years since Greg and I broke up, and Patrick and I have been together. Eight years…funny how time seems to go by quickly. Eight years ago I was fresh out of college, having got my masters degree in education. Work as a teacher was hard to find at the moment. For now I would have to contend myself with being a substitute teacher, until something... read more


Just as Dale was going to stab Chris with the knife, the door to the house burst open and Tim came through the door. Dale looked at Tim, and slashed through the air with his knife. Tim ducked and swept with his legs Dale's feet knocking Dale to the floor. Tim immediately put his foot on one of Dale's hand with the knife forcing Dale to open his palm and drop the knife. The police entered the... read more

"You're going to kill me?" asked Chris. "For what? What did I ever do to you? I didn't even know you existed." "I am going to kill you because you are his son." said Dale Richardson. "Because I am my father's son?" asked Chris. "I am sorry, but I don't see how that has to do with anything. People don't choose their parents and honestly with my father I think I lucked out with having him as... read more

Chris sat in the living room of his home. He was baffled at everything that was happening; the hate crimes that were taking place. His stepmother Sandy had taken his younger brother to her mother's house out of town to keep him safe. Chris looked at his fiancé Tim who was doing his homework at the dining room table. Chris finished his homework hours ago, but Tim had a Karate lesson right after... read more

Divisional Playoffs Saturday That weekend, as I headed over to Ben’s again to watch the Divisional Playoffs, I ran into Erik in the hallway. I met Erik and his wife for the first time a month ago at one of Joe’s parties I went to with Ben. Erik and Joe’s families have been friends for a long time so I guess they’ve been friends since childhood. Erik is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever... read more


I woke up in my hospital bed the next morning. Nicky still had his arms around me. My cock was hard, but I couldn't do anything about it now with Nicky or by myself. What if a nurse walked in? I rested in Nicky's arms, never wanted those arms to get away from me. I laid like that for a little while until Nicky woke up. When he woke up we started kissing. I stopped the kissing and said. "We can't... read more

Scott and Chris

by DrFeltIzAss

Apr 28, 2007

While I'm attempting to write a book every once in a while I decide to write an erotic story from my own perspective...with a romantic twist. If you like the story you're free to email me at Scott and Chris Scott pushed the door to the men’s locker room open with exuberance after an invigorating workout. Every Tuesday and Thursday we worked on shoulders and arms as... read more

Chris let Peter Meyers and his boyfriend inside. Chris quickly introduced Peter to Tim, and Sandy. Peter wanted to know what happened with his father Frank Meyers. Chris and Tim explained everything starting with the time Frank nearly beat Chris to death when he was twelve, to his father's murder then to when Frank was holding Tim hostage with a gun. Once they finished telling the story Peter... read more

Losing My Wife

by Nickyboy2222

Mar 09, 2007

One mistake. That's what I made. One mistake. I knew since I was a teenager that I was into guys. I was openly gay as a teenager and had a few classmates that I did stuff with. God I loved the feel of a nice hard body. Nothing in the world got me hotter. Then I made the mistake. One night at a party I was drinking pretty heavily. I was scoping out the hot guys and trying to find a guy to give... read more

Chris and Tim had gotten home from school that day. It was a long day; starting with Mr. Mackey's assembly at the beginning of the day, and with the confrontation with the guys on the football team, and then the conversation with the assistant Principal Mr. Rayburn. Chris dropped his backpack on the couch and flopped on the couch of his and Tim's apartment himself. Chris' dead father had... read more

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