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How I learned I was born to be a bitchThe true (and unembellished) account of my first sexual experiences with a manProvincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 1988Ever since I can remember having sexual fantasies I fantasized about being dominated. I was brought up playing organized sports and was a talented athlete. In high-school I played varsity football (running back) and... read more

Dies ist eine wahre Geschichte die ich selber so erlebt habe.Ich war zu der Zeit um die 35 Jahre alt und würde mich als... read more

Rubber Hausboy 5

by racoon82

Feb 09, 2014

Nach der DienstreiseSorry auf Grund der langen Wartezeit, aber die andere Geschichte rutschte mir in dem Moment schneller aus den Fingern.Nun sind es 4 Wochen die wir zusammen wohnen, wobei ich leider 3 davon unterwegs war. Nach dem wir in der ersten Woche viel probiert hatten, war ich nun 3 Wochen auf Geschäftsreise. Ich habe beide vorher unterrichtet, dass ich sowohl das... read more

Divji zur

by gobisex

Jan 28, 2014

S frendi smo bili na gay žurki. Vzdušje je bilo super, dobra muska, veliko hudih tipov. Ogromno smo plesali in tudi kaj spili. Prijelo me je lulat, zato sem šel na WC. Stopil sem do pisoarja, kjer je že stal en mlad ?efur?ek. Odpel sem kavbojke, dal ven mojega ti?ka in za?el scat. Pogledal sem k sosedu in videl kako iz obrezanega kurca te?e curek urina. O?itno je imel ?efur?ek poln mehur, ker je... read more

My two suit cases were filled with expensive suits, slacks, linen shirts and school uniforms. So I ripped the address tags off the luggage and left them right where they were. Hopefully they would go to someone who really needed them.I got to the counter and the agent asked if I had anything besides my carry on. I replied,... read more

... read more

Chris und Flo 2

by racoon82

Jan 22, 2014

Der Sonntagsausflug 2Nach einer Stärkung mit Blick auf den Radweg am Neckar geht es nun entlang der Bergstraße für Flo und Chris wieder nach Hause. Durch den sportlichen Tritt sind sie schnell aus Heidelberg heraus und radeln an der Bergstraße mal auf dem Radweg, mal auf der Straße Richtung Norden. Nach einer geradelten halben Stunde meldet sich bei Chris nun wieder mal die Blase... read more

Spring 1977. Salisbury Connecticut. Salisbury School. I'm standing in front of the school with my luggage waiting for my Step-Father's driver. The driver and my Step-Father's lawyer are picking me up and bringing me back to New York. Why you may ask? Well it seems my Mother and my Step-Father were in a horrific accident. They were tooling around Spain in one of those little British two seat... read more

SURPRISE NUMBER 1There were times that my dreams brought back the memories of the last time I had seen my older brother but today it was a message online from my nephew. I recalled that early morning all those years ago stood in my brother’s living room when he had confronted me. I had stayed the night on his couch after a night out on the town with him and his mates and had woke up and... read more

My parents divorced when I was a teenager. The parents of five children, of whom I was the youngest, they had been arguing more and more, so we knew it was only a matter of time. Luckily for my oldest sister, she had already left for college. The transition was harder for the rest of us. I didn't blame anyone in particular, and I was open to what course life would take. I loved both... read more

Chris und Flo 1

by racoon82

Jan 05, 2014

Der Sonntagsausflug Mit dem Rennrad durch die SonneChris und Flo kennen sich seit Ewigkeiten und haben auch ihre Vorliebe fürs Rennrad gemeinsam entdeckt. Sie haben sich im Laufe der Zeit, sowohl im Verein als auch später im Leistungskader unterschiedlich entwickelt. Flo ist mit 170 cm, 62 Kg eher der Bergfloh geworden. Chris hat durch die Grundlage einer breiten Statur und eines... read more


Fucked like a slut

by carlbbx3

Dec 31, 2013

“So you want me to make you my bitch do you?” Klaus growled into my ear, his breath hot and smelling of the bourbon we were drinking earlier at the bar. He was pressing me – face first – against the wall in the men’s toilet of a gay pub in Sydney. I could feel his big cock pressing into my ass crack through the jeans. “Yes babe please make me your bitch”, I pleaded. “Don’t you worry bitch I will... read more

Rubber Hausboy 4

by racoon82

Dec 30, 2013

Der Einzug Es war mal wieder ein anstrengender Tag aber die Vorfreude auf den Feierabend hat sich doch ganz gut gemacht, um den Tag schnell vorbei gehen zu lassen. Sowohl Chen als auch Chris wollen dieses Wochenende umziehen. Also, sozusagen ihre persönlichen Habseligkeiten bei mir unterbringen. Ich habe zu diesem zweck im Gästezimmer einen zweiten Schrank aufstellen lassen, so dass... read more

A Semi Autobiographic Rape Fantasy?..............As a writer, I spend a considerable amount of time at home, in my little studio apartment in Alphabet city. That was, especially so at the time of this story. I was in the beginning phases of compiling a volume of my old college essays, and short stories for publishing. An old professor of mine thought it'd be a great idea to publish... read more

Diese Geschichte ist zur Gänze in meinem Kopf entstanden. Übereinstimmungen bzw. Ähnlichkeiten mit real existierenden Personen sind rein zufällig und ungewollt. Diese Geschichte ist nur für Personen über 18 Jahre geeignet…========== PART 2 ==========Ich war insgeheim schon immer ein Fan von Bondage gewesen. Es ging mir allerdings nicht darum, den anderen weh zu tun (oder gar mir selbst),... read more

Satisfaction Ashram

by Habu

Dec 22, 2013

As I stood outside the entrance to the old British colonial-style Windsor Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, in the shadow of Mount Pidurutagala, waiting for someone to take me up to the ashram, I couldn’t believe how far—and how far back in time—I had moved from Teddy’s cabin in the Catskills. From the moment Teddy’s business partner, Mort Whitley, had driven up to the cabin and told me how... read more

Rubber Hausboy 3

by racoon82

Dec 21, 2013

Aus 1 mach 2Hallo Zusammen, nun fällt die Entscheidung. Sorry das ich so lange nix habe hören lassen, aber ich schreibe am liebsten, während ich im Zug sitze, und das war die letzten Wochen einfach nicht der Fall.Nach einer Woche bekomme ich fast zeitgleich von Chris und Chen eine Nachricht mit der Frage, ob sie denn den Posten hätten. Und was ist mit mir, ich kann mich nicht... read more

Friday Nights with Lenny

by Habu

Dec 18, 2013

I stepped back from the sidewalk, hugging my arms close to my sides, and leaned back on the wall at the corner into the alley, raising one leg, knee bent, and my cowboy booted foot flat against the wall. The hole in the sole of that boot was worn clean through and the cold of the wall wasn’t as cold as that of the sidewalk pavement. Besides, it was a good pose for the purpose. While still... read more

Sklavenfarm 4

by Muskelsau

Dec 15, 2013

Sklavenfarm 4..........Neben dem Kraftraum im Keller befand sich eine Werkstatt.Dort wurden die raffiniertesten und ausgefallensten Trainings- und Fickgeräte entwickelt.In einem weiten Raum, dem Proberaum, konnten dann die einzelnen Neuentwicklungen auf optimale Funktionalität getestet werden.Master Tom hat schon viele ausgefallene Foltergeräte entwickelt, aber sein auf seinem... read more

Handed On

by Habu

Dec 15, 2013

“I really do worry about you. When did you eat last?”“Please, please, don’t stop,” Marc whimpered between pants. “Finish me, please. Don’t make me wait.”“Now you want it,” the dance master laughed. “We’ll see how badly you want it.”The two young men were lying on a pile of old costumes in the dark corner of the back of the stage behind the wings. The dance master, Patrick Moran, only... read more

Harmony and Dissonance

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

“Are you sure this is the address?” Lars Krieger asked, as the hotel car stopped in front of a massive, carved-wood, two-panel door in an otherwise blank concrete wall on Bangkok’s Soi 51 Sukhumvit. The road was narrow, almost an alley, it seemed, to the young German engineer, with one, long stuccoed wall running down its full length on each side with doors like this and wider garage doors at... read more

Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

I had both the advantages and curses of being a rock star. I could afford to go anywhere I wanted on the spur of the moment or as the mood hit me, but if a mood hit me that would land me in the tabloids, I’d better be prepared to go to the ends of the earth.The mood had hit me to get the most exotic and total fuck that I could find by the most talented cocksman I could attract. I had been on... read more

Soccer Stud

by ttubbie

Nov 30, 2013

I had been chatting for quite some time and was about to call it a day, when a guy with with profile ‘soccerplayer’ clicked on my nickname. I reacted immediately, as I am crazy about soccer players with muscular thighs and calves. We started talking about our fantasies and it turned out he was into a lot, especially if I was prepared to serve him. This turned me on so much I begged him for more... read more

Rubber Hausboy 2

by racoon82

Nov 25, 2013

der Zweite Anwärter3 Tage nach dem ersten Termin kommt der zweite Anwärter auf den Posten als Hausboy. Chen ist Asiate, und ja ich mag Asiaten, die Fotos die ich sah, waren sehr vielversprechend. Ein schlanker kerl, mit gut ausgeformtem 8 pack, süßes Face und 3 mm Haarschnitt. Als es klingelt steht er vor mir in engem Lycrashirt, kurzer Adidas Glanzshorts, Tubesox und used hohe... read more

Satin Circus

by Habu

Nov 24, 2013

(Written by request for a satin fetish story by James A.)The music swells and the lights dim under the big tent, as the excitement builds in the audience and the buzzing conversations subside with the rising expectation that something—something special—is about to happen. Strobing lights and laser beams come up, gyrating around on the floor below and under the canopy of the tent above,... read more

[Here it is, at long last. Thanks to all of you for sending the bags of feedback and all the constant reminders to get around finally to posting the next episode. Hope it was worth the wait...] As soon as I’d asked Mr Schulz to take possession of my anus, I felt his one hand that rested on my bottom squeeze it as I lay over his lap; the other gripped my inner thigh and drew me closer... read more

How Do You Like It?

by Furlong

Nov 16, 2013

HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Troy Story

by Furlong

Nov 09, 2013

TROY STORYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Rubber Hausboy

by racoon82

Nov 08, 2013

Rubberhausboy, die Idee und UmsetzungJa, es ist geschafft, ich bin endlich fertig mit dem Studium, habe einen guten Job und eine schöne Wohnung. Mir fehlt nur noch mein kleiner Diener, wenn möglich mit einer Vorliebe für Gummi. Um mir diesen Wunsch zu erfüllen habe ich eine Anzeige in den passenden Portalen gestellt: Hausdiener gesucht. Ich suche einen jungen Diener, der Latex und... read more

Badly Drawing Boy

by Furlong

Nov 05, 2013

BADLY DRAWING BOYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===While Matt Strickson's PowerPoint presentation was unremittingly dreary, the way his arse flexed and rippled in the back of his tight grey trousers every time he turned towards the whiteboard was more than enough to keep me entertained.... read more

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