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By Richard Barber Part 3: Sharing with your partner. I looked around and saw the other cop, Larry about to use my body and my ass. I had seen him several times with Bart at the apartment. He was a tad taller than Bart, and had a thin chiseled face and narrow tight lips. He had light blond hair, deep blue eyes, and nice white teeth and smiled more than Bart. He... read more

PLEASE READ THROUGH MY INTRO. I PROMISE there is lots of good (and true) CUM SLUT ACTION following the set-up. This is a true story from my exploits as a PnP lovin’ bareback bottom cum slut in Phoenix, Arizona sometime in the Spring of 2001. I plan on a series of stories describing my best experiences. If you think you may have fucked me (probably at the Chute bathhouse or Zorba’s ABS on... read more

It was always a dream of mine to meet up with an older guy. One day my dreams came true. I was on an Internet chat site when another man struck up a conversation with me. We very quickly became friends. We decided we would meet for some sucking and fucking the next day. We met up the first time in a public bathroom. Our time was spent silently kissing each other and feeling each other's... read more

Recently, I've been in a dry spell as far as sex goes. I guess I haven't been putting forth 100% effort in seducing strange dick, so I've had nothing to write about. All of that changed last night, though, and I had an insanely hot and slutty experience- the kind of chance encounter that you think about when you're jerking off. This guy has been sending me messages for about 2 months now, but... read more

My First Fuck

by stephajm

Jan 01, 2007

Date: January 1, 2007 From: Steve Subject: My First Fuck Please email me with your experiences, thoughts and ideas and I promise to rise up to the occasion and respond hard and tall. I make it a practice to respond to all emails that I receive but grandfathers over 65 years are always a special treat. My First Fuck The beach still had those cold morning... read more


The Security Guard

by uknowit

Dec 31, 2006

The Security Guard By: Eljay My email is my name is Eljay All rights reserved by the author do not sell or reprint without Author’s permission. I wasn't a bad kid. At 18 years old I saw my way inside juvenile hall a couple of times. Nothing serious, just silly teenage stuff. My parents were up at wits end with me and decided to make one last attempt in... read more

Dear friends, Well I hope that you enjoyed the first installment of Brazilian cock – tales. As you can see I was having a good time. Now we go to day three. When I got up that third morning I was sure that it was going to be a bad day. It was raining, and I mean pouring down. But as the day progressed that rain stopped and the sun came out again. By the time I had finished work it was hot and... read more

Norwegian Stallion

by Habu

Dec 06, 2006

One of the saddest—and most ironic—casualties of the internecine Greek-Turkish war on Cyprus that divided the island into warring camps three decades ago was the once-famous and elegant Ledra Palace Hotel. The Treaty Room of the Ledra Palace, a hulking stone edifice in the Moorish style, had been the venue where the British secretly committed the crime of slicing up the Arabian Peninsula and... read more

It was a sunny day at the swimming pool. It was the afternoon, so the pool was not crowded. I scanned around for a bench. There were a handful of hunks baking themselves under the sun. I chose a seat besides the guy in red trunks. As I arranged my stuff I kept thinking how gorgeous this guy was. His red swim trunks seemed to secure his dick and balls properly. He seemed to be taking... read more

Steamy Hot

by tonsils04

Nov 24, 2006

I should say that this story is true and everyone was over 20 years of age. I currently live on the beautiful, paradise island of Bermuda. I consider myself average looking although friends tell me that I'm a catch. I'm a member of the SPA at the Fairmont Southampton hotel and work out frequently. Let me say that I'm gay but very discreet and a lot of my work colleagues think I'm getting all... read more

Why Me?

by nowinyourhole

Nov 19, 2006

I was always getting hit on by gay men. I don't know why, but it was always seemed to happen. I would be at a bookstore (not a xxx bookstore) reading over a book, trying to decide if I would buy it and up would come a guy and make a pass at me. I was never rude or angry, but I would simply say that I was not gay. And that would be it. But this night, things didn't end with a "no." I had been... read more

I was cruising the local mall after work looking for a hot jack-off session when I encountered my dream man. He was tall, totally furry, dark five-o'clock shadow and horny! While I sat in the bathroom stall looking through the peephole, he pulled out a massive cut dick. It was a monster and I wanted it up my tight butt. I had not been fucked by many dicks, but his was so beautiful I wanted it... read more

Younger Days

by Poked

Oct 20, 2006

Hey guys, I've been gone for a while, but my balls were itchy so I decided to write another story for you. Here goes... TO WRITE ANOTHER STORY FOR YOU SO HERE GOES. “Younger Days” Autumn came with cold air and warm Sun. It was Saturday late morning. My chores were done so I threw on a jacket and headed out the door. Not far from the house was Specks Pond where some of the guys hung... read more

I’m pretty versatile, so when I drove by the nature preserve and my ass was itching, I knew it was time to go looking for something hard to rub against my hole. I did what I have done twice a week for many years; I stopped at the quick mart, picked up a diet coke and parked in the trial lot. It was summer and I had my cammo shorts and my cammo tank top on. The tank top has a tear around the... read more

Verdanna's Diary

by autumn_seave

Oct 10, 2006

April 20/06 I did it and no one believed that I could, one entire year of no sex. No masturbation. No hydro-sex. No men and no women. I don't know if I would have auditioned for this reality show if I'd known how hard it was going to be to deny myself of all sexual pleasure for an entire year. But I did it. I thought that after the first month or so it would get easier. And the... read more

Saturday night is the best night of the week. Not only because it is party night, but also it's fuck night as well. All day long I get myself horned up for the fest that we call 'Heaven's Playground'. Me and my mates do this foreplay all day long where we text each other some daring picture requests, and today was a bit spicier than usual. Mike started the day with sending us a picture of his... read more

This is a true event that happened almost one year ago. I consider myself a curious guy, even though I have been with a few men; but never going any further than jerking each other or just showing. I used to go to this xxx rated theater, about a half hour away from my home and watch the action, never getting up the nerve to join in. When I finally convinced myself to join in, the theater... read more

Home Alone

by Sebastian_Wallace

Aug 22, 2006

HOME ALONE by Sebastian Wallace === E-mail: Website: === Every week my wife Melissa very kindly grants me an evening to myself to, as she thinks, catch up on paperwork from the surgery, watch a few of what she calls my boring-old-fart programmes on TV or just do a little quiet reading. She goes over to visit her parents... read more

Rush Hour

by karelian

Aug 19, 2006

Ajay and I had been working together for about 7 months. I’ll always remember the first time he turned up at work. I was sitting at a desk writing up some notes when I heard someone ask, “Excuse me. Is there a drinks machine near here?” I looked up and saw him. He had light-brown skin and black straight hair. His features were almost perfect and he had steady deep brown eyes and what seemed to... read more

First Glory Hole

by David Johns

Aug 08, 2006

I went into the men's room in the college's Science Building. I had never been in there before, as I didn't take many science classes. Since guys were at the urinals, I went into a stall to piss. There was a hole in the partition between the stalls. I had seen peep holes before, but this one was bigger, about 4" in diameter. "That's strange," I thought to myself. I decided for some... read more

Teacher Crush, Part 1

by uknowit

Jul 27, 2006

Teacher Crush Part One By: Eljay Dooooooooooooooooooooo. John heard the class bell ring. He knew he couldn’t be late for Mr. Erb’s class again. He dashed down the hall to the last door on the right. The door was closing and he squeezed in just as the latch locked into the frame. “Just in time Mr. Evans” Mr. Erb smirked. John Evans star baseball player was the talk of the school. ... read more

I was already in college when I discovered the joys of getting anonymous blowjobs in an old movie theater in Avenida. I frequent the place every time I got horny and was I horny always. At that time, I was still studying in a well-known private university nearby. I’d usually go get myself a blowjob in between my class schedules, especially if it was more than 4 hours long. After getting... read more

This is one of the many exploits I had during my days in college. I'm 22 now, just returned from school. I'm a big stocky bear, about 240, 6'2" with mutton chops and hard 6" dick. The fifth floor of the library was the notorious cruising place. I frequented there about 3 or 4 times a week. Usually inconsistent times, but whenever I could make it there between 5 and 7, chances were good I... read more

Office Secret

by uknowit

Jul 11, 2006

By: Eljay Businessmen were Nick’s type, and anytime he could eye one down he did. When Nick started his job at the law firm, he knew he was in heaven. Older muscular men walking around in their suits with big bulges bouncing between their legs; Nick couldn’t keep himself still. Nick is 19 years old, 5’11 and weighs about 180 lbs topped with sandy blonde hair. He’s an average looking fellow... read more

Eric the Barber

by uknowit

Jul 07, 2006

By Eljay For the most part Aaron was straight but very bi-curious. Aaron enjoyed getting his haircut; he enjoyed it because he had a crush on his barber, Eric. Eric doesn’t have the typical magazine model body. He has more of the ruff bear look. His handsome face covered in his neatly cut beard, with his beautiful lips sitting there waiting to be devoured. Eric is about 6’1, light skin... read more

Union Station

by M.Singi

Jun 06, 2006

by Maiyeko Singi I remember the sound of luggage rolling across concrete as he turned. The ripple he made in time frozen on my brain, the image of his sway. I stole that parting glance and tasted the air through which he had passed, brushing against me a sweet memory. He said something, or hinted at something perhaps but only to my eyes. It was understood, the secret that can be bought between... read more

I soon found out in college that the first floor men's room in the science building was a hot place for anonymous sex. The guy in one stall would tap his foot and you would respond, and eventually a hand would go under the partition. The other guy would put his cock in the hand and the fun had begun! We would end up on our knees jacking each other off, and sometimes one guy even got blown that... read more

Hotel in College

by David Johns

May 20, 2006

When I was in college, from time to time I would go to the lobby rest room of a downtown hotel. Just by chance one time when I was in the area and needed to pee, I found that sometimes some really hot guys hung out there for some action. This time I went in and noticed that somebody was in the stall that had a peep hole to watch the urinal, so I stepped up to the urinal and pulled my cock... read more

Some years back I joined a motorcycle club, which included a few members who had left a real motorcycle gang (most of the other members were hard-core wannabes). The club did lots of group rides, and one year we went on a huge charity ride that ended at a fairground, where we were going to camp overnight. Unfortunately, it had been raining all day, and the field where we were supposed to park... read more

Well it is time for another story. This is from a stop in Spain on a ship several years. We were docked in a place called Cadiz, which is on the Mediterranean Sea. Since the city of Seville is close by, I decided to take a train there to see the sights. I ended up in a small hostel for the night. I went out, but as my Spanish is very little, I returned to the hostel early. The bathroom was... read more

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