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Chapter 15 Eric and I lay across the bed as ordered and our Master,looking very sexy in his harness and cockring, went to the cabinet and got the large black double dildo. He gave it to Eric and said... read more

Chapter 14. Just as we were getting ready to shower the Master came back into the bathroom with 2... read more

....My Master took a large hit of popper and said... read more

I lay very still feeling his fingers moving around inside my arse and he started slowly moving his hand back and forward hand fucking my love tube.... read more

..and I feel my arse start to close back to normal.... read more

Medical History

by Furlong

Aug 05, 2013

MEDICAL HISTORYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

... read more

... read more

......spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???.... Chapter 8. I lay still on the bed on my knees... read more

Being a good Master he doesn't want to hurt me too much so he stops spanking me and leans down and pulls on the nipple chain while continuing to fuck my arse. As he has cum twice already he doesn't cum this time and pulls out and makes me lick his cock clean before we lie down together again.... read more

We shower and after drying go back to the sofa and he puts another porn DVD on the player and we watch a big black guy fucking an older guy and the black guys dick is huge. After about 10 minutes I decide it is time to surprise my Master again so I get up and go to the kitchen to prepare his surprise....... Chapter 6: The surprise this time is that I am going to cover my Masters cock... read more

Ich rannte als wäre der Teufel hinter mir her. Ich wusste was auf dem Spiel stand wenn die Bullen mich bekommen würden. Überall wo Gays unterwegs waren hatte ich meine Internetseite an die Wände geschmiert. Dazu die unzähligen Kommentare bei Fetischvideos im Netz und bei den bekannten Feet&Socks&Sneaker-Fetischseiten. Ich hatte schon über tausend Klicks – in einer Woche! Leider war das... read more

Adam and Steve

by Furlong

Jul 27, 2013

ADAM AND STEVEPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

.....This plus the... read more

...he says to me... read more

Get into the bath and lie down... read more

..I get to work licking around his head and slowly sliding my mouth along his shaft taking his whole cock in my mouth. I look up at him and his head is back and he is playing with his nipples. I try to deep throat his 7... read more

I am the Good Boy for my Master. I am older than him but he calls me his... read more

The Clothes Horse

by Habu

Jul 26, 2013

“You’d get half of the bid, plus you’d get to keep the clothes.”I didn’t know that I was all that wild about being auctioned off, but I had to admit that I liked—no, I loved—Zhao Zeng’s clothes. That was what had attracted me to him in the first place. His black satin shirt and trousers were cut so well—and so provocatively—on him that I could hardly keep my eyes off him, even though I’d come... read more

Fortsetzung von keune elter = virl spaßIch war mit valli und einem kumpel von ihm am weiher. Der kumpel hieß yoshi und war wie valli muskulös gebaut. Wir zogen uns aus und zogen unsere badehosen an. In dieser zeit konnt ich yoshis schwanz sehen und ich wurde leicht hart. Valli sah wieich auf yoshis schwanz sah und grinste mich an. Ich grinste zurück und wir sprangen ins Wasser. Valli... read more


by Bifucated

Jul 11, 2013

I had known for years that there was something very unusual about how I reacted to pain to specified parts of my anatomy. I enjoyed fixing very strong clamps to my nipples and I don't mean clothes pegs as they are useless. I used to lock myself in the bathroom, fix these very strong clamps which I had bought from a tool shop,to my nipples then attach them with fishing line to a long piece of... read more

Silas in the Library

by Furlong

Jul 11, 2013

SILAS IN THE LIBRARYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Work and Play

by Furlong

Jul 09, 2013

WORK AND PLAYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Porn War

by Habu

Jul 08, 2013

The song “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” sprang to my mind, because that was what his kisses were. As far as I could tell in the dimly lit Blue Moon resort hotel room in Las Vegas, he was a young hunk, no older than I was. Most of the men in the room were older, a few probably twice or more my age. None were complete throwaways, but he was prime among them. And he had latched on to me as soon as I’d... read more

hitch hiking adventure

by xzibit

Jul 07, 2013

My car had broken down it was early in the morning so there wasnt alot of traffic. I was walking down a dark road when a car approached. it stopped and the window came down. I felt good it was a handsome man in his early sixties. He asked if i needed a ride and i said sure i had been walking for a while. he sid he had a tow strap at his house we could go get it and he would tow me to the station... read more

Enticingly Unnaked

by Habu

Jun 20, 2013

“How about I treat you to a drink? You must be thirsty from all that naked time on the platform.”I had just climbed down from the velvet-covered bench on the platform where I’d been posing, in the nude, for the past hour for Chad Simmons’s Savannah College of Art and Design night school art class. I’d barely had time to shrug my white cotton dress shirt over my shoulders. That didn’t stop the... read more

Terry had a reasonably quiet start to his week with some general maintenance work being done. He arrived home on Wednesday night gathering his mail, while sorting an envelope caught his attention. He opened the envelope and to his surprise found it was inviting him to the opening of a new club in town, entry was by invitation only, all male and the opening was happening Saturday night at 8.30pm.... read more

Do You Trust Me?

by Habu

Jun 01, 2013

Angelo had been so tense through his set at the café this evening, that he was afraid that it could be heard in his voice or in a change in how he coaxed the music out of the strings of his guitar. But those sitting around a smoking and drinking long after the food service had been shut down didn’t seem to have reacted any differently than before, with just those exceptions. Although all of the... read more


by Habu

May 18, 2013

I’m not sure why I went to Club 216 that night. I’d joined months before but had gone only rarely. Joining put me on their e-mail list, though, and I kept seeing announcements go by of their semiannual beauty contest. It didn’t pay much attention to it—or at least I didn’t think I had—but that Saturday night found me there, just a couple of table rows away from the stage. I was by myself at the... read more

Slow Starter

by benthar

May 12, 2013

I was a slow starter, but once I got it, there was no stopping me. I had fantasized about men my entire life.... read more

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