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Work and Play

by Furlong

Jul 09, 2013

WORK AND PLAYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Porn War

by Habu

Jul 08, 2013

The song “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” sprang to my mind, because that was what his kisses were. As far as I could tell in the dimly lit Blue Moon resort hotel room in Las Vegas, he was a young hunk, no older than I was. Most of the men in the room were older, a few probably twice or more my age. None were complete throwaways, but he was prime among them. And he had latched on to me as soon as I’d... read more

hitch hiking adventure

by xzibit

Jul 07, 2013

My car had broken down it was early in the morning so there wasnt alot of traffic. I was walking down a dark road when a car approached. it stopped and the window came down. I felt good it was a handsome man in his early sixties. He asked if i needed a ride and i said sure i had been walking for a while. he sid he had a tow strap at his house we could go get it and he would tow me to the station... read more

Enticingly Unnaked

by Habu

Jun 20, 2013

“How about I treat you to a drink? You must be thirsty from all that naked time on the platform.”I had just climbed down from the velvet-covered bench on the platform where I’d been posing, in the nude, for the past hour for Chad Simmons’s Savannah College of Art and Design night school art class. I’d barely had time to shrug my white cotton dress shirt over my shoulders. That didn’t stop the... read more

Terry had a reasonably quiet start to his week with some general maintenance work being done. He arrived home on Wednesday night gathering his mail, while sorting an envelope caught his attention. He opened the envelope and to his surprise found it was inviting him to the opening of a new club in town, entry was by invitation only, all male and the opening was happening Saturday night at 8.30pm.... read more

Do You Trust Me?

by Habu

Jun 01, 2013

Angelo had been so tense through his set at the café this evening, that he was afraid that it could be heard in his voice or in a change in how he coaxed the music out of the strings of his guitar. But those sitting around a smoking and drinking long after the food service had been shut down didn’t seem to have reacted any differently than before, with just those exceptions. Although all of the... read more


by Habu

May 18, 2013

I’m not sure why I went to Club 216 that night. I’d joined months before but had gone only rarely. Joining put me on their e-mail list, though, and I kept seeing announcements go by of their semiannual beauty contest. It didn’t pay much attention to it—or at least I didn’t think I had—but that Saturday night found me there, just a couple of table rows away from the stage. I was by myself at the... read more

Slow Starter

by benthar

May 12, 2013

I was a slow starter, but once I got it, there was no stopping me. I had fantasized about men my entire life.... read more

Diese Geschichte besteht aus wahren Teilen und frei hinzugefügten Teilen. Alle Teilnehmer sind über 18 Jahre alt!Es ist schon einige Jahre her als ich meinen Master kennen lernte, es war keine 24/7 Beziehung oder so ein quatsch, dafür hatten wir aus beruflicher Sicht eh keine Zeit. Wir treffen uns ehr unregelmäßig, mal öfter fast 2 wöchentlich, kam aber auch vor das es einfach nicht... read more

Searching for It

by Habu

May 04, 2013

Searching for It(Corbin and Ethan both go looking for it on the New York docks)(sounding, fetish, docks, gay male clubs, domination, gay anal, rough sex, daddies, obsession, collections)“Yo, there, buddy. Lookin’ for somethin’? Cause I got somethin’ for you.”Corbin took a good look at the burly man who had materialized from behind a stack of metal barrels beyond where the light... read more

beach teaser

by xzibit

Apr 28, 2013

I have really been enjoying my time at the nude beach. I havent been working so I have been going during the day when everyone that knows me is at work. I have really been working on my cock sucking skills.Last time i went i did some cocaine and if you have read some of my previous stories i turn into a nasty faggot when i do coke. I also packed a new bottle of poppers in my bag. poppers make me... read more

Pengalaman di rumah sewa 6: Jom cukur bulu kemaluan Aku baru balik dari bandar bertemu dengan seorang rakan kenalan plu, Ady namanya. Kami minum dan makan nasi lalap sambil bersembang tentang hal masing-masing, sudah lama kami berkenalan. Hal kebiasaan kami buat ialah bertukar-tukar cd gay yang memang menjadi kegemaran aku. Bukan apa, boleh juga dibuat modal melancap nanti. Kan aku ni memang... read more

Max B., our white bubble-butted 20-year-old cutie (blue eyes, sandy hair, toned body) and the hero of our tales, has been called into Mr. Gregg's office at Fantasy Point Amusement park.The office--stylish, modern, air-conditioned, and expensive--is located on the northern end of the park away from most of the crowd foot traffic. Fantasy Point--an exceptional attraction on the... read more

Max is a 20-year-old bubble-butted white guy who lives on the East Coast of the USA. A nice enough young dude, he always seems to be the center of attention due to his massive butt cakes which stick out like a pair of perfectly round, bouncy, delicious globes. It seems that no one can resist his... read more

wanting some more dick or ass - pussy,,,,,,thats what my clit/dick was telling me again as i woke up one morning,,,,laying in bed in my black long tight slip ,,,,so got up got eggs ,and toast, bacon, juice,coffee, had on as always apair of my sexy blk.high(about 4 1/2 inch) heels got my food sitting there enjoying when door bell rang ,,,,was delivery guy from a big shiping co. so i opened the... read more

---So, hier nun der zweite Teil, Feedback per Mail ist wie immer sehr erwünscht. Ich warne schonmal davor, dass diese Geschichte noch wirklich SM-mäíg werden wird, spätestens in den nächsten Teilen---Pünktlich um 10 Uhr stand Dani bei mir vor der Tür, meine Eltern waren wie gesagt im Urlaub und so hatten wir das ganze Haus für mein perverses Spiel zur Verfügung.... read more

chapter 2 ,,,,,,,and as i walked back to get his coffee and bring it back i didn,t just walk back i kind of strutted like a woman would ,,,,and made sure he could hear my heels clicking on the tile floor and smacking the bottom of my feet as i walked (oh i have no body hair) and i sat down and crossed my legs like a woman and let my robe fall open and let the sexy house shoe dangel off of my... read more

to start with i am a sissie-man ,,,,,,and i am a crossdreser ,,,,,and i love it all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have a wife ,,,,she works ,,,,i am retired,,,,,,she knows i am a c. d. ,,,,,,story goes like this (true ) she left early for work was gone when i got up ,,,, so i put my black silk woman,s robe on and went down to get some coffee ,,,, under my robe i had on my black silk womens panties i wear them... read more

A month passed since the morning when I had been fucked hard by James’s Dad and the memory of the occasion had fuelled the sex fantasies of every waking moment. It was like a drug and I longed for more but I did not know if there would be another opportunity. The image of James and his Dad naked side by side was burned into my mind as was the image of his Dad stroking him off till he shot a load.... read more

Pierce Tanner, better know to those at the Bureau as Agent 69, found himself in trouble yet again. He had been following a lead to Carlton Majors, the notorious drug kingpin. His lead led him to an elegant swaray being held at Mr. Majors estate. Pierce had wangled himself an invitation and dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. He had managed to slip away during the party and find his way to... read more

Troy Banks stood before the mirror in the boys restroom at St. Martin's School For Boys. He straightened his tie and washed his hands as he looked in the mirror at his own reflection. What looked back at him was a perfectly sculpted jawline & dazzling blue eyes. His thick dirty blond was hanging down over one eye. All in all Troy was pleased at what looked back at him. Troy was an... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part SixAcquiescenceThe Monday following his thrashing of Mark Riggs, Jim cornered me in my office. He, like everyone else, had learned of Mark's resignation. I guess he figured he was on a victory roll and wanted to keep his momentum going.... read more

I do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type... read more

Der Gekaufte Exhibitionist, Teil 20*****************************Die Geschichte ist frei erfunden, ebenso die darin vorkommenden Personen. Ähnlichkeiten mit realen Personen oder Ereignissen wären rein zufällig und sind keinesfalls beabsichtigt.Die Geschichte ist nicht für Leser unter 18 Jahren geeignet.In der Geschichte wird ein junger Mann mit Geld zu Handlungen motiviert, die er aus... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FivePecking OrderMy arrival at Simi Corp., predictably, caused a bit of a protest there which cost me two of Morgan Thaler's former water-carriers. During the first week, several of the long-timers were furtively clocking me amongst themselves as I moved about the office getting familiar with everything. I could feel their eyes and I could tell that there may... read more

We sat naked and spent on the couch in the afterglow of man sex as we drunk our cold beer. James had the most amazing ass, perfect shaped cheeks coated with light peach fuzz with a trail of golden blonde hair between the crack, and such great muscle control when I was inside him. At 24 he was 16 years my junior and if anything I was closer to his dads age.James like me had been brought up... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FourChangesI first met Mr. Simi at a running track. He was running around it doing his customary half-marathon as he later informed me. He was wearing blue Asics runners and a full track suit in which he looked rather small and scrawny. I would say he was an inch shorter than me and had an extremely wiry, taut look about him. His eyes flashed penetrating... read more

Azores Assignation

by Habu

Jan 26, 2013

Edgar steadied himself against the bulkhead as the wake of a passing yacht sent his own ship to wallowing and scraping against the dock. He was hunched over the sink in the closely confined space, space being at a premium even in a Latitude 44 such as he’d sailed from Marseilles to the harbor town of Horta on Azores’ Faial Island. He believed that he could find exactly what he wanted here, and... read more

The ReckoningThe new year has begun. Thoman's position at the top of the heap has been cast in stone. My conquering of Morgan has given me 7 months of Ansaldi revenue. I will now begin the process of methodically and completely routing Simi Corp. They have other business lines and they can keep them. But they will be forced out of the one in which I compete with them.On the second... read more

Lousy Dildo

by Stepiquno Toglio

Jan 16, 2013

In the Chinatown at Sydney, Australia, a 5’3” tall Asian twink, named Dung, just arrived at his upstairs home under the Vietnamese restaurant. His appearance was good-looking, in late 20s, and skinny. His hair was black with bang style. He wore his cheap white printed crew shirt and regular jean. He felt so bored after his work time was over. “Hmmm, I need something to make myself entertained... read more

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