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Here is Part I of Sheriff Parker Cock Expert. It was a warm rainy southern spring night and I was caught in it. My house was on a rural road several miles from the basketball gym. Didn't expect it would rain this hard or I would have asked one of the guys for a ride. In the distance I saw bright lights and flashing blue police signal. The car pulled up next to me and a person said "git... read more

The Pledge Revenge

by woofdaddy2

Sep 12, 2007

Pledge’s Revenge The pledge period had been rough for the six of us. We stared out with fourteen but the pledge master and his roommate were particularly brutal with us these last 30 days. We had been paddled until we were blistered and bleeding. We were ordered to clean up each other’s ass and lick the bleeding clean before washing each other’s ass and applying bandages. The house... read more

When I was 13, the school district that I lived in decided to advance a few special students forward one grade, in preparation for college. I was one of four students in the entire district that had been selected to skip ahead because of my great grades, and I entered high school just before my 14th birthday. My mother was working full time, because she had separated from my dad and filed for... read more

My partner and I often hang out with another couple. We are all mid forties, slight beer gut and very hairy. When one of us is away, we have great three way action, but with the four of us, it becomes and orgy. Recently, my partner has come up with a new idea. We go for long drives and slowly strip down while on the road. It is high risk and we get off faster and shoot stronger, copious... read more

Taxi driver

by dguri

Jul 31, 2007

Our local university has 3 parking lots. At nights, 2 are very active while the third one isn't- no idea why. Anyway, I was on my way to the 2 active ones one late night, when I saw a taxi driving into the third - not active one. I thought it was strange and decided to follow him in. I saw him driving to the far end of the parking lot and park, and turn off all his lights - including the Taxi... read more

Rest Area Fun

by bearchum

Jul 25, 2007

It was a Wednesday night, around 9:00pm, mid-October 2005. I was 38, 5'-8", about 190#, goatee, a bear. I was driving back from visiting relatives in the countryside, my balls were full, so I decided to make a stop at this famous rest-area. In Ste-Madeleine, on the A-20 westbound. I never had anything there, but it seemed to me this time the timing was good. I parked my car and saw 4 other cars... read more

Unusual Truck Stop

by woofdaddy2

Jul 19, 2007

It was an unusual truck stop and the first time I had ever stopped at this site in my year of traveling back and forth between Omaha and Kansas City. It was an older building off the interstate and built into a hill side so there was a lower level. Being curious, I walked downstairs to the lower level. There was a large door that stated lockers and showers, limited access on it. As I turned... read more

I got caught speeding in a small town in western Nebraska. It was about 10 PM and my license was okay but the registration for the car I borrowed from my cousin was not in the car. The local sheriff said we could straighten it out in the morning as no one answered the phone when I called to get the registration to the sheriff’s office. I could spend the night in the holding cell. The rules... read more

Bear Camping

by woofdaddy2

Jul 18, 2007

Every year I go camping alone for a week. It clears my head and gets me away from the noise and pressure of the city and work. This year I went to a new camp site, a smaller site in the White Mountains of New Hampshire just a short drive north of Dartmouth College where I had taken a few courses last semester. I’m no longer a young stud, these were grad courses for work and I am in my early... read more

My fucking luck! This morning, of all days I overslept and managed to miss the 6:45 train. Then once in Paddington station, I rushed down to the underground to find out that the circle and district lines were having severe delays, due to signal failures between Gloucester road and South Kensington, and there I sit, sweat already starting to trickle down my spine, making my shirt stick to my back.... read more

Sharing a Bed

by David Johns

Jun 09, 2007

Bob and I had worked together for several years. Sometimes we had seen each other nude as we changed at the company gym. He had a nice body with a nice cut cock. I noticed sometimes that he was checking out my body with my uncut cock. Curiosity is common among guys. We both were sent to a meeting out of town, and we decided to share a room. Because of plane delays, we got to the hotel... read more

In the Bathroom

by David Johns

Jun 05, 2007

Once a month I have to go to a business meeting in another part of town. The men's room there has one urinal without a divider, close to the hand towel dispenser. When someone is at the urinal, unless he is very close to it, his cock is in plain view to the guy who is drying his hands. I was in there this afternoon, at the urinal, and a buddy came in. Rather than going into the one stall,... read more

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction and not meant for readers who are not of the legal age in their state or country. This contains man-on-man sexual content if you are offended please don't read. It also contains sex between older and younger family members so if you are still offended then you shouldn't still be reading. I hope you'll support Nifty and keep it going! The ... read more

The Bear Next Door

by ClaudioSux

Mar 14, 2007

Jerry Coullier and I bumped into each other at the grocery store near the apartment building where we both owned apartments. Being neighbors but barely acquaintances, we smiled and nodded courteously. He was pushing his shopping cart forward to move on when I quickly detained him: “Sorry to bother you, but my wife used to do all the shopping for me, and I have no idea which of these... read more

It was going to be his first time in a few minutes and he wasn’t scared at all. He and Alessandro, who was going to be his mentor, were in a beautiful sport car, driving to Alessandro’s House. Adam felt good: he was going to have sex for the first time with a really handsome man and was at the moment comfortably smoking a cigar. He was a teenager since he was eighteen, and he really felt like a... read more

My First Fuck

by stephajm

Jan 01, 2007

Date: January 1, 2007 From: Steve Subject: My First Fuck Please email me with your experiences, thoughts and ideas and I promise to rise up to the occasion and respond hard and tall. I make it a practice to respond to all emails that I receive but grandfathers over 65 years are always a special treat. My First Fuck The beach still had those cold morning... read more


The Security Guard

by uknowit

Dec 31, 2006

The Security Guard By: Eljay My email is my name is Eljay All rights reserved by the author do not sell or reprint without Author’s permission. I wasn't a bad kid. At 18 years old I saw my way inside juvenile hall a couple of times. Nothing serious, just silly teenage stuff. My parents were up at wits end with me and decided to make one last attempt in... read more

I guess I shall start this tale by saying that I'm not big on going to dance bars, but was definitely glad that I agreed to go with Chad this particular evening in early September. Chad always looked forward to going to this particular bar because it had drag shows and he really got into that whole scene, whereas I did not! Anyhow, as we got there and walked up to the door of the bar, there was a... read more

My Seduction

by stiffdudeus

Dec 13, 2006

My Seduction It was a cold afternoon and I was just getting off work from my first teenage job. I worked at a gas station 10 hours a day, taking care of everyone’s auto needs. My car was broken down and I lacked the cash to get the transmission replaced. So my method of transport to and from work was the thumb. After just a few minutes on the side of the road, an older Ford Pinto pulled up... read more

Sage: Assassin, Part 3

by J.R.W.

Dec 02, 2006

Copyright by J.R.W. 2090 A.D. He opens his eyes to a tingling sensation. Sage looks up toward the mirror ceiling. He can see himself bound naked onto a stainless steel table with leather straps holding down his head and hands. He also sees the back of a man’s head right in his crotch. “Uh, what the hell are you doing?” Sage asks, though he didn’t really need to ask. The man... read more

Caution: the story below is full of homosexual content and should only be read if the reader is ready to accept the responsibility of being exposed to the erotic story. All of the characters are fictional, parts of the story are based on fact others are purely fantasy. At the KOA campground entrance Joe ordered Jason to strip naked and to leave his clothes in the cab of his truck. Once... read more


by Baldar

Oct 13, 2006

It all stared on a normal day like any other (yeah that’s what they all say isn’t it). So that’s how we’ll do this one too except for one thing I was suffering from some sort of all over body ache that wouldn’t go away. Before we go any further let me introduce myself I’m Lee and yes I know who you are you see that’s the job to know the client their wants their desires (especially the desires),... read more

Glen stood in the doorway with two of our friends--Bill, a tall, lean, Italian who was a former swimming champion from my home state of Ohio and Buddy, a short, stocky and hairy accounting major from Tampa. They charged the room--pulling my big brother Luke off of me and pulling his still hard and cum soaked cock out of my ass as they stood him up against the wall. "Stop Glen," I yelled, “you... read more

Israeli Assault

by Habu

Aug 28, 2006

I'll always remember the Israeli by the image of him standing there at the window of the Oriental Hotel room, the strong Bangkok sun bathing his body in afternoon light—that and by the cockiness with which he took control. The Israeli army officer, a military attaché at his country's embassy in Thailand, had just two weeks earlier been part of my first threesome. He had seen me working out in... read more

First Threesome

by Habu

Aug 21, 2006

My first, memorable threesome was in that fancy gym in Bangkok where I had recently met who I called my Indian magician, who had seduced and initiated me. And the threesome was orchestrated by that Indian diplomat as well. He had been eyeing a military attaché from the Israeli embassy on the exercise floor—a man pushing his forties, built close to the ground but with long arms, almost simian in... read more

Teacher Crush, Part 2

by uknowit

Jul 29, 2006

Teacher Crush Part Two By: Eljay It was Saturday and John was excited about meeting up with Mr. Erb again. Earlier that day he had called Mr. Erb to make sure he was home. The phone call turned from a few minutes to an hour as they both had shot out a couple of knuckle babies. This was just a preview of what they were going to do later that afternoon. Following the directions to the T,... read more

Track and Field, Part 2

by mgw2

Jul 17, 2006

I squirmed in my chair as I emailed the last corrections to a Maxim article that was nearly past deadline. Frankly, my ass still hurt. Since my rough encounter yesterday with my hot college-age neighbor, Kevin, I had been walking around in that lopey John Wayne way. (Maybe his ass hurt, too.) Not that I was complaining, mind you. If plowing me was the kind of tip Kevin was expecting for mowing... read more

Office Secret

by uknowit

Jul 11, 2006

By: Eljay Businessmen were Nick’s type, and anytime he could eye one down he did. When Nick started his job at the law firm, he knew he was in heaven. Older muscular men walking around in their suits with big bulges bouncing between their legs; Nick couldn’t keep himself still. Nick is 19 years old, 5’11 and weighs about 180 lbs topped with sandy blonde hair. He’s an average looking fellow... read more

Eric the Barber

by uknowit

Jul 07, 2006

By Eljay For the most part Aaron was straight but very bi-curious. Aaron enjoyed getting his haircut; he enjoyed it because he had a crush on his barber, Eric. Eric doesn’t have the typical magazine model body. He has more of the ruff bear look. His handsome face covered in his neatly cut beard, with his beautiful lips sitting there waiting to be devoured. Eric is about 6’1, light skin... read more

Track and Field, Part 1

by mgw2

Jul 01, 2006

MGW2 (Also MGW) The bell rang insistently and I opened the front door to reveal two young men in their late teens or early twenties, one a slim but broad shouldered dirty blonde and the other, seemingly older, a more substantial, muscular brunette sporting a heavy five o’clock shadow. “Hi, Mr. Acuff,” the older one said. “We have a proposition for you.” I put the obvious response out of... read more

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