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We sat naked and spent on the couch in the afterglow of man sex as we drunk our cold beer. James had the most amazing ass, perfect shaped cheeks coated with light peach fuzz with a trail of golden blonde hair between the crack, and such great muscle control when I was inside him. At 24 he was 16 years my junior and if anything I was closer to his dads age.James like me had been brought up... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FourChangesI first met Mr. Simi at a running track. He was running around it doing his customary half-marathon as he later informed me. He was wearing blue Asics runners and a full track suit in which he looked rather small and scrawny. I would say he was an inch shorter than me and had an extremely wiry, taut look about him. His eyes flashed penetrating... read more

Azores Assignation

by Habu

Jan 26, 2013

Edgar steadied himself against the bulkhead as the wake of a passing yacht sent his own ship to wallowing and scraping against the dock. He was hunched over the sink in the closely confined space, space being at a premium even in a Latitude 44 such as he’d sailed from Marseilles to the harbor town of Horta on Azores’ Faial Island. He believed that he could find exactly what he wanted here, and... read more

The ReckoningThe new year has begun. Thoman's position at the top of the heap has been cast in stone. My conquering of Morgan has given me 7 months of Ansaldi revenue. I will now begin the process of methodically and completely routing Simi Corp. They have other business lines and they can keep them. But they will be forced out of the one in which I compete with them.On the second... read more

Lousy Dildo

by Stepiquno Toglio

Jan 16, 2013

In the Chinatown at Sydney, Australia, a 5’3” tall Asian twink, named Dung, just arrived at his upstairs home under the Vietnamese restaurant. His appearance was good-looking, in late 20s, and skinny. His hair was black with bang style. He wore his cheap white printed crew shirt and regular jean. He felt so bored after his work time was over. “Hmmm, I need something to make myself entertained... read more

My NemesisMorgan Thaler. He had been my nemesis ever since I took the Thoman job. Always dismissive of me whenever we had run into each other, I wondered how he would treat me knowing that I had taken what he thought was his. I had seen him in the gym often with his sales team. He had always had a great body and looked like he was packing. But whereas many would probably say he was... read more

Nach einem wohl befindlichen Schlaf, im eignem Bett und Wohnung, stande ich so gegen 10 Uhr aus dem Bett und ging dann ins Badezimmer, wo ich meine Morgentoilette so wie immer machte und zog mir zuvor meine Chevi Lederjacke aus, dass ich auch da sauber machen kann, wo mein Umfeld bzw. die lieben Mitmenschen mich ohne Duft mögen, ging ich dann in die Küche und machte mir mein Kaffee.Zu dem dann... read more

Es war 9 Uhr morgens und nach einem ausgiebigen Schlaf, dacht ich in mir, das wird heute ein schöner Tag und die Sonne zeigte sich auch schon von ihrer schönen Seite. So stiege ich aus meinen Bett und machte mich erst mal frisch, danach ging ich zurück ins Gästezimmer und zog meine Jeans an, sowie auch mein T-Shirt der Marke Replay, so ging ich zum Frühstück in die Küche und habe erst mal meine... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part OneClosing the DealMy company, the Thoman Group, did well this year. Up 38% year over year in revenue with a jump of 10% in profit over the same period. Perhaps more importantly, however, we bested our closest rivals, Simi Corp. We did that by taking their largest and best client away from them. I can honestly say that I can wholly claim the credit for... read more


The Red Rose!

by tjr

Dec 25, 2012

'The Red Rose!' TJ Ryder Jan was in the locker room at the University's giantolympic pool building and a little nervous about the day'sdivisional final match and trying not to think aboutanything else, but it wasn't easy for several distractingreasons. One of which was just coming out of the showers by the... read more

Dad Takes Charge

by SwissGuy

Dec 17, 2012

This is the second of a series, edited January 3, 2013. The first story is “An Unexpected Sauna Encounter”.After the unexpected sauna encounter with my dad, we went to dinner as originally planned. It was relaxed and fun, since we were both tired from an afternoon of multiple orgasms and dripping sweat. His 5 o’clock shadow had left burn marks in my crotch, between my ass cheeks, and along my... read more

Enough, Part 5

by blucollar

Nov 19, 2012

I was nerveous now. Even though I already knew that his coming out to me like that was new for me. I wanted to tell him the same thing but was scared. What would he think of me.... read more

When Sir and I returned from our night out on the town, Sir produced a blindfold from somewhere in His clothes, and placed it around my eyes. He spun me around in a circle in His living room to disorient me before stopping me and stripping my clothes off me. He had me stand there naked and instructed me to remain there and remain silent. The coolness of His home made my flesh turn to... read more

Nachdem wir in unserem Hotel angekommen und ausgiebig geduscht hatten, machten wir ein Mittagsschläfchen, um fit für die geilen Nächte auf GC zu sein. Es dämmerte schon, als nicht mich anstubbste. Er war schon... read more

Unglaulicher Morgen

by Lustboy

Oct 13, 2012

Ich mache die Augen auf. Ah….! Habe ziemliche Kopfschmerzen. Was ist gestern passiert. Ich schaue mich um. Ich liege nackt in einem fremden neben einem nackten Jungen. Ach ja das ist ja Till. Schießt es mir durch den Kopf. Ich war ja gestern auf der Party und war zum Schluss ziemlich dicht. Hat er das etwa ausgenutzt. Ich gucke ihn mir an. Er schläft noch. So ein Unschuldiger Blick. Selbst wenn... read more

The First

by benthar

Sep 23, 2012

The FirstI met him on the internet…hard to believe! I had put an advertisement on one of the sites that I was looking to be dominated. I explained that I was submissive and wanted a woman to control me. It was less than five minutes before I received my first reply. She was a domina but she wanted to be paid. I was in no mood to go to a pro…it just doesn’t seem real when you pay someone... read more

The Mission

by benthar

Sep 23, 2012

The MissionI am a married guy and I know that upsets most of you and for that matter it upsets me too...but the truth of the matter is that there are many of us stuck in bad marriages that can't simply walk away. I have heard it before; anything is better than living a lie and that may be true but sometimes a white lie or a don't ask, don't tell situation is acceptable...I wish it were not so... read more

I had just turned 18 and decided I'd celebrate by getting my very first tattoo. I had recently gone off to college about 2 hours from where I grew up. Coming from my upper-middle class upbringing in the suburbs I couldn't wait to finally be a little bad. I spent hours in the days leading up to my birthday and I still hadn't figured out what to get, but I knew where i wanted it. I... read more

“They’re finally ready... Cody, Ryanand Leo”, The Scientist replied, making some notes briefly on hisclipboard, and then asked, “But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?” “An Island”, I answered, “A little one just offMaldives... Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a videoof me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?” “We... read more

That evening, 18-year-old Troye managed to sneak out to take his new humanoid robot Rambo for a test. He ran down the block with Rambo following. Troye then hid around the corner of one of the buildings which stretched up majestically, lost in the misty city night-sky. Rambo stopped at the corner and looked around for Troye. After a few seconds, he discovered where Troye was hiding, and... read more

His fantasy

by David Johns

Sep 03, 2012

Bill and I had been friends since college. He dated girls, we had seen each other briefly in the shower, nothing ever happened between us sexually. That was going to change.I had not seen Bill in many years. We re-connected via Facebook and I found that Bill was going to be in my area on business, staying overnight in a hotel. We set a time to get together to catch up.Bill gave me his... read more

This is taken from the early chapters of a Kindle book called Stone Reboot. It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all.“Later mate, and we should have done... read more

A few days had gone by since my last visit to Mr Schulz. I had learnt that the redness on my bottom from the spankings Mr Schulz gave me was gone by the next morning. There was absolutely no way that my girlfriend should ever be allowed to see the effects of what Mr Schulz was doing to my bottom with those large, callous hands of his. I wouldn’t know how to begin to explain to her what... read more

With school out, Jason spent most of his free time at his new friend Kevin’s house. Most of the time they were together, they were naked; much to the delight of Kevin’s aunt, and Jason’s client, Mrs. Douglas. While there relationship wasn’t sexual at all, there was plenty of roughhousing and horseplay between the two of them. There was the occasional incidental contact, which Kevin became... read more

Graduation 2009

by nudedon66

Aug 06, 2012

I had just finished with my bachelor’s degree after 20 years and it was on Monday afternoon at 3pm my Dad and Uncle Robert stopped by and they were carrying a large plastic sheet. Dad started telling me that for a graduation gift they were going to give me a golden shower and he asked if I would like that and I said yes. He then said I would need to lay out a large plastic sheet which they... read more

My Fantasy

by nudedon66

Aug 06, 2012

I just started college at age 19. One Friday night I stayed over my grandpa’s house and he told me that a man is coming over tonight to offer me a chance to become a shemale. He said he will come at midnight in the bedroom. Well I fell asleep as I slept on the couch in the living room where it was cool that summer night. He woke me up and said the man is here waiting for me. So I got out of bed... read more

Als ich wieder mal mit dem Auto unterwegs bin, ergibt sich eine Gelegenheit, die ich mir nicht entgehen lassen darf. An einer Autobahnraststätte steht ein niedlicher kleiner extrem schlanker Emo-Junge. Als ich etwa 100 Meter vor der Tankstelle bin, beginnt der Junge, einen Autofahrer anzusprechen. Offenbar sucht er eine Mitfahrgelegenheit. Da aber die anderen Autofahrer nicht so leicht... read more

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity and learned to orgasm.When I left home to go to university I was very sexually inexperienced. I didn't know how to give myself an orgasm and so the most exciting time was waking up to a wet dream. I had never been with a guy or a girl but would lie in bed rock hard thinking about some of the men I found attractive and what might happen.... read more

Eine neue Dimension II

by Lars79

Jul 03, 2012

Sie gingen durch die Stadt und besuchten einen Sexshop. Lars nahm ein silikonhaltiges Gleitgel mit. Die Toys, die geilen, offenen Worte von Erik ließen bei Lars eine dicke Beule in der Hose wachsen. Noch wollte er nicht sagen, wie geil ihn das alles macht. Als Sie den Shop verließen, gestand er Erik seine unermessliche Geilheit. Erik lächelte Lars mit einem geilen Blick an und fragte... read more

Die folgende Geschichte ist frei erfunden und so nie passiert. Die handelnden Personen haben keinerlei Ähnlichkeit mit real existierenden Menschen(ausgenommen die ICH-Person, die auf mir basiert).Der AnhalterIch fahre mit meinem BMW über Land. Plötzlich steht ein Anhalter mit einer Sporttasche am Strassenrand. Dabei handelt es sich um einen jungen schlanken Kerl von etwa 19 oder... read more

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