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Als ich wieder mal mit dem Auto unterwegs bin, ergibt sich eine Gelegenheit, die ich mir nicht entgehen lassen darf. An einer Autobahnraststätte steht ein niedlicher kleiner extrem schlanker Emo-Junge. Als ich etwa 100 Meter vor der Tankstelle bin, beginnt der Junge, einen Autofahrer anzusprechen. Offenbar sucht er eine Mitfahrgelegenheit. Da aber die anderen Autofahrer nicht so leicht... read more

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity and learned to orgasm.When I left home to go to university I was very sexually inexperienced. I didn't know how to give myself an orgasm and so the most exciting time was waking up to a wet dream. I had never been with a guy or a girl but would lie in bed rock hard thinking about some of the men I found attractive and what might happen.... read more

Eine neue Dimension II

by Lars79

Jul 03, 2012

Sie gingen durch die Stadt und besuchten einen Sexshop. Lars nahm ein silikonhaltiges Gleitgel mit. Die Toys, die geilen, offenen Worte von Erik ließen bei Lars eine dicke Beule in der Hose wachsen. Noch wollte er nicht sagen, wie geil ihn das alles macht. Als Sie den Shop verließen, gestand er Erik seine unermessliche Geilheit. Erik lächelte Lars mit einem geilen Blick an und fragte... read more

Die folgende Geschichte ist frei erfunden und so nie passiert. Die handelnden Personen haben keinerlei Ähnlichkeit mit real existierenden Menschen(ausgenommen die ICH-Person, die auf mir basiert).Der AnhalterIch fahre mit meinem BMW über Land. Plötzlich steht ein Anhalter mit einer Sporttasche am Strassenrand. Dabei handelt es sich um einen jungen schlanken Kerl von etwa 19 oder... read more

... read more

First, let me say that I am a shorter, blond-haired, blue-eyed white guy in my mid-thirties, but still young-looking, and a total submissive bottom. I have always liked the Ultra-Masculine: muscles, facial and chest hair, leather, cowboy gear, boots, gloves, cops, firemen, and military, but especially bikers; that look of a big strong man in his leathers with a powerful chopper between his legs... read more

Khalil reached his hand through the prison bars and slapped Jirani’s face.“Wake up! How in the hell are you sleeping through this shit?”“What? Leave me alone,”Jirani pulled the covers over his head.“Get yo’ lazy ass up.” Khalil pulled the blanket down and exposed Jirani’s naked body. “Man, you ain’t got no fuckin’ clothes on!”“No, I don’t. Now leave me alone and let me go back to sleep.”... read more

Bdsm fetish

by bajumlayufetish

Jun 04, 2012

Hi ..first time aku post dlm website ni..aku nk share satu fetish i love to play with all the time.. sorry BM aku tak brapa baik..but i try tulis dlm bm and english :)I slalu ada fetish kat baju melayu , kain pelikat or school uniform. Aku bukan melayu tapi kalau org x tahu org ingat aku ni mlayu . i'm mix blood actually.Aku slalu ingin nak main bdsm . My fantasy , kena ikat , main cam... read more

It didn’t matter how many times I turned the thing over in my head, there seemed to be no way out of this, both for me AND my behind, which Mr Schulz had left feeling quite sore for a few days. I was going to have to go and visit Mr Schulz again, and this was bound to end up in him undressing me, putting me over his lap and spanking my bare bottom – just like last time. Looking back,... read more

When I awoke, I was dizzy with satisfied delerium at having been so thoroughly used and sexually debased by those two. Their cum still churned inside me, warm, slimy and musky. It lubricated my fuck tunnel and bloated my belly. I rolled onto my feet, my ass crevice queefing and gurgling as I moved. White dollops of spent sperm bubbled from my stretched anus and ran down my legs. I... read more

Warum ist das gerade mir passiert? Ich wollte nur meine eigene Geilheit loswerden und jetzt knie ich gefesselt in einer Pornokabine und was noch schlimmer ist, ich habe einen Schwanz geblasen und merke, der Macker wird von mir noch mehr verlangen. Aber eigentlich ich bin doch der Boss! Immer!„Wo und wie soll ich Ihnen kooperieren? Hey Mann, ich bin nicht schwul! Hier bin ich nur wenn ich geil... read more

I don’t know how I got myself into this. Before I knew it, it had already happened. Even now I couldn’t say where the point was when everything turned from just weird into a homosexual act. And yet it happened to me. Me, a straight man! Our company owns some land with cheap housing on it. There’s a project to tear down the housing and put something more up-market in its place. All we... read more

Long, sinewy muscles like bands of flexible steel rippling beneath smooth skin tanned to a lustrous bronze lent power to each punch and kick with which Stephen assaulted the weighty kicking bag. Like the sharp crack of a whip, his limbs cut through the air and struck the bag in a flurry of blows, the force of his momentum carried beyond the points of impact. The bag swung wildly on its... read more

Stroke, sat down on the toilet in front of me. His thick, hairless thighs splayed wide apart. He was naked except for a pair of hi-top shoes and a cockring which was fastened snugly at the base of his 12-inch tree-trunk like cock stick. His balls were smooth and swollen and they resembled a softball in both size and shape. The very tip of his mighty, baseball bat phallus was smeared with... read more

I went back to live with my great grandpa in 1993 when I was 27 and he was 90 to help take care of him. He also had his housekeeper Diane age 43 who took care of him during the day. In the afternoon after Diane left then Michelle and 26 year old Latina who had 2 kids came over to take care of grandpa from 3pm till 11pm. Michelle also had a 22 year old brother James and when he came over this one... read more


by pasiven123

Feb 22, 2012

prvi? je blo, ko sva se s sošolcem dol dala. to je blo dober mesec za tem, ko sem dopolnil 18, meseca februarja. on pa je leto starejši, ker je padel letnik... in si jih fafala.. in nisva mela pojma o tem.. in je on mene fukal brez kondoma, v mojo ritko, ki pa ni bla prazna, je bla polna dreka.. seveda je blo za oba prvi?. kako to vem? ker sva najboljše prijatelja že od kar pomnim.. in... read more

Taylor Part 1

by Broker

Feb 19, 2012

Taylor is the all American boy gone bad. Taylor is 5'11... read more

I was in Seattle at a gay bar many years ago. (I was not aware that it was gay when I went in). I was drunk. When I realized where I was I turned around and tried to leave, but two young guys stopped me, and asked me where I was going. I told them that I was here by mistake, and I was leaving. They told me that they weren't going to let me leave, and that they were going to punish me. I... read more

And so it continued. For the next couple of months I was trained as Jeff's bitch. If he needed to shoot a load he ordered me into his room and I served him. Sometimes it was just a hard face fucking and other times it was my ass he wanted. I just never knew when he would call or email me. But I always knew I would obey.Outside of his room it was friendship as usual. I was getting used... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more


im a faggot crossdresser always dreaming of big neighbor john was in his 70s but still a handsom fit man .6-2 200lbs.he was kind of a nudist and never wore clothes when he was in his house.i always left my windows open and lived nude so he could watch me and we would always catch eachother looking.we had never acted on our passions tho .i love to crossdress for him and show him my ass. he... read more

It all started 17 days before. I replied to a personal ad from a man like I'd never met before. He wanted someone to control COMPLETELY. He made it very clear he was a total top and described it as a conquering. He called me 5minutes after i replied. From that moment I was his. Immediately he was inside my head and when I was in his presence I never made any decisions. I was led. We... read more

Scott Clair hated his whiteness. He wasn’t able to articulate it exactly in that way; he claimed to be coming to terms with his submissive nature and his overwhelming desire to serve the Black race. Had he been a bit more self-aware, a bit more introspective, he could have accurately described his self-hatred as stemming from his inherent need to feel superior. Whiteness was his disease,... read more

You never know where your going to be when you discover something about yourself. Me, I have been a confirmed cock sucker and cock worshiper since i was in the 6th grade. I've sucked a lot of cocks, some knowing their names and a few not knowing their real name. Encounters in hotels while on travels. I have to admit that some of those encounters were the best. Because I've traveled,... read more

Der Sportunterricht fand heute im Kraftraum statt, einem weiträumigen Saal, in dem die unterschiedlichsten Muskelmaschinen aufgestellt waren. Jeder musste 10 dieser Maschinen durchlaufen, um das Kraftprogramm zu absolvieren; an jeder Maschine musste 10 Minuten gearbeitet werden, was bedeutete, dass etwa eineinhalb Stunden dieses Programm zu ab-solvieren war; natürlich mussten alle Übungen nackt... read more

First of all if you’re not legal, don’t read this.Below is a story taken from my book Sexploits of Gil Walker – Biker Tales... read more

Uniform in Gummi

Diese Geschichte ist frei erfunden.

Da standen wir nun. Das Gummi hatte sich durch unsere Körperwärme –nein, es war Hitze- wie eine zweite Haut angeschmiegt. Die Hose hatte sich langsam in die Arschritze geschoben und unsere Schwänze waren bis zum Anschlag ausgefahren. Jedes Detail war von außen zu sehen: die Eichel, das harte Rohr und die zwei prallen Eier.

Wenn... read more

I started “Manscaping” in 1995. Manscaping is simply when a man trims his pubic hair. You see it all the time now, especially in porn movies. The final appearance may vary according to taste, but the intent is the same; a clean, trimmed bush. I got turned on to Manscaping when my dad had to take a course of antibiotics to treat a severe rash on his leg. One day, during a conversation, he told me... read more

Inhalt: Ein süsser Hetero-Boy wird in kompromittierenden Situationen erwischt und gezwungen, seine ersten homosexuellen Erfahrungen zu sammeln, an denen er im Verlauf der Zeit selbst Gefallen findet.******** Die Handlung sowie die darin vorkommenden Personen sind frei erfunden. Ähnlichkeiten mit realen Personen oder Ereignissen sind nicht beabsichtigt und wären rein zufällig. Die Geschichte... read more

Inhalt: Ein süsser Hetero-Boy wird in kompromittierenden Situationen erwischt und gezwungen, seine ersten homosexuellen Erfahrungen zu sammeln, an denen er im Verlauf der Zeit selbst Gefallen findet.******** Die Handlung sowie die darin vorkommenden Personen sind frei erfunden. Ähnlichkeiten mit realen Personen oder Ereignissen sind nicht beabsichtigt und wären rein zufällig. Die Geschichte... read more

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