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"Hey, Jimbo, there’s some pussy for ya!" Mike’s voice yelled as a tall blonde woman walked by the construction site "Yeah!" yelled Johnny so all the guys would hear, "you’re man enough to take her, ain’t ya?!" Dumping the wheel barrel full of broken concrete into a growing pile, anger rose in Jim as he looked up to see some of the contractors giving him strange... read more


It was one of the optional days at work (one where you could take the day off if you needed), but I had a lot of work left to finish. No one was there except me. I had been overworked for months and hadn't ANY time for a personal life. To put it frankly, i hadn't gotten laid in a while. I was incredibly horny and sexually frustrated, so I whipped out my 8 inch cock which... read more

Watching other gay guys from a safe distance never made me happy, because from a safe distance, nothing ever changed. Only when I got closer to observe some gay guys did things begin to change. I won't say life got better, but it sure got easier. For one thing, I stopped worrying about the straight guys. What they said about guys who were gay was pretty much how they felt... read more

Brennan Foster was buck-naked, pounding his thick cock into his girlfriend Kim's cunt on her queen-sized bed. She still lived with her parents although they were both college students in their 20's. Usually they fucked around at his apartment, but Mrs. Austin was out of town, and Dr. Austin never got home from the hospital this early. They had great sex together, Brennan had to... read more

A Road Trip, Part 1

by Zzooty

Aug 20, 1998

It was Sunday night, and we where just getting back from a road trip. I was with my two roommates and our friend Ryan. Casey's 21, with shoulder length Dirty blond hair, that curls under at the tips. He's about six foot even, and very muscular, Drew's 23 with short clean-cut hair, that's also bleach blonde. He's 5'11 and very tone with a surfer's body. Ryan 25, Has black hair,... read more

Dropping By

by Steve

Aug 16, 1998

I quickly rode down the street on my bike. I rode a lot, I was in pretty good shape. 6'3", tan, strong, short brown hair, brown eyes, eight inch dick. Eric was pale, 6', buzzed blonde, not as strong, and by the looks of it a 7 1/2 incher. We were best friends and hung out constantly. I had always wished that we would some day masturbate together, and I always thought of him... read more

Frat Boy Bet

by Kat

Aug 14, 1998

I'm sure most of us have been warned about the hazards of gambling; but with college guys, gambling is a part of everyday life. Of course, there is the typical sports betting . . . on football, basketball, boxing, etc., but we also gambled on grades, test scores, and even on which one of us would "score" first on the weekend. Most of the time, we gambled for money. Nothing... read more

He Watched Me--Again

by Kevin

Aug 09, 1998

You may remember my previous true story about my brother and I catching one another masturbating. Well, many years have passed but it happened again, only this time it was planned by me. Occasionally my brother will come over and watch a game or movie with me while our wives are away. So Ron wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary when the girls left town for the... read more

Caught By Mates

by Asiahunk

Jul 28, 1998

I am a freshman in my recent college, and I'm an Engineering student. Like most of the other guys, I'm staying in the hostel provided by the college. To me, this place is my heaven because there are lots and lots of young, built guys around. I don't consider myself very well built, but I am 5'11", 160lbs, and have wide shoulders. Those guys with short hair and great abs always turn... read more


by Joe

Jul 27, 1998

One night when I was sleeping over my friend Pete's house, we decided that we were both hot, and wanted to go for a swim in his pool. Pete is younger than me, but I've always thought he was cute. I hadn't brought my suit, so I just took off my shorts and went swimming in my Joe Boxers. While we were swimming, I had gotten a hard-on, and by the time we got out, I knew I... read more

It would never had happened if I hadn't been so horny, not just your average 18 year old's horniness, which I suffered from all the time, but the horniness of a 18 year old virgin. I had gone camping with my best friend Seth's family at a State Park. The Carson's had been like a second family to me since my parent's divorce, so they had gotten permission from my mom to join... read more

The Alley Way

by Jizzman

Jul 05, 1998

I live in an abandoned building in a part of town that if you're smart you stay away from. I live in a loft that has the view of an alleyway, where I have witnessed things that would make your hair stand on edge. Fortunately, no one has ever noticed me watching what goes on. And I've leaned to keep my mouth shut. If you're really smart, never walk through this alley at night.... read more

He Watched Me....

by Kevin

Jul 03, 1998

When I was 18,,,I was doing what most 18 year olds do, sitting on the edge of my bed masturbating. Legs spread wide ,,balls bouncing I was really working my cock and just when I was cuming I saw a shadow appear and looked up in the doorway and there stood my older brother. I was so embarrassed, but what could I do? Cum was everywhere, on my hand, on my stomach, everywhere. So I... read more

"Hi Billy, c'mon in while I get my purse," Mrs. Hanson said, holding the door open for the paperboy. Billy Walker tipped his bicycle against the brick wall of the Hanson's home and followed her into the front hall. The bulge in the front of the eighteen-year-old's shorts grew slightly as he leered at the young housewife walking upstairs -- her pert ass wiggling temptingly... read more

Marcus was always a closet "exhibitionist." Although he was too shy to ever be seen naked in public, he did enjoy disrobing and jerking off in some public places, while fantasizing about some hot guy. Usually, his escapades were tame, like getting completely naked in a department store dressing room and jerking off. Getting naked in his car while driving along a deserted road,... read more

After Practice

by Jack

Apr 16, 1998

Track Practice was over and I was hot, sweaty and horny. A couple other guys including my best friend, Chris stayed longer to work on field events, so we were even more horny. Chris and I, and another guy named Joe, had begun to strip down in the locker room. We all had tan lined bodies, and when Joe pulled down his shorts, I could do nothing more than stare at that huge... read more

Charles In Charge

by Charles

Apr 04, 1998

Dad died in a automobile accident in '96. To help my mom, I worked two jobs and missed graduating with my friends. That was "a sacrifice beyond the call of duty," according to my little brother, Eddie. "Graduating with my friends is all I think about," he said. "You did it so mom and I would have extra spending money? I don't believe it." ... read more

Caught With A Hardon In The Shower

by no name

Mar 22, 1998

I was really nervous about having to take showers with other guys when I got to college. First, I was nervous that I wouldn't "measure up" to the other guys, and second, I was scared of getting turned on when I was in the shower. For most guys, this would not be a concern, but I knew that I was interested in seeing other guys dicks. The first thing that I did when I got ... read more

A Nightcap Surprise

by Hazmat

Mar 17, 1998

Marc and Jem were just returning to Jem's place from dinner out on the town to have a "nightcap" before calling it a night. Is your mom working tonight?" Marc asked. Yeah, but it looks like Jay's home tonight, and he must have company," Jem said as he gestured toward the two other cars in the drive. The two of them walked in the house quietly,... read more

It was exactly a week after I took the team and individual pictures that I sent the photos to school, though Todd's went directly to his house in a plain manila envelope. Not wanting to trust it to the mail, I hand- delivered it......okay, I had other reasons for personal delivery. In the week since I'd talked the hunky high school senior (over 18 !) into posing for me for... read more


Caught....(Almost) With The Soccer Jock He was my last one of the day and I was running behind schedule. The team shot was done first, right at the end of school, then we started doing the photos that actually paid for the "free" team shot. You know, the athlete's solo picture the one that sits on the coffee table for a few days before mom finally decides to... read more

I guess I've always liked the danger of being caught. Back as a little kid I used to steal things from the drugstore just for the thrill of stealing. It wasn't like we couldn't afford those cheap things I would slip into my pockets and grin as I walked out the door. I got caught smoking in the garage when I was eleven, but I can't begin to tell you how many times I'd done ... read more

Caught, Part I

by aeros

Dec 26, 1997

I had just gotten home from track practice, and was so hot I was dripping pools of sweat. The heat of a San Antonian spring is so intense that you can barely stand being out side, and here I was running miles every day. Anyway, my friend Erik had dropped me off around four in the afternoon. My little brother, and the kid across the street who watches him until I got home everyday... read more

Caught, Part II

by aeros

Dec 26, 1997

It was hot and humid as the sun sank behind the hills, this doubled with my nervousness about what this night might bring, caused my tone, hard, young body to be coated in a thin layer of glistening sweat. I told my parents that I was going to stay over at Kyle's that night, which they approved with a distant wave, and returned to their own business. I practically sprinted across... read more

It was just an accident that I decided to go that restaurant for lunch. I didn't even notice them at first until I'd already passed the table where my sister and her boss were having lunch. "Joel, is that you?" she called from behind me, and I turned around to recognize the two of them. Her I adore, him I despise! Okay, perhaps despise is a bit strong, but I... read more

Caught - With The Irish Twins "What's going on here?" I heard her voice shriek from just inside the door to the family room. My ears were about the only opening in my body that wasn't being filled with cock so I was perfectly able to hear her. With my nose pressed into the thick wiry pubic bush of Michael, my mouth was filled (it seemed this way at... read more

Caught In School

by Josh

Dec 08, 1997

I am a senior in high school, and I have a new problem. I was alone in an empty dark classroom on a computer, on the net looking at pictures of nude boys and men. I slipped my hand into my pants and started rubbing by 5 in cock. After about 5 min, when I was fully naked and alone, someone was at the door with a key. The door opened, and it was my classmate, who was... read more

Caught--At Home

by D.B. Reed

Nov 26, 1997

She acted a little hesitant when I suggested that I drop by to visit them while I was in town. My mother had recently remarried and was very frank with me that she was concerned my arrival might cause a problem. "Aw, c'mon mom, it's only for a couple of days" I insisted, and she finally agreed to let me visit the Connecticut farm that her new husband had bought for... read more

Caught--At School

by D.B. Reed

Nov 26, 1997

I'll bet you figure because I spend a lot of time at school after hours that I'm a very serious student. That couldn't be farther from the truth. It's just that I can't get a ride home until later on, so I'm sort of forced to spend the extra time. Six weeks past my eighteenth birthday, I'm certainly capable of driving myself home but there's this little problem with my driver's... read more

I remember Sr. Carmella being in charge back when I went to school at St. Dominic's. She had to be at least 100 years old--even back then. We called her Sr. "Cruella" at the time, for obvious reasons. Never in all my wildest of dreams did I ever imagine I'd be back at that place, but the alternative of jail seemed to be a bit harsh to handle. Okay, I got caught doing... read more

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