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Uncut Jason

by sonic

Jul 15, 2003

Jason was a friend of mine from my class and we were good friends. We had talked about many things including sex and had admitted to each other that we each jacked whenever we could. We were both 18 years old and were 5'8" tall, slim build. I knew he was uncut while I was cut. I always wonder how the uncut looked like but I never asked about it. So far though, we had never done anything together... read more

Seize the Day

by Moonspenders

Jun 19, 2003

“Hey, stud, you coming out tonight?” It was that annoying guy again. I never knew why he called me a stud. I’m not all that. “I don’t think so,” I said. “I think I’m staying in.” “There’s a stripper here you’ll love. He’s got a foot-long dick!” Well, maybe I’d go out after all. I can’t resist a hung guy and a good challenge. What was I going to do anyway, sit at home online and go to... read more

It was a very boring night. No parties, no date, no outing. Even the shows on TV suck. Man, I am so bored. Then the phone rang. I was so happy that Shawn and Sean called. They are the cutest gay twins that I had ever met. They asked if I wanted to catch a movie with them. Then movie was the type that I like but I agreed, since I had nothing better to do. Well, at least I can hang out with two... read more

Street Fight, Part 4

by jaycruz

May 19, 2003

We practically ran the two blocks to my apartment. My heart raced from the night's activities. Having come three times already, the adrenaline was really flowing, and I couldn't wait to get home to have Mark all to myself. He jogged along close to my back, his hand brushing my bare back, my shoulder, the back of my neck--so I knew he was keyed up as well. We took the two flights of stairs... read more

This story not intended to be read by minors. If you are, please do not read, and close this window. This story is the property of the author. It cannot be duplicated in any way without the author’s permission. Get real people this is fiction, made up, not trashy tabloid article material. This is in no way based on factual knowledge of the author. I wish though. If you happen to resemble... read more

I was sitting in my office poring over the layout for next month’s magazine when Adam strolled in. Even though I reported directly to him, it was rare for him to show up in my office. It was good to see him, though. After he’d started dating Michael, I never saw him outside of work; and before my promotion, I saw him in the office once a month, at most. I missed his friendship. I missed... read more

A College Experience

by backup16

Apr 19, 2003

If you read my rest area experience prior to leaving for college you would probably think I headed straight there to find as much sex as possible. However, the opposite is true. You must remember that I am older so when I went to college in the 60's "gay was not cool". The plus side was we had never heard of AIDS. So when I arrived, I put my gay experiences behind me and you could not find... read more

It was the third time in that week that I went swimming at the local public swimming complex. The last few times were boring, with not hunks in sight, just some old men and young kids playing in the water. I was hoping to see some big, strong boys while I swam off the excess fat. It was a public holiday and the swimming pool was more crowded then usual. Boy, was I in luck today! Finally,... read more

My Buddy Jeff

by monobear

Apr 15, 2003

I thought that Jeff was sexy from the first time I saw him. He was larger than me (more than a foot), with a big solid build. He was far from overweight, having that rounded, beefy muscle of a footballer or weight lifter. His chest stomach and legs were covered in dense blackish brown fur, his head buzzed, and a full goatee on his face. Being a sexy fellow anyway, he had started to wear denim... read more

*Disclaimer: This story has sex between males and can get pretty graphic, so if you’re offended by gay sex, I have two things to say 1) WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE? 2) And that you should leave now.* Forever Young! Chapter 1 Hello, my name is Timothy Faren, but most call me Timmy. I am 25 years old and have a new job as a teacher at a local college. The reason people call me Timmy is because... read more

Park Fun

by nortee69

Mar 11, 2003

Hi! Everybody my name is Paul and the story that I’m about to tell it’s true--as it was truly an amazing experience in the park. Back here in Kuala Lumpur, there is a cruise park for guys during the dark and it’s named the LOST WORLD. It’s a famous place for all PLUs to cruise especially during weekends. If you are lucky enough you get to pick up your mate and get to have fun with him at one... read more

Rest Area Surprise

by backup16

Feb 27, 2003

Let me start this true story with a little background on my self. I was raised by a single Mom and had no brothers or sisters. Everything about sex I learned on my own. From as early as I can remember I enjoyed playin’ with myself and getting an erection and as I got older, I was playin’ and had my first climax and ever since I have not been able to stop. I had the usual childhood... read more

Sistine Chapel Fuck

by MascMM4u

Feb 26, 2003

In August of 2002, my wife and I had taken two a two-week vacation in Italy, visiting three main cities, Rome, Florence and Venice. While we were in Rome, I had an experience I will never forget.We had left the kids at my best friends’ house. He also has two teenage boys of the same age and my wife and I were having a vacation to ourselves, so he was glad to take them. Our first stop was... read more

Fun In The Bus

by loveSunny

Feb 10, 2003

I was in the first year of study in my university, majoring in nursing. As exams were around the corner, I stay back in campus to do my revision. It was almost 11 p.m. when I left. There were only a few souls at the bus-stop. It’s gonna be a long ride home, I thought. And then, I saw someone familiar - my 3rd year medical senior, Benjamin. He was always well liked by the people because of his... read more

Lawrence and April are good friends. April is a rich girl who loves to buy expensive brand goods. Lawrence, on the other hand, is not as well off. Whenever Lawrence is shopping with April, April will always ask him to buy branded stuff to ‘make yourself look better’. ‘Why don’t you try this on, it looks well on you! Buy it!’ April said. ‘I have already spent all my pocket money this month,... read more

Train Ride

by Atlanticblue22

Jan 10, 2003

I was 18 and we used to live next door to this guy, Mr. Hayes. His wife left him a couple of years before, when I was about 15. I used to really be a real pain toward him--you know the sort of stuff teenagers do. Well one day just after my 18th Birthday I'd been up to London and at about 10:30 p.m. ran to catch the late train home. The train was practically empty and I got into the... read more


This is a true story that happened to me about two weeks ago. I’m writing it here for you guys to read, so enjoy. I am a good looking, ordinary, muscular guy about 30 years old. I’m not very experienced for a gay guy. I was in Florida for a few days so I thought I’d see what was happening at a local bar. A few of my friends had warned me that it was a pick-up joint, and being horny, that... read more

Sunday afternoon in Houston can be real hot if your ass hole is aching for a horny hard cock... Saturday night is a real bitch. I have to work on the late shift and I don’t get to bed until way after midnight. I miss the sex that I have on Friday night when I get to pick up some horny stud in Bobby’s bar. I’m a natural bottom and I always get to find a guy with a hard cock to... read more

Bill Buys A Swimsuit

by GRD

Aug 21, 2002

Bill was a handsome twenty-something and something of an exhibitionist. He kept himself in good shape and sunbathed nude whenever possible in order to avoid tan lines. But most of the time that he went out to the beach or to some public pool, naturally he’d have to wear some kind of swimsuit to avoid the risk of being arrested. So he went shopping every spring for the latest styles, ... read more

My wife and I had just returned from a long trip with my parents, where we were gone for a week visiting my brother and his wife in California. The late flight back left us all very exhausted and my wife decided to sleep at my parents’ house since it was a lot closer to where she worked. I figured I’d head back to our house and get the mail and maybe get on AOL and have some dirty... read more

There's a heavily forested public park about 2 miles from my house that's a great cruising spot. Sunday morning is my favorite time -- not too many people around. Last Sunday I was there and it was an unusually warm spring day. Coming toward me was a guy I'd seen several times before: big, athletic, rangy, with a lot of thick wavy hair, a big mustache and aviator glasses; a dead ... read more

The Idol

by Jizzman

Feb 02, 2002

As the plane taxied towards the terminal, the immense crowd of young people – largely girls – began cheering and shouting. The plane stopped. The steps to the airplane were wheeled to the door, and immediately the ranks of police formed two lines. Buffering the long, wooden walkway, elevated 3' above the dense, clamoring crowd, they would guard the arriving, celebrity from the plane... read more


by Paul Moran

Jan 15, 2002

Tunis 1983 In all of North Africa, Tunis is certainly the best and the friendliest place for the gay traveler: the people, the sand strands, and that delicious cuisine. Think of the briqs for instance. Not so risky as certain other North African countries if you are prudent and circumspect. The men are friendly and not aggressive; the police have an eye on the security of the... read more

Street Fight, Part 3

by Jay Cruz

Jan 14, 2002

The pale-eyed young man was named Mark and he was 21 years old. This I learned as we walked the five blocks to my apartment. We had to make one stop: to buy condoms. I didn't have any at my apartment: I tend to use them up quickly! So we stopped at a 24-hour convenience store around the corner from my place. My shirt was lying somewhere on the floor of an alley, but this store was... read more

The object of the pub-crawl is to stay within the rules and try to make the most number of pub stops before sleep or leglessness hits you. If anyone could make it, there were 21 pubs on tour. There are the sprinters: those who have two drinks to one stop. They usually make it to about pub seven then crash; and the stayers: they drink as slow as they can and sometimes make the... read more


Last year I was in New Orleans at a gay bar. I was wearing a short kilt with a leather harness and black boots with no underwear. This real hot looking guy was standing behind me talking to someone else and I had my back to him talking to 3 other guys. He flipped up the kilt to see if I had anything on under it and when he saw my naked ass he started playing with it. He then... read more


by Erik Maskot

Oct 16, 2001

I was at a rock festival packed with twentysomethousand people crammed in front of the stage. We were so packed that I could hardly move. I noticed this young guy right in front of me. He was a stud. His ass was touching my crotch. I thought it was just a coincidence, but it sure turned me on. My cock filled with blood and grew hard. Again his ass pushed against my front. As it was... read more

Street Fight, Part 1

by Jay Cruz

Oct 04, 2001

The young punk yelled at me. "Faggot!" Moments earlier, I had walked right by him, admiring the smooth skin peeking out of his unbuttoned shirt. What else was I to look at? The street was empty. He called again, angrier this time. "Yo, faggot!" I should have kept walking, but I stopped and turned to him. What expression to put on my face, I wondered, and settled on something cocky,... read more

Street Fight, Part 2

by Jay Cruz

Oct 04, 2001

It was too much. As Pale Eyes withdrew his fingers, I drove my dick into Jason as far as I could go. My legs tightened almost painfully and my entire body shook as I pumped my largest load ever inside the hot punk's ass. I moaned, then, losing control, screamed in rapture as wave after wave of ecstasy poured out of my body. The punk felt it too. With his dick down the shaved... read more

The Alley

by Erik Maskot

Jun 04, 2001

I knew I shouldn’t have entered the alley. It was dark; it was narrow. It just didn’t seem to be the right thing to do. But before I had time to regret, it was already too late. I was being followed, and very soon a young guy came up behind me and pointed something at my back. “Okay,” I said. “Just take it easy and take whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me.” He told me to put my... read more

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