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Steve, my Christmas Accident, Part 2

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I woke up to a loud sound I could not determine. I was wide awake immediately. The first thing I saw was the other side of the bed. It was empty, but someone had definitely slept there. Then I remembered. Steve. “Steve?” “Yeah? Sorry to wake you up, man. I just needed to take a leak.” The fire had died down quite a lot. I felt it was like 2 or 3 in the morning and I could barely see anything. “Where are you?” “Not sure.” I giggled softly. “I’ll find you.” I had a flashlight in my bedstand, which I grabbed and I got up. “Oh I’m here”, he had clearly spotted the beam of light. I saw this gorgeous naked man with his leg wrapped up, sitting on the kitchen floor. “Hey”, he said as he shielded his face from the light with his arm. “I had to guess where your bathroom was. Am I close?” “Not really”, I said as I squatted down to let him put his arm around me. “You should have woken me up, even if you had found it, it’s not good for you to try and walk.” “Well, I mainly hopped, until I fell down. Then I just crawled around”, he said as I helped him up. “But yeah, I’ll let you support me next time.” I slowly walked him over to the bathroom as I had one arm around him and used one arm for the flashlight. I could feel myself getting aroused in my boxers, but I hoped he would not notice as it remained in the dark. Once we arrived at the bathroom, I asked “Are you going to be OK alone in there?” “I would think so”, he said. “I just need some light.” I gave him the flashlight and waited on the other side of the door.

I happened to be standing next to a window and I opened the curtain, not sure I would be able to see. In the darkness outside I could tell it was still snowing, but maybe not as heavily as before. The snow had piled up to halfway up the window. I guessed it to be almost 6 feet.

I heard the toilet flush. I hesitated to open the door as I did not want to intrude. But then I heard “Fuck!” I opened the door and saw Steve laying face down. The flashlight was on the floor and shone right on his bare bubble butt. “I can’t get up”, he said, laughing. I felt like I was frozen, or stuck to the ground. I just stared at his massive, round ass, which clenched as he tried to push himself off the ground. It was a beautiful sight. What brought me back was the straining of the fabric of my boxers against the head of my penis. I cleared my throat. “Can you sit?” I wasn’t going to pick him up like this, he would totally notice my boner, which could very well explode the second it grazes his ass. Steve managed to roll over and then sat up. Just like in the kitchen, I squatted down so he could put his arm around me. I now also picked up the flashlight. And in good time I had put him back in bed. “Thanks man”, he said. I walked around the bed to sleep on the other side and soon we both drifted back off.

I had a sex dream about Steve. We were having slow morning sex. I was slowly fucking him while he laid on his back and I was on top of him. My head was resting on his chest as I ruffled through his chest hair with my hand. I was woken up by a snore and found myself almost in the position I was in during the dream. My head was on Steve’s chest, which rose and fell with every breath. My hand was on his chest as well, my forearm laid across his stomach, and I was pretty certain I felt his morning erection against my elbow. I was however not on top of him, I must have been humping him from the side. I wasn’t sure what to do as I had promised myself not to make a pass at him. I had decided differently in my sleep, clearly. I slowly moved away from him so I wouldn’t wake him. I took a deep breath and got up.

With a slowly subsiding tent in my boxers I decided to make some omelets. I snuck a peek through the curtains. Snowflakes were still coming down, but the blizzard seemed to be over for now. I saw blue sky above the snow that covered three quarters of the view of the window. That was a good sign. Electricity wasn’t back yet, so could not charge my phone to check if there was signal. I restarted the fire also, as it had become cold in the house. Which is probably why I had cuddled up to Steve. I was just slipping on a sweater when I heard Steve. “Oh hey”, a sleepy voice said. “Good morning”. “Good morning Steve”, I said. “Do I smell breakfast?” “Yeah, would you like an omelet?” “That sounds great, actually. And also…” He seemed hesitant. “Do you maybe, like, have a robe… or something?” “Oh sure!” As I took the bathrobe that hung on a hook in my bathroom to him, he smiled. “Thanks, man! How’s outside?” He took the robe from me and I opened up all of the curtains so he could see. “Wow, blue skies!” he said, as he sat on the side of the bed and put his arms in the sleeves of the robe. “Could you help me to the bathroom again?” he asked, as I was walking back to the stove to keep the omelets from burning. “Yep, just a sec!” I took the pan off the stove and walked back to the bed. Steve was tying up the robe as he was standing on one leg. “Hey, you managed to stand up”, I said. “And I managed to get this baby on! It seriously cooled off in here this morning. And I think I’ve shown you every inch of myself in every angle, so it was about time”, he said with a smile. I smiled back, but really I preferred him without the robe.

The trip to the bathroom went more smoothly than before and I was able to sit him down at the table for breakfast. I was finally able to tell him about the crash and how I got him here. He seemed quite impressed with me. “You saved my life man!”, he said as he grabbed my arm. I blushed. Halfway through breakfast, I said I could do with a shower. “Yeah, me too! Do you reckon I’ll be OK with the bandages?”, Steve asked me like I was a medical professional. I reached across the table and slowly peeled off the plasters on his head. “Yeah, these are healing fine. And when it comes to the leg, we can get it off you and give you a new one. Just make sure to move it as little as possible. Would you be OK alone in the shower though?” Steve paused as he looked down at his leg. “I don’t know, maybe we shouldn’t risk it.” “I can draw you a bath instead”, I suggested. “That sounds great. You’ll do my back, right?” Steve seemed a bit flirty this morning.

He asked me about the Christmas plans I originally had and I told him about Mom being stuck at the airport. “If you hadn’t crashed into a tree, I would be sitting here alone”, I finished, “so thanks for that at least”. “Yeah, I could tell you needed the company”, Steve said without looking at me. “What do you mean?”, I was a bit puzzled. Steve looked at me with a cheeky smile. “You humped me in your sleep this morning”. He laughed. “What?” “Don’t worry… It was kind of hot.” I felt so embarrassed. “Wait, did you say it was hot?” “You were moaning my name and everything. You are gay, right?” I didn’t know where to look. I did not see this coming at all. I said nothing and was mortified. Then I felt Steve’s hand on my knee under the table. “It’s OK”, he suddenly said. “I am, too.” He smiled at me. A weight fell off my shoulders. I let out a sigh of relief. “Oh thank God”. “Sure, I am most likely missing the birth of my son, but it’s sort of a fantasy to be rescued by and snowed in with a rugged lumberjack for Christmas. So I can’t say I’m really complaining.” I really didn’t know how to react to all of this, and I just said “You’re so nice”. I wasn’t sure if he was joking, because the odds of him liking my fat ass were slim to none. It was time to get Steve settled in the tub. For that he had to take off the robe again. Out of courtesy, I did not check out his body, but of course I stole quick glimpses. Once I helped him get into the tub, repeated that he should not move his leg, I said “So you’re going to be fine in here for a while. Let me know when you want out?” “What, you’re not going to help me soap myself up? I can’t reach everywhere like this!” I now knew where this was going. It was no joke.

I took off my sweater and he unashamedly looked at my body. “Look at the fur”, he said, “I love it!” I kneeled next to the tub and started soaping him up with a washcloth. We looked each other in the eyes as I washed his chest and abs. I felt chemistry like I had never felt before. I was getting a hard-on, and once I did look down, he was hard as a rock himself. I bent over the rim of the bath and blew him under the water. His cock was so beautiful and tasted so good, I could keep sucking it forever. Knowing he was genuinely attracted to me, made everything ten times better.

At one point he held my head up and out of the water. I looked at him. His cheeks were red with sexual excitement. “You’re going to make me cum. I want to taste your cock first”, he said. I stood up and lowered my boxers. “Oh my God, you are beautiful”, he said. He grabbed my hard cock, pulled on it a few times and looked at me, smiling. I knew what he wanted as I bent my knees so he could blow me. He moaned as he did so. “Your cock tastes so nice”, he said, before taking me back in his mouth. “It is so big”, he said a bit later. Soon enough, he took it out of his mouth and said “I want to feel it in my asshole”.

Steve ordered me to take him out of the bath. I dried him off, hastily. Except around his cock and his beautiful butt I took my time. I remembered when I first saw him naked and his stomach hair and pubes were wet, just like they were now. I got so turned on, I dropped the towel to the floor and picked Steve up like he was my bride. I did not think I would be strong enough, and I sort of felt like I wasn’t. It helped that I was on a high of sexual energy and I only carried him from the bathroom to the bed, which was like 5 steps. “That was so hot. I want you to fuck me”, Steve said as I sat him down on the bed. He rolled over onto his stomach and bent one knee. His left thigh remained on the bed, his right leg had to remain straight, but if I was careful I could fuck him. I hoped I still had a condom and some lube, which I luckily did. And I fucked him slow, just like in the dream. “Yes! Oh yes! You are my sex god, Greg! Fuck me!” His moaning and screaming turned me on even more. It didn’t take long for me to lose my load while I was still inside him. I had so much built-up sexual tension, after about a dozen of thrusts I groaned and announced my orgasm. “I’m cumming!” “Me too!” While I came inside of him, Steve came into the sheets, hands-free. I laid down next to him as we breathed heavily for a few moments and looked at each other, smiling. “Best Christmas ever”, I said.

When I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water for both of us, I saw that I had left the fridge open the day before. The light was on inside. Mindlessly, I closed it, but then it dawned on me. “The power’s back on!”

Steve had so many messages and missed calls from John and Olga. Apparently it was false alarm. The two of them had been stuck in the hospital for the past 24 hours, but were doing fine. I was able to text Mom that I was fine. Christmas dinner still happened, only this year there were three of us.

Happy holidays, everybody!


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