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What Two Can Do...

by jungleg

Nov 27, 2002

Fact based he hee…. You arrive after a short flight; I’m waiting for you at customs. We hug and hold each other for a few seconds and then we head for my place. Once there you want to unpack and freshen up a little. You want to take a shower and undress in front of me. You hint that I should join you. Once in the shower with steamy hot mist spraying our naked flesh, we kiss as our bodies... read more

Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don’t have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!! I would like to acknowledge the inspiration, ideas, and assistance I received for this story from Joy. It's really OUR story - I just had the privilege of putting it down in words. All comments will be passed on to him. This is a work of... read more

Walls & Windows

by DWSimon

Nov 21, 2002

I never really noticed while growing up. But I built walls around me. If I kept everyone far enough away, they wouldn’t know I was different. I was safe, but I was alone. When I went away to college, no one knew anybody. We were all new and we all had walls. It was so easy for people to get under mine. I lived in the dorms. Our building was set up with four rooms with a central living area.... read more

Apple Valley Ranch

by DWSimon

Nov 18, 2002

I’m a widower. My wife died six months ago. She left me with two little ones. While giving birth to our second, she had to have a caesarean and that was when they discovered the cancer. It was almost virulent--spreading and devouring so fast. My little boy was two months old when she died. I was at a loss as to what to do. I had my daughter who had just turned two and a two-month old boy. ... read more

The Betrayed

by DWSimon

Nov 11, 2002

Have you ever hidden? Buried yourself so deeply in work, or anything else that keeps you too busy to live? I did. I didn’t want to feel the pain anymore. So I lied to myself and said I didn’t need a life. But when you are not looking, the strangest things sneak up on you. Love found me when I never expected it. I had lost the first and only love of my life three years before. He was telling me... read more

Apollo had showered just before I got home. Standing naked in the entryway, he greeted me with a powerful hug and lip lock. He told me to shower up and meet with him in our living room. Obediently, I took my shower. I lathered up all over, so that my body, cock, ass and face were white with cream. It was funny--I looked like a snowman. LOL! Then under really hot water, I cleansed my hard... read more

Apollo, Part 6: Greece

by Zoltan

Nov 03, 2002

Apollo is my sun god, my god of light. He brightens my existence whenever I talk with him. We’ve never actually seen each other. We are cyber-lovers. It doesn’t matter, because I love him so much, his physical presence would only heighten what I already feel. I’m so emotionally tied to this man already. Yet I dream about him constantly, and he dreams about me. We go to fantastically... read more

My Lover Apollo. Your soul is a fantastic and magical place! This is where I find peace, in my lover’s inner being, your wants, your desires, my fertile playground. You are mine; no one can know how much I love this (only you). When I’m inside, you give me free reign, total control. I can be anything I want to be, you will be anything I want you to be. There is nothing we won’t try to be or to do... read more

Apollo & I are lovers! We have wonderful cyber sex together. He stimulates my imagination to new heights. Really gets my creative juices flowing. Not to mention the juices between my loins, which I share with him with every chance we get online. We went out for a fantastic outdoor rendezvous yesterday. It was in a remote pasture, a field of gently flowing grasses far from the city. This field... read more

Apollo, you are really something you know that? You really do make me feel deeply about you and truly turn me on. I have dreams with you, about you; really REALLY wet dreams. Your massive chest, topped with broad shoulders. Bullet hard nipples…yeah I like them a lot. I can roam all over your body, and never tire of it. I start with deep, sincere, passionately tender French kissing. Holding your... read more

Apollo, I watched you from the other room...You were just finishing exercising, your back was toward me...huge broad shoulders, well defined traps and delts, leading down in a perfect "V" to the 32" waist line of your gym shorts. Mmmmm. It was perfect; you were perfect. All of a sudden you whipped off those shorts and turned around to seat yourself on your workout bench. It was listing at a... read more

Next Door

by DWSimon

Oct 30, 2002

When I was eight, we got a new neighbor. His name was Jake and he was an undercover police officer. He was twenty-three and tall, about six-four. He was golden headed and had bright blue eyes. We didn’t see that much of him. He was gone for six weeks to four months at a time. Then he’d be home for a few weeks then gone again. But he liked my dad and I. When he was home, we would play... read more

Longtime Friends

by DW Simon

Oct 18, 2002

When I was five years old, I met my soul mate. I didn’t know what the term meant at the time. I only knew that this soul was a kindred spirit. He was my friend in all ways. The one person on Earth I couldn’t disappoint no matter what. In him I found acceptance and companionship based on me myself and not out of a sense of familial responsibility. His name was Will. He was from a... read more

My Fair Gentleman

by DW Simon

Sep 23, 2002

I was working in my office at the University when he walked in. He stood about 6’ 4” and had golden blond hair. He looked a little shaggy and slightly unkempt. He was somewhat familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him. Then he smiled, a smile that made his face light up, brought out cute dimples, and made his dark blue eyes sparkle. When he smiled at me, I realized that I had seen... read more

Uncle John

by DW Simon

Sep 21, 2002

My mom got remarried when I was 10. His name was Steve and he was about 35. He had a younger half-brother who was 17 and was coming to live with us. His name was John and I was in awe of him. He was tall and handsome. Most of all, he was friendly and kind to me. I was beginning to realize that I was different from others around me. But, I was a little too young to understand what I... read more


by DW Simon

Sep 20, 2002

I knew I was gay very early in life. There weren’t words to describe it and I wasn’t really sure what the words meant in relation to me when I did hear them. But I did know I didn’t want to be different. Life is hard enough without dealing with that. So I hid. I lied to myself and denied that I was a sexual creature. Rather than make a choice to lie or sneak around, I simply went... read more

Rescue Me

by DW Simon

Sep 11, 2002

I had gone to the cabin to heal. It had been the worst two months of my life. I had lost my job, my first and only lover left me, and my parents had been killed in a car accident. Whoever said that when it rains it pours was full of bullshit. It didn’t pour; it was a veritable hurricane. I had been there for five days when the snow started to fall. I made a huge pile of firewood... read more

Brian and I spent our first weekend together making love, swimming in the pool, eating naked in the kitchen, and smiling at each other like goofy teenagers. Monday morning came much too quickly. We awoke to the alarm and showered together. We shouldn’t have. Brian slid his hands along my chest, raking through my furry chest hair, rasping my nipples, as he sank to his knees. He... read more

I never planned to spend my life running. I didn’t even realize I had until I got to San Antonio. Running and alone, not what I wanted at all, but what was. I had worked various construction jobs since leaving home at 17. I haven’t stayed in one place or held a job for any longer than three months until last year. I hit San Antonio and met some people, liked my job, and here I... read more

Epilogue – The Lessons of the Past It’s been more than five years now since Dave and I were ‘married’. It is still one of my happiest, brightest memories, that day by the harbour, and the following night in the hotel. We followed it with a marvelous week of lovemaking and sunbathing at a tropical resort, and then came home to settle into our new life together. Despite my... read more

Dave, Part 9

by iainlthr

May 09, 2002

Chapter Nine – I Do!Dave and I moved into our new home about six weeks later. It sounds like a while, but in reality the time flew as we made arrangements as necessary, notified friends and relatives, and generally got used to the idea. To me, it felt like a passing dream, the thought of being in my own home with the man I loved, and somehow the weeks both dragged and raced at... read more

Dave, Part 8

by iainlthr

May 03, 2002

Chapter Eight – Home“Dave,” I murmured, a whispering softness that only he could have heard. “I…”His eyes opened wide and pierced my soul, a question and a hope written on his face.“I love you.”My heart didn’t race; my voice didn’t quiver. I knew what I was saying and I meant it, more certain of this than of anything before in my life. He looked at me, and instead of surprise,... read more

Dave, Part 7

by iainlthr

Apr 29, 2002

Chapter Seven – Don’t Let GoDave and I spent the following weekend making up for our ‘annus horribilis’, exploring each other’s mind and body, and generally fucking ourselves into exhaustion. Being with him was just so wonderful that I didn’t want to share him with anyone, but Neil’s comment kept sticking in my mind. If we were going to build a real relationship, we had to interact... read more

Dave, Part 6

by iainlthr

Apr 22, 2002

Chapter Six – How Did This Happen?I looked up at him, and my brain raced. How did this happen? Why was he here? What do I say to him?“Hello, Mike,” Dave said quietly, uncertainly. “It’s good to see you again.” As he did, he handed me the rose.“Uh, hi. Thank you…” I murmured softly.“Do you mind if I sit down?”“Yes. I mean, no. Please, sit,” I stuttered, trying desperately to ... read more

Dave, Part 5

by iainlthr

Apr 15, 2002

Chapter Five – Long Time Passing“How long since you had sex?”I looked up in shock. Neil was staring at me, having asked his question across the dinner table in front of four other friends.“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” I said indignantly.“Yes it is,” he replied, “especially when you sit here at our table with a morose look on your face and refuse to join in the... read more

Dave, Part 4

by iainlthr

Apr 10, 2002

Chapter Four: Absence Makes the Heart…?Dave and I spent most of the next two weeks together. We made love often, passionate rutting sex that echoed the sense of impending frustration at his leaving. We shared our thoughts and enjoyed each other’s company, but overshadowing the whole time was his imminent departure.The weekend of his move dawned bright and sunny. His furniture and... read more

To Serve My Man

by ElbLee

Apr 09, 2002

The man is sexy, the kind that I had always dreamed about: Tall, dark Italian features, goatee, hairy chest, and huge cock. This man is going to get me off tonight. I imagine kissing him, feeling his scruffy face against my smooth cheeks and soft lips. He's a good kisser, opens his mouth just at the right moment, sucks my tongue slightly and then releases it, giving me the chance ... read more

Dave, Part 3

by iainlthr

Apr 05, 2002

Chapter Three – False start?Steve and I stayed together for another three months after the night that I bumped into Dave again at that bar. We tried, really we did. But as wonderful as our sex life was, outside of the bedroom we seemed to be less and less alike as time went on.He struggled at the small intimate dinner parties I loved so much, did all he could to keep up his... read more

Dave, Part 2

by iainlthr

Mar 28, 2002

Chapter Two – Almost Forgotten Several months had passed since the night I had bumped into Dave in the bar, and gone on to embarrass myself with another man. For a few days afterward, I had tried to examine my feelings that night, had tried to work out why I had called out Dave’s name during sex, given that I had never had sex with Dave, and that my fantasies of him were from... read more

Dave, Part 1

by iainlthr

Mar 26, 2002

Chapter One – Catching Up You could have knocked me down with a feather. Standing there, just across the bar from me, was a real ‘blast from the past’. I stood and looked, my eyes drinking in the sight. He was tall, a blond with wide shoulders and the sort of chest you only get from serious exercise during your developing years, and I should know: I’d watched him doing that... read more

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