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Hi and welcome to the Elysian Fields; this is a bar of some unusual customers and workers. First off there is me, I’m the owner and head bar tender; my name is Derrick. I’m a 6’10” man with white hair and brilliant green eyes that seem to glow in the dark they shift in shade but are always some shade of green, and the pupils are slit like those of a cat. I’m extremely muscular and covered in... read more

The characters in this story are fictional and any similarities to actual events are only wishful thinking on my part. All persons are over 18, have big muscular jock bodies and are enjoying a rough and willing romp… “It’s getting late and you know how long the drive is,” explained 27 year old Jace with a slight smirk. He stretched his muscular arms and folded his hands behind his head while... read more

Me and Jacob

by J.R.W.

Apr 04, 2004

Saturday nights are my favorite. I guess that sounds strange coming from a man in his late fifties. Many would figure that I spend Saturdays playing poker with old war buddies, reminiscing about the good old days over cold brewskies and cigars. I do that from time to time, so the neighbors would think I was just a happy-go-lucky bachelor that likes hanging with the guys. I’ve had to use my... read more

I really dig older men, especially bear-types. Too bad it's beyond my control. The truth is that for a long time now I've been hatching a scheme of how I will rape my uncle. His body is large and wide. His legs are full and beefy, mixed in with a little chub. He's really powerful! And add to that the fact all this is taboo, he is my uncle after all. He's a hot stud, and not a bisexual or... read more

By YogalBeara Dale rolled over and licked his lips. The taste of the previous night’s partying had thickened all his senses and caused a bass drum beat in his head. The sight beside him on the bed softened those senses and brought a smile to his face. He’d known Paul since junior lifesaving, through high school, four years of college and varsity sports, and two additional years as roommates.... read more


by Jimmy Gordon

Mar 02, 2004

By Jimmy Gordon(I wrote this one from HIS point-of-view. Heh Heh.)jimmygor@optonline.netI met Jimmy in the cam chat room. He’s one of those sexy young guys that love to jerk off in front of men. He is blessed with a slim defined body, almost hairless, feminine but not faggy. I love to watch him bare his stuff. He’s really good, a showman for sure. He knows just how far to go, how to strip... read more

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 07:23:28 -0600 From: Allen Giffen Subject: DIESEL -- Chapter 3 -- The Photo Sessions "Louder!" yelled Diesel. Rob cranked the CD as high as he could stand it. The throbbing house music was about to start affecting his shooting ability. He pulled the camera from his eye for a moment, looked directly at Diesel gyrating in that skintight singlet, and... read more


Body Hair

by YogalBeara

Dec 14, 2003

At fourteen, the soft black patch in the middle of my chest was expanding to encircle my large, flat nipples. By nineteen, black swirls covered my arms and legs; my beard was heavy and extended down my neck to merge with the thick tufts of hair curling up from my chest. Basking in the respect of the other boys because of these outwardly increasing signs of my masculinity, I had my shirt off as... read more

Darius – Our Persian GodFirst submitted January 10, 2003Text Size: ***This is a work of fiction*** Deep ass pounding fun is the only way to go. Being forced to all fours while two good buddies slam me hard from both ends...mmm that's what this boy needs. I love getting my ass plowed... HARD...DEEP...AND ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!! When guys say they bottom they mean they take it in... read more


Everwood – The SeriesFirst submitted December 14, 2002I'm Ephram Brown. My father, the great Dr. Andrew Brown, dragged me and my sister Delia and I out to Everwood nearly 4 months ago. I’m a senior, 18 and able to take care of myself. I would have moved back to New York City if it weren’t for the fact my father would screw up raising my younger sister. So here I am in this small town,... read more

This episode happened after the one I told in the first installment of "Bears’ Night Out" - I don't recall how much later, but I'd guess less than a year. This time Bill had come to visit me, in my hometown. If you didn't catch the first installment, Bill is a big gruff bear, at the time he was in his early 50's, very solid and beefy and big everywhere. His appearance is... read more

Bears' Night Out

by Bearzzcub

Jan 24, 2002

This is a true story. At the time, I was in my 20's and my big bear friend was in his early 50's. I've changed all names for obvious reasons. I had known Bill for a few years. We'd met at a bar, and had sex in the restroom that same day. He had been on vacation, visiting from another state. Bill was my idea of a perfect bear: about 6', 250-280 pounds, very full black beard,... read more


I had just moved onto my property at Marin Bay on the north coast of New South Wales. The house was a large two-story farmhouse with a veranda all around. It was on 50 hectares, had a fresh-water river and I even had my own private beach. After I had settled in I decided to have an all-weekend house warming B.B.Q. So I sent out invitations to all the Gay and Lesbian groups along... read more

Hunted by Bears

by newbear

Mar 06, 2001

“I just had to come over and say how good looking you are.” “Uh…Thanks.” Not a brilliant reply, but I’d never had a guy say that to me before. I’d come to this bar because I’d been told it wasn’t all cute young guys on the make. I really didn’t think I could handle that; not my first time at a gay bar. When I walked in, there wasn’t any room at the bar so I took a spot in the... read more


Bear Wrestler

by Jack Samson

Jan 16, 1998

It had been some time since I'd stopped at this rest area. My new route seldom brought me by here anymore and when it did I was usually just too busy to stop. There was a time when you could pretty much expect some kind of action here. Truckers from up and down the east coast would hit it on their runs and they seemed to draw a bit of a crowd. I guess the reason I liked... read more


This is a fictional story. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by sexual relations between men, please stop here. It was a warm late September day when the moving van rolled down my street. The large house on the corner had been sold, finally and today the new owners would move in. The house had been difficult to sell and with good reason. The town where I live is... read more

I met Ben the first time when I went to school the first day last year. I'm a teacher, and Ben is too. He was fresh out of college, about 25, and teaching in place of a woman who was taking a year off for a maternity leave. His class was the second grade, one of three, and I was across the hall, teaching third grade. Now I've got to tell you, I am very discreet about my... read more

One of the nice things about living where I do in the great state of Alaska is the great quantity of bears. There are black bears, grizzly bears, Kodiak bears, polar bears, and men bears. Lots of men bears. In fact, they say men outnumber women almost two to one in Alaska, and many of those are great looking, studly bears. One example is John, my hairdresser. Now I know the... read more

The Bear Hunter

by D.B. Reed

Jun 26, 1997

I know people who take vacation days on the first day of hunting or fishing season so that they can get the jump on the competition. I don't go to that extreme, because I do my hunting all year long. Being a school teacher is a great occupation for me because it gives me the whole summer to hunt for my favorite prey.....bear! Before you turn me into the game warden I... read more

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