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I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time in the Philippines while in the Navy. I was introduced to the PI in the late 70’s while on the Ranger and Kitty Hawk carriers that did port calls in Subic. Eventually I was stationed PCS at Cubi Point for two years as a “station ditto.” During those periods I definitely enjoyed some very fine pieces of meat – both giving and receiving. My favorites... read more

It was Sunday evening in northeast Missouri. The sun had barely disappeared beyond the tree-lined horizon and the sky’s colour was either velvet-rich purple or pitch black, depending on who you asked. Five miles from town, a large, badly rusted but otherwise sound-looking and somewhat large tool shed sat perched upon a tuft surrounded by a sea of knee-high grasses, virtually invisible against... read more

The Missourian countryside was cloaked in an absolute, surreally quiet, darkness. As Friday night mingled carelessly into Saturday morning, even the ubiquitous sound of crickets had ceased for the evening. An ocean of wafting knee-high grass stretched off into the horizon, interrupted occasionally by a towering oak and, almost hidden in the blackness, dual trails of flattened grasses; tire... read more

LOGAN BECOMES AN INSATIABLE PIG By Part 3 Censorship sucks and it blows and not in any way that a man would enjoy. Censorship turns our stories upside-down. Please fight it everywhere. All characters in this story are portrayed by persons who emerged from the author's imagination as being over the age of 18. ------------------------- Logan. The parking... read more

LOGAN BECOMES AN INSATIABLE PIG By Part 2 Censorship sucks and it blows and not in any way that a man would enjoy. Censorship turns our stories upside-down. Please fight it everywhere. All characters in this story are portrayed by persons who emerged from the author's imagination as being over the age of 18. ------------------------- Logan. Though he had... read more

LOGAN BECOMES AN INSATIABLE PIG By Part 1 The chronology of the story has this chapter following STEVE IS AN INCREDIBLE PIG - MOTN - Steve - Part 4. Though each chapter might get you off independently, character introductions and plot developments progress from chapter to chapter. So, check out Steve, parts 1 through 4 first if you want to read the chapters in... read more


by someguy34

May 01, 2008

His name was Chad. 32, 6'2, 180, blue eyes, short brown hair, slim but nice build, hairy, Italian type, extremely good looking face. One of those guys that's cute and handsome at the same time? Married, kids, suburban life, etc. He definitely liked girls (cheated on his wife without too much discretion). Manly (like sports, farted a lot, etc.), but he had a soft side too. I was attracted to him... read more


by someguy34

Apr 29, 2008

What can I say about Mark; hot, cool, nice guy with a wild imagination. He’s probably about 5’10, 165, handsome, chiseled face, phenomenal body, very fashionable, but manly. He’s married, likes the ladies, nothing gay about him except maybe his fashion. Although a really good guy, his wild imagination and acting out (when telling stories) shows a much more aggressive side of him. I won’t... read more

The four attorneys played basketball every Thursday. Todd’s uncle is the janitor for a local church recreation center and Todd has an extra key. We head down to the center every Thursday, play some hoops, shower and return to the office. The four of us are equally matched, all between 5’ 10’ and 6’1”. We are between 35 and 40, smallest waist is 32, largest is 35. Chests from 48” to 54”. As... read more

Abuse Central, Part 5

by sub2112

Mar 24, 2008

I entered the room with a great deal of trepidation, but he did promise me I would not be permanently harmed during these sessions. In the center of the room was a metal examining table, as most of the previous rooms, except this table had plastic shields along the edges running from what would be shoulders to waist. There were a couple spotlights hanging above the table and a few chairs sat... read more

The following story is a true report of a friendship that was formed as a result of Men on the Net. This story will contain adult homosexual content. Ben is a 41 year old professional living in New Jersey. He is a handsome young man, 5'10" tall with fair complexion and dark hair. Ben hits the gym three day. In his spare time he reads and writes erotic stories. The passion in his life is... read more

Rain Coat

by Sammeyr

Feb 26, 2008

I had been to the local dance; now in those days country-dances were the only place to meet other people. I always knew I was attracted to guys sexually and the Town Hall dance on a Friday night was one place, some night’s you win, some you have to do it by yourself. I didn’t score this particular night; well that’s what I thought. It was a very warm night and the dance finished right on... read more


Toilet Fucked

by fit2006

Nov 22, 2007

He looked about 45 years old, a receding hairline but a thicket of hair running down the nape of his neck and across his shoulders, a large blanket of fur seamlessly covering his face, neck chest and leading toward his trousers. It sprouted out furiously between his large chest muscles. He was a huge guy, but his pecs weren't all muscle. His nipples almost tucked under his large breast, they... read more

The Boss!

by runnerman51

Nov 21, 2007

Will is a very dominant and sexy 55 year old boss who demands perfection. He's unhappy because Jim hasn't been meeting his sales quotas the past couple of months and the CEO is pissed. Will tells the CEO he will deal with Jim. Will calls Jim and demands a meeting ASAP. Jim knows he better do as Will asks, or else. When Jim arrives, Will has on a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants. His tie is... read more

Okay, I should know better. You cannot drive down the Interstate and jerk off for the truckers without getting someone upset and after several warnings, tickets and court hearings; they finally decided to sentence me 30 days inside. Because of the nature of the crime, I was sent to the state’s facility where all sex offenders go. Usually, this houses rapist, child molesters and even young... read more

Friday the 13th

by MudSlut

Oct 28, 2007

Every Friday the 13th, bikers from all over the north-eastern U.S. and Ontario ride to the tiny town of Port Dover, on the north shore of Lake Erie, for a weekend of partying. When the weather is good, as it was this past July, over 150,000 bikers converge on this community of 6,000 people. The whole place is a sea of denim and black leather. There are also dozens of private parties held on the... read more

It seemed like forever that I laid there wrapped in that tarped, smothered by ants. Fortunately Mike's method of keeping the ants from escaping also helped me. I guess they smothered or something, because before too long their activities diminished to almost nothing. I heard a couple people coming down the stairs. They picked up the tarp, with me in it, and carried it up the stairs. We then... read more

The Four Captains

by woofdaddy2

Jul 20, 2007

All through high school they made my life miserable. I was the scrawny little guy that the jocks picked on. This was a small town so the jocks ruled and anything and anyone they wanted, they got. Well it was now 20 years later and I had a score to settle with the captains of the four sports teams. The football captain had gone from a 6’4” massive muscle stud to a middle aged, beer bellied and... read more

As soon as he left sprinklers hanging from the ceiling came on. The water hit my body from head to toe. It felt like a gentle rain, but it was nice and warm. It felt great. I know it didn't have enough force to clean all of the shit from my face and cock, but it did clean me off somewhat. Too quickly the water stopped and the first attendant came into the room. He removed the shackles from my... read more

A Tights Fantasy

by T. O. Tights

Jan 09, 2007

By T.O. Tights My best friend Dick & I had Just finished enjoying a fantastic performance of “Swan Lake” by the Boston Ballet Company & were discussing it as we walked back to his car. Both of us were ballet fans from way back, but since Dick was somewhat older than me (mid-50s actually; but incredibly handsome & well built) his interest & knowledge went back a bit further than mine. Not only... read more


About a minute or two later the lights came on. I noticed they were all spotlights arranged around the room pointing right at me. In walked four men all dressed in that same skin tight outfit. They left little room for imagination. There guys were hung. All four stood around my head and released a panel in their suits revealing their beautiful cocks. "We need you to open your mouth wide and... read more

I was about to walk through the doors of a place called Abuse Central. I saw a ad for it in a local sex newspaper. It said that if you enjoyed torture and defilement, this was the place for you. Well, here I was. I walked in a was greated by a large man in a skintight black outfit. He said "are you here for a session?" I said, "yes, my first one." Excellant, strip and put your belongings... read more

WINE KISSED FROM THE LIPS OF THE GOD? BY? ADRIC? His breath IS sweet upon my face. As I move to a beat so strong my heart begins to pulse and throb with in the same rhythm. I close the car door and step out upon the black asphalt. A shiver quakes through me as energy and anticipation run up my spine. Will he be here waiting for me as he's been in the past, here in the darkness? I... read more

Why Me?

by nowinyourhole

Nov 19, 2006

I was always getting hit on by gay men. I don't know why, but it was always seemed to happen. I would be at a bookstore (not a xxx bookstore) reading over a book, trying to decide if I would buy it and up would come a guy and make a pass at me. I was never rude or angry, but I would simply say that I was not gay. And that would be it. But this night, things didn't end with a "no." I had been... read more

The Box

by Draconum

Jul 14, 2006

Tommy laid spread-eagle strapped tightly to the “work table” in the playroom. He was whistling to himself and actually trembling in anticipation. I, on the other hand, was holding one of those small fire safes with the combination lock on it. “If you can make me tell you the combination, everything inside is yours.” “What’s in the box?” “Everything.” “Everything?” “Yes.” Let... read more

Morgan just got off of work and I did too. I followed him down the stairs and out to the parking garage. He was a little bit ahead of me and was near my car. I looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching. No one was in sight. I pulled my dart gun out of my bag and shot him. It hit him right in the small of his back and as he realized he'd been stung, his muscles started to weaken. I... read more

He was at home alone last week. His brothers were out of town at various camps and vacations. His parents work hard all day long. They leave for work early in the morning and don't get back until pretty late in the day. Poor Trevor was at home all alone with no one to play with, talk to, take him places, none of that. So, I decided to take a day off from work and go keep him company. I... read more

He fucked me slow and deliberate, staring at me as I squirmed and humped drunkenly. We fucked liked that for awhile and I dozed off, dreaming of his syrupy splooge churning in my belly. “Drink it.” He woke me up with the sudden command. “Butt hole Pussy.” He called me as he withdrew from my well used butt hole and straddled my chest with those muscled thighs. He shoved his semi-erect cock... read more

Some years back I joined a motorcycle club, which included a few members who had left a real motorcycle gang (most of the other members were hard-core wannabes). The club did lots of group rides, and one year we went on a huge charity ride that ended at a fairground, where we were going to camp overnight. Unfortunately, it had been raining all day, and the field where we were supposed to park... read more

Trevor called me up and told me he had an audition the next day and he really needed some help. Lucky for him, my schedule was clear that afternoon, so I jumped in my car and went to go help him out. I showed up and he's there in the house, warming up and waiting for me. I have been a private music lessons teacher for several years now, so I teach kids of all ages, mostly high school and some... read more

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