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Brian didn’t back away or make any move-—it was becoming very clear that he was deferring any decisions to me, apparently figuring I was the expert here. I guess the term “expert” is relative. My talent at making passes at other guys I was attracted to was never to be considered a finely honed skill— even in my younger and wilder pre-AIDS and condom era days. I simply deferred,... read more

T H E S T O R M By Joel Richards If you wish to discuss this story and your experiences with making love during a Thunderstorm contact Joel at Jar_500@hotmail.COM My Name is Storm Mark Williams. And I have a story to tell. A tale of love and the weather. I am the junior meteorologist for the NBC affiliate in my city. Not a major market but a start. I have a fantasy about... read more

The Young Prince by-the-Sea ...for what may ever be The small kingdom had never known such a young prince. Taller than all the of the inhabitants of this yet undiscovered city-state, the young prince would often stand at the Last Western Gate and and scan each of the swells for white caps foaming in the wind, picking out each one as he gazed all the way to the horizon. Though he... read more

My New Home

by Joel Richards

Jun 02, 2000

It is late at night as I write this journal entry. I just finished paying some bills and I came across a contract for the new roof I put on this house ten years ago. Seems funny to think that a new roof would become a life-changing event, but it was. I had just moved into my new house. Well the house was not new but I was new to it. I had lived the last eleven years in apartments... read more

In Wicca, love is the strongest magic there is. I have been a witch for about a year now, and have done several love spells, but none of then really worked, until 3 months ago. At 2:00 morning, my loneliness had gotten the best of me, and my urge for love and romance took over my body. I slowly lit the red candle, and opened my book of shadows. This time, I had cast my circle to... read more


by Max

May 25, 2000

Forget it. Forget it and get back to your normal life. A senseless life? Oh come on, that's not true! You have your friends, you have your work, books you love to read, music you adore... You feel lonely, that's true, more and more lonely as time pass... But why have you decided he's that very only one you need? The one you can love? A guy you don't know a thing about... Forget... read more

A Moment in Time

by Jonathan R.

Apr 25, 2000

He lay on his back, my body pressing its weight onto him. The light from the candles bathed us both in a beautiful soft glow, the smell of the candles were intoxicating to me. Soft music played in the background. I held him in my arms - full body contact. Our movements were slow, and sensuous. My hand reached up behind his head and I pulled his mouth to mine. I kissed him deeply on... read more

I never knew I'd loved him until my sophomore year in high school. In fact, there had been a year or two when I had hated him, hated his guts. He was a year older than I was, but had been held back from the fourth grade because of his laziness. Both he and his twin brother had been kept back a year behind, and it was then that I had first met him. I grew up in Hawaii, on a... read more


Sauna Lust

by Ronaldo

Oct 25, 1999

I had never been to sauna. I was 29 and decided not to spend the whole of my life without being fucked. I started to plan three months ahead. On that day, I went to the counter. You could see a young cute guy at the counter. He was in his twenties. I said I only wanted hot baths and sauna. He was so innocent. This was true love for me! I went to the locker room. A number of... read more

I'd been mucking about on the personals for months and while there'd been some meeting with other guys, nothing had really clicked. Then one ad caught my eye. It was an older guy - mid 40s - he seemed pretty interesting to me so I emailed. After a couple of exchanges, Tom and I met at a local cafe. I was really surprised when I saw him! He was shorter than me, had long hair... read more

Kevin and I – Part 1 By Terry Cromwell Note: This is strictly a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person, living or dead, or any situation that has occurred in the past is strictly coincidental. I couldn't believe it. I was back in the City of Lights after such a long time away. I had always promised myself that someday my permanent residence would have a view ... read more

Death and Love in the ER by Mark Richards I slowly awoke from what I though was a deep sleep. But I hurt everywhere. I was on my back looking up at a strong light and there was activity all around me. I could not focus my eyes, and everything looked blurry. Someone was holding my hand. And I think he was crying. I heard a voice say "You are going to be all right, you have... read more

Amber Eyes

by Donnie Belew

Jul 07, 1999

When Irishmen get my age, either they got somebody to love or they drink. I drink a lot. I would probably drink more but I’m a truck driver and I need the job. Being a trucker keeps me sober and usually keeps me too tired and busy to think about it much. Then one day I noticed this new guy on the street by our station lot. He was a pretty black man, short and slender, with the most... read more

A Trip On My Ecstasy

by Max

Jun 17, 1999

Now my work is finished, at last, and I'm on my way home - to you. You are waiting there, I know, waiting and ready for me - and I hurry up… I think only of you, hardly noticing anything around. I'm insane long since. We'll make love… You're created for it, boy, it's the very essence of your being… You're always thinking of it, aren't you? You may be busy with something quite... read more

He leaned over and grabbed his underwear from the sheets. The floor was a mess, scattered with my clothes. The rest of his wardrobe was folded neatly in the corner. I just stared at his backside. His skin color was a rich olive, dark complexion like my own. My mom would be proud of this tall dark, Mexican, un hombre. I smiled at the scene in my head: Mi mamá standing in the doorway... read more

After a particularly torrid session with you, I would like to lie beside you on my side facing you, with you lying on your back, and hold you in my arms and have you hold me in yours with my head on your chest until you'd fall asleep, and I would doze off lulled by the sound of your gentle snoring. I would awaken sometime later in the night and see that you were still asleep,... read more

It was one of those beautiful spring days, gloriously bright and sunny. The air was heavy with the perfumed scent of Perth’s November blooms. The thought of rushing into work, closeted by four walls and a desk piled high with paper ail-ed me. So I called in sick, armed myself with a book and headed down to my favorite café. I planted myself at one of the outside tables and ordered... read more

Bret Connoly sipped coffee, absently aware of the bouncy music of an Astaire and Rogers musical playing on his kitchen TV. The patio doors were open and the sheer curtains billowed gently in the moving air. In the back yard, Esai, the pool attendant was busily servicing the chlorinator. Speculating, he wondered how many wealthy neighborhood matrons the young and well... read more

Love Display

by Goodguy_sea

Feb 28, 1999

"You're my 'little man'." Alvin whispered to Ty that autumn night. They were alone in the elevator of Alvin's apartment building. Alvin purred as he stood behind Ty. He enjoyed the wonderful feeling of Ty's shorter but very male body in his arms, and Ty enjoyed Alvin holding him this way. Alvin's lighter colored arms were a contrast against Ty's rich brown skin. "Mmm,... read more

The story so far: I was forty five, divorced and alone. Love was a dream I had passed through. When I met Jessie, I was just glad to find a friend. He was a good looking amber eyed and slender construction worker, from Atlanta, stranded and broke in Birmingham. I met him when I cruised the streets for a new yardman. I had to fire Robert, the last one, because he stole... read more

Both Sides

by NickyD

Feb 22, 1999

Brad paused in the doorway, undecided. The bedroom was dark, but enough light shone from the hall to illuminate the figure asleep on the bed. Covers pushed half down, legs entangled in the sheets and hair an inky spray across the white pillow slip, Daniel was an enticing sight and Brad sighed, remembering. He couldn't recall when he'd first started having these feelings.... read more


Continuing the story, I guess I should name myself as Rob Welde , and in part 1 you met my roommate Brett Klasco. Well, after that magical night, I woke up before him, and looked to my left, and couldn't believe a guy as hot as he was, was actually in my bed. To this day, I hadn't let another man enter my hole. I wanted the first to be special, and he really was special to... read more

The relationship went well. However, we did have a little fight now and then, but it usually passed over in a day. We had been together a few months, and we didn't have sex every day, sometimes every few days, sometimes every week, sometimes even more, but we made sure we didn't go a few weeks without it. Our first real problems was about 4 months after we got together, and things... read more

I was 25 . I had finished college, and had moved out of my parents' place recently. moved to Northeast Miami , a good hour from home. I bought a little place. I was so glad, as I could finally unleash my fantasies about men. There were 3 bedrooms, so I decided to lease one out and find a roommate. I placed an ad in the paper . I started getting responses . I didn't place a... read more

Jeremy's Confession

by John Boy

Jul 13, 1998

Jeremy was a emotional boy at the age of 18. He had always realized he had an attraction for men but never acted upon it. He wanted a man so bad it hurt, and yet he knew that if his secret ever got out, no one would ever want to be around him again. It was a cold winter's day and Rob had invited Jeremy over to his house. Jeremy hoped and dreamed with all of his heart that... read more


by Alexis Blackgold

Jul 05, 1998

There's something about a rainy night in New York that makes you believe it's raining all over the world. Robert arrived at Tony's apartment at 9:00 am. Seeing Tony watching him, from the window, made him think of the last time they were together. It made Tony think of the same time watching him standing in the warm summer rain. From where they were standing, as far as it was,... read more

The Perfect Date

by Authorguy

Jun 04, 1998

In my entire lifetime, I never thought that I would have the opportunity for such a wonderful, almost magical night. The concept of the most popular and clearly the most handsome and sexy senior in high school asking me out on a date shocked me. Justin was an incredibly hot guy. His dark brown hair was cut short, looking into his brown eyes sent me into a soothing oblivion, and his... read more

My College Roommate

by CrazyAce

May 29, 1998

It was my first semester going full-time to college. I was nervous, like anyone else would be. After much debate, I decided to reside on-campus as opposed to living at home and commuting. It was just more economical to live in the dorms. I would reluctantly give up my privacy in order to save money...and as a person who values his privacy, I wasn't happy about this. I was... read more

It's A Name Thing

by BG

May 13, 1998

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I was home alone so I decided that I would go to the grocery store, and get some markers and paper for a project that I needed to do. The hottest guy worked at this store. His name Was Ben G. I am Ben H. I walked by him, and finally spit out the word Hi! He just nodded, and barely knew that I was there. I was stupid to fall in love with... read more

A Golf Affair To Remember, Part 5 (Finale) Sunday began in the half-light before morning. I had slept most of the night facing Sean, who was facing away from me, my body spooning and loosely snuggling his. It must have been between 4 and 5 AM when I awoke to hear Sean growling and sputtering words I could not make out. He was in the throws of a nightmare. His... read more

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