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Taken In Kind

by ayersgarth

Apr 22, 2006

It was late at night. Rain poured down from above and splattered across the close-knit rooftops, channelled into gutters with a loud gushing sound, and rushed down broken drainpipes to flow out onto the pavement as I walked through the streets, holding the collar of my business suit tight against my neck. Even this small gesture was not enough to fight against the will of Mother Nature, and I... read more

I showered as soon as I got up this morning knowing I was going to Jeff's place. I had promised him that I would be his slut for the day and today was the day. He just got back from visiting his mom in another state and was horny as hell the same as I. I put on a body stocking that was crotchless and open nipples along with a mini skirt and threw a pair of sweats over them. He answered the... read more

I was in high school when I first started having sex with other guys. At first it was just mutual jerk-off sessions, and then there was "a little help" for each other, and then hand jobs before I finally gave my first blowjob. Still, there were only two guys I was doing it with, and all of us kept it a strict secret. There was a guy in two of my classes named Pete, who might have suspected I... read more

This story is true and it happened about 10 months ago. Before I start, I should first tell you about me. I'm 40 years old, married and have a good job. We have a grown son, who is living in another state, so we are very much by ourselves. My wife doesn't have any idea that I enjoy being with men, and of course doesn't know what I fantasize about. This story started when I was surfing... read more

Daddy Foot Fuck

by Dekeyser

Feb 03, 2006

Dad had just gone to bed and it was early only around 9 and I was feeling horny as hell. I gave it a half hour before making a move. I had always fantasized about dad's feet and how much I would love to get it on with his feet as I had this huge foot fetish. This was an opportunity and up until now I hadn't had the courage or the opportunity. Mum was overseas and my brothers were out for the... read more


by dkmnn

Jan 23, 2006

WARNING: The following story contains gay sex of a non-consensual nature. Therefore, if you feel that this will offend you then please do not read any further. ABOUT THIS STORY: I want to share with you a story I found a lot time ago over the Internet. It was originally taken from a book called "The Fist Fucker's Handbook". I've searched for this book for a long time but haven't been... read more

Today I saw a good looking cop, the first one ever to see, he was a nice tall, muscled, man. For safety purposes let’s call him Officer Beat-down. Anyway I park in a empty parking lot, just getting off on the phone, ‘cause I feel so horny. As I’m talking on the phone I see a cop pull in with his high-beams on my car. I hang up the phone and am scared shit-less. I see this cop come... read more


by Mstrshv

Jan 02, 2006

My name is Zane. I am a 26 year old, well hung white male with lots of dark silky body hair, full head of black hair (when not shaved or clipped short), 6' tall, 180 #, muscular and handsome 7 ½” cut. I love to play with hair, clipping, shaving, and buzz cuts. I have had several erotic shave sessions both giving and receiving. Below is the most erotic shaving experience that I have enjoyed so... read more


Derek and I have been together for a year now. We both love nipples. He has an obsession for guys with nipple rings; and I have very sensitive nipples, which respond to his every touch. Derek’s been urging me to pierce my tits for him, but I am afraid of the pain. When my birthday came two months ago, he asked if I wanted nipple rings as my present. My response was a strong NO to reject him.... read more

Here by My Side an Angel Here by My side the Devil Never turn your back on my Never turn your back on me again Here by my side it is Heaven. -Matthew Good "Weapon" As he stood looking trough the glass at Martice, he could only pray he would get him back. It had been a week since he had shown any signs of responding and even that had been what the doctors called reflex movement. As he... read more

This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn’t matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn’t matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM! Copyright... read more

My Boy Toy

by Daddyzhere

Oct 04, 2005

My Boy Toy A Greek Microphilia Story - by Petronius Filatio Very loosely translated under the pseudonym of Mickey "Daddy" Ray Chapter One My name is Maximillian Van Order. I know you aren't going to believe what I'm telling you, but it's the truth, every blessed word of it. Mine is a story of mystery, magic, sweet revenge and wild sex. Lots and lots of wild, crazy, incredible sex!... read more

by Controlone O.K. fellas, let’s all say it together: TONGUE IN CHEEK. If you don’t know what that means THEN DON’T READ THIS STORY... Chapter 1 Billy Conrad was a striking young man, six feet tall, 160 pounds with not an ounce of fat (Billy’s first trainer, his dad, was a harsh task master, who instilled in him the importance of a strong healthy body….. The results were stunning). ... read more

by Controlone Okay fellas, let’s all say it together: TONGUE IN CHEEK. If you don’t know what that means THEN DON’T READ THIS STORY...... Chapter 1 Billy Conrad was a striking young man, six feet tall, 160 pounds with not an ounce of fat (Billy’s first trainer, his dad, was a harsh task master, who instilled in him the importance of a strong healthy body….. The results were stunning).... read more

Search, Part 5

by blucollar

Aug 25, 2005

Pedro was true to his word. I never experience anything like it. The man was on his knees in the shower eating my ass again but this time he was going for his own load. I felt totally exposed and intimate with this dude and I loved it. After he was done he turned me around and gave me another blow job as he jacked off. I shot another load down his throat and he came up to share it with me. I... read more

Creamy Thighs

by Habu

Aug 24, 2005

Tight, hard and hairless bodies with creamy thighs, resilient flesh on muscles of steel; and flexibility; flexibility is a must. I insist on that; and obedience and total subservience. And I possess them all. I fuck them all, women and men alike. I fuck them all regularly, without showing favor. That’s the only way to keep order. And they stand in line, audition for the privilege of being... read more

The exhaustion of and loss of strength from the previous day’s unexpected sex encounters may have accounted for my tennis match the next day, but it’s just as likely that Ben was just a much better tennis player than I was. He agreed to let me try to recoup the loss and set up another match for two days hence. As I had hoped, we were the only ones in the graduate gym shower room when we went in... read more

Although I had several white bandana encounters that week in which all a stranger needed to do to get submissive sex from me was to ask for my bandana, none were as strange as the one I had while I was on my way to play tennis with Ben the first time. I was strolling along, racket case under my arm, when a big black limousine, with smoked windows rolled up beside me, the driver’s window rolled... read more

Search, Part 1

by blucollar

Aug 19, 2005

My mother was always a bit over dramatic. From as early as I could remember she over preached the bible and over judged all those around her. She was always on my ass to be the perfect child. By the time I was in high school I sort of had it. I was tired of her preaching and I was definitely tired of her telling me that every wrong thing that a man would do would surely bring him a step closer to... read more

I tend to be attracted to 'extremes' when it comes to men. Extremely tall men, extremely muscular men, men with long necks and huge Adam’s apples, men who are extremely veiny, men with large humped noses (yeah I know, sounds strange) or men who are extraordinarily skinny. That's what this story is about. It was a warm early afternoon as I walked through the crowed hallways of the mall.... read more

Yesterday evening, my door bell rang; when I opened the door I saw my neighbor Dimitry (D) standing there. If you read my stories in the past you would know that I have been playing with him for a year now although he was married. He smiled and I could see (and smell) he had been drinking. He said he was so horny and would do anything for me. I pulled him in and shut the door. I kissed him and... read more

This happened last night. It was cold and windy, thunders and lightning, and the forecast said it was going to rain but it didn’t yet. I was sitting watching TV when all of a sudden there was a huge lightning and then a huge thunder, and then and big BANG and all the lights went out. I thought it was my flat only but I looked out and saw that there were no street lights either; total darkness. ... read more

One day I came home from work in the evening, and saw that outside my home there were two vans parked. Both had the same company trade mark on them; something to do with marble works. I knew one belongs to Dimitry my Russian neighbor (of whom I wrote a few stories already), and the other one I didn’t know who’s it was. I went up to my apartment and forgot all about it. About two hours later, I... read more

Remember 2 weeks ago I wrote about my new Russian neighbors, that the wife went abroad and I fucked with the husband – Dimitry? And when he left I asked him to leave his boxers with me? Well, I’ve been going to bed every night with those boxers, sniffing them and licking his cum as I jerked off before falling asleep. Yesterday I decided to go and see how he was. His wife Ela... read more

This is a true story that happened 10 minutes ago – my dick is still wet and my ass still full of cum. A few weeks ago a new couple moved to the flat across the hall from mine. She is petit, blond nice looking, and he is a huge guy, tall blond (but shaved head) as well, really broad shoulders, nice long legs and a cute tight ass. They speak Russian so I imagined they were new immigrants from... read more

I stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of his long, fat veiny cock. I licked it clean like he said. Then he told me to lick his balls, and I did. His cock rested on my forehead as I licked his giant, hairy nuts. When I was done, he squeezed my cheeks until I opened my mouth, Then he slid his cock back in. I tasted salty liquid on my tongue, and I recognized it from when Jimmy had... read more

“Ha ha ha,” he laughed really hard, all his friends laughed too. Then he grabbed me by the hair, “touch it” he growled at me. I could see the bulge of his semi-hard cock going all the way down the left leg of his jeans. It looked huge, like a filled-up tube sock or something. I looked up at his face for a second, and he pulled my face into his crotch, holding me by the hair. “Don’t make... read more

I first saw him at a costume party. I was wearing a tight full-body lycra superhero suit and so was he. I love the feel of slinky spandex material on my smooth shaved skin. Nothing arouses me more then being touched while wearing my bodysuit. Mark caught my eye, not only because he was a hot guy, but also because he was wearing a similar suit. He filled the outfit perfectly and did not need... read more

Jason, Greg, and Frank were on a camping expedition. They were off into the semi- wilderness. Things were going great. The young guys were not yet twenty. They were staring to bud as young men. They were starting to show signs of whisker stubble, some sporting a first goatee, muscles pumped , and hormones raging. They were drinking and sharing fantasies and dares. Some dares were crazy and... read more

Speed Freak, Part 1

by rimpig

Jun 25, 2005

SPEED FREAK, by RimPig ¨ 2003 I’m not a bad guy; Maybe a little wild. Okay... a lot wild. I’m a real speed freak! No! Not the kind of speed that you snort or shoot in your veins! The kind you get in a real hot car or on a really hot motorcycle! Anything that goes fast, I love it! Even as a little kid. Used to ride my bike down the steepest and most dangerous hills I could find. Some people... read more

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