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My boyfriend Jarod and I have been together for almost seven years. After all that time, I guess you could say that our sex life has become fairly predictable. Not that we have a bad sex life, mind you—just predictable. It usually starts on a weekend morning with a little “under the covers” cock play that leads to kissing. Then our clothes come off, and he starts to suck me (or I start to... read more

Two Big Black Cocks

by BtmTalent

Oct 24, 2003

This is a work of fiction. My first work of erotic fiction, so I hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Big Black Cocks It had been a pretty boring night out at the bar so far. Like most Fridays, I went to our local gay dance club with my friends Mark and Steve. However, unlike most Fridays, both of those lucky bastards... read more

Into The COCKpit James crawled to the door of the cockpit, reached up and knocked rather hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. The co-pilot opened the door and almost fell over the prostrated boy. The co-pilot, Steve, 5’10”, wavy sandy colored hair over his collar, broad shoulders, rather thin waist, cute, 26 years old, looking down said, “And what can I do for you?” James peered up... read more

Tasting Ebo, Part 2

by ChubbyCub

Oct 20, 2003

I continued to stroke Ebo's eight-inch cock. It was darked in colour, so I was curious to taste Ebo's meat too. I could see his pre-cum oozing out of his pee slit. "Shit," Ebo hissed, "I have to take a piss!" Moving to the side, I watch his cock pour out his pee. Taking my hand, I interrupted the streams. I looked up at him and started to laugh. "Pervert," Ebo chuckled, as he stopped... read more

Brian couldn't believe his situation. Here he was sitting completely naked in the passenger seat of a car in broad daylight. His tormentors were out to ruin him. He had worked hard for his place in a top law firm and now he was being blackmailed into doing things that he would never do. Marta and Jake, his tormentors, had seen an opportunity to get this hot lawyer out of his clothes and have... read more

The Flight C took his boy for a change of clothes. If they were going to travel together he had a specific idea in mind and for that the kid needed different clothes. Once they got into James’ room C turned the young man around. C said, “Let’s see what we’re going to do with you. You are a fucking mess.” The kid was covered in sweat from head to foot and he reeked of spunk and sex and... read more

Quick Silver

by Hibooted

Oct 15, 2003

Mark stood before the mirror considering his nude body. The smoothy shaved image before him was from all indications not that of a fifty year old. He turned and looked at his smooth tight buns and hard belly then at the stiff protrusion above his hairless balls. "No! Not at all" he thought. He slipped his hands over his firm tits, squeezed his nipples and then slid them down his flat belly... read more

Golden Feet

by gentilly

Oct 03, 2003

Beautiful feet have always been the object of my sexual attentions, fantasized and real. There's something about a well-shaped man's foot that gives me a hard-on. But these are rare and to see them rarer still what with footwear, socks and all. I was riding my bike in the park one morning and screeched to a halt at the sight of a young man on the side of the lane, sitting, bent over rubbing... read more

Hot Frottage session: Clash of the Titans “Huge” is the only way I could describe his thighs, like tree trunks, monument pillars, these things were amazing. “He” is a body builder I met at my local gym a couple months ago. He was 6” 2 235 lbs of pure black muscle. His muscle had that soft puffy look like an off-season bodybuilder before they cut down on their carb intake before... read more

Brian had a little too much to drink, he had had a hard day at work, the trial had not gone like he expected. With his new high profile he had to not only perform well in court, but also win. He had worked hard to get a top position with a well-known law firm, but in the back of his mind he also knew that his looks help out maybe a little. He had put aside long term relationships for his job... read more

Water Rat 2: Choices (Please read “Water Rat” first. This is intended as an epilogue.) I had been bound at the wrists for almost a full day. Stranded on this island had turned into one of the most important and life-altering experiences I have ever had. I discovered that all of the games, all of the passion and sexual adventure of my life to this point was meaningless. I had found total... read more

A Foot Story

by martineds

Jul 23, 2003

Hello my fellow ‘tickle bruthas’. Here's a story inspired by past events in my life. It was a Tuesday night after hours. I work in the costume dept. at a local theater; so I constantly get to see bare feet in my sight. Well I stayed late after the shows to catch up on costume laundry. I was the only one left in the theater other than the security guard. But, I wasn't alone, one of the dancers... read more

Games People Play

by Robby Sr.

Jul 21, 2003

BY ROBBY SR. Billy loved his morning routine. He woke up first as usual, and hurried naked into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee for his dad. When the water started to drip he ran back into the bedroom to wake up his dad. If dad was laying on his back or side, Billy would wake him up by sucking his cock. If dad was laying on his stomach, Billy would eat and finger his ass until he woke... read more

My story begins, ironically, after a night out with my girlfriend. I should first tell you a little about myself. I was 29, six-foot and I thought straight, although I had had few girl friends, and the relationships rarely lasted for long. Anyway, that night Mary and I had been at a “Tarts & Flashers” party; as a change she had gone as the flasher, and I had gone as the tart. By the time Mary... read more

Straight Feet

by pissdrinkersh

Jun 24, 2003

That was on my trip in Europe. I was on my way to Paris; I had 4 hours before my train left. I decided I should do something interesting. After walking along the street, I found Ambro theatre. Obviously, it is an adult theatre. It shows both straight and gay porn on the big screen. 5 Euro let me in. Walking down stairs, there was a resting area, some guys were chatting and drinking soft... read more

Steven smiled as he moved towards Heath's helpless body. He rubbed Heath's crotch again, making him moan against his will. Then, very slowly, he began to pull the boxer briefs down to Heath's knees. Heath's beautiful 6-½ inch uncut cock sprang out. "Please…." Heath began, but he was unable to finish. "Hmm, nice tool, Heath. This should be fun," Steven said. He began to stroke... read more

Note: Hi guys! Sorry 'bout leaving you hanging with the last part. Here's where it’s gonna’ start getting good (or bad if your in Heath's position). Keep in mind that things will be very intense and if you are not into this or not mature enough to handle it please don't read further. Well, that's enough talk. Hope you like! Twisted Heart Part 5: It Takes a Lot of Pain to Get a... read more

Jeremy's Socks

by Taekwondo guy

Apr 10, 2003

Today was a very hot day, one of those that make you wanna quit for the afternoon. After our lunch break, we went back in class and waited for our physics lesson to begin. We have a pair system, I mean, you always get to have your classmate sitting right next to you, no empty space (the desks touch each other). I was next to the passage; Jeremy was between the window and me. We were sitting on... read more

*Disclaimer: This story has sex between males and can get pretty graphic, so if you’re offended by gay sex, I have two things to say 1) WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE? 2) And that you should leave now.* Forever Young! Chapter 1 Hello, my name is Timothy Faren, but most call me Timmy. I am 25 years old and have a new job as a teacher at a local college. The reason people call me Timmy is because... read more


by iainleather

Apr 02, 2003

Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don’t have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST! This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk. ... read more

The Boy's Nipples

by loveSunny

Feb 10, 2003

I am very attracted to guys; just seeing them topless makes me hard. I love to see nipples, and imaging myself licking, chewing, biting, and pinching them. I love nipples more than anything; hard ones make me so horny. Once, I gave private home tuition to earn extra allowance. I had this Chinese college student called Yan Xiao. He stayed in a small place, his house was quite hot and his fan... read more

Taking First Piss

by JHimus

Feb 01, 2003

TAKING FIRST PISS By JonH I don't even know what it is, 'hydra' something - whatever it is it fucks me right off. I'm making 11.60 an hour to trim bushes and mow lawns at the Ludlow's and they've got me spending almost an hour a day lookin' after these damn flowers. I'm 23 and the way I figure it with the experience I've had with horticulture I deserve more than 11.60. I admit it was... read more

Special Training

by Hibooted

Jan 13, 2003

The day had gone by amazingly fast and now Dan was in the station tack room polishing his saddle and reflecting on his first day of rookie duty. Luck was with him - he had drawn park patrol duty that allowed him to enjoy his love of riding and to wear the tight sexy gear associated with it. With what seemed an even greater stroke of luck Dan was assigned to Sergeant Mark Anderson's patrol with... read more

The Cab Fare

by spankscotty

Jan 11, 2003

So it's a quiet night. Sometimes summer can be like that - everyone's out of town on holiday, sunning themselves in Ibiza and Mykonos. The rest of us are still trying to get along, same old same old. It's darker in this corner of Soho, unlike the bright lighting behind me on the main road; the heart of "Theatreland" where ten glossy shows are tempting the passers-by with neon reviews a meter... read more

Wild Jack's

by MarkJames

Jan 01, 2003

“That’s it boy. Suck that dick like your life depended on it,” Cameron said, holding Cody by his silky blonde hair. The boy was on his knees, with his shorts down around his ankles. Cameron got off on seeing his smooth naked ass while his pretty lips were wrapped around his dick. Cameron held him still and fucked his face slowly. “You don’t know what it’s like boy. Living up here in... read more


I was standin' at my usual spot, just off an alley near the hotel. Sometimes the johns like to pull a quickie in the alleyway. It's dark and no one goes in there, and I guess they like the thrill of sucking a kid like me off where they might get caught. Actually, it's kind of kicky for me too. I was leanin' against the brick wall of the old abandoned warehouse. It's my corner. A corner is a... read more

"Hey, kid." The boy, feigning disinterest, rolled an eye at me. He continued to lean nonchalantly against the alley wall, hip thrust out, one leg cocked and the too-tight jeans hugging his basket. "What, mister?" He lit a cigarette and tossed his head, causing the long blond hair to slip away from his eyes. It was a studied gesture, like the way he thrust his left hand into his... read more

I stepped into the last booth. I closed the door and let my eyes adjust for a second or two. Then I pulled out the two rolls of quarters from my pocket and put them on top of the coin box. I opened one roll and put a few quarters into the machine. The screen lit up and I turned a dial to look through the channels. I chose one with these two guys messing around in a locker room. I undid my... read more

The fantasy commenced under his direction. It was his desire, his dark, delicious fancy, and I did whatever he said. First, he dressed himself again. Then, he pretended to faint at my feet. I carried him to the grease stained motor-table and lay him down. Slowly and deliberately, I stripped him: opening his shirtfront and laying back the folds of cloth to kiss his neck, his nipples, hard now,... read more

I had my hand on the old gentleman's office door when someone touched my shoulder. I spun, fast, hand on my Beretta, and my eyes met the face of the most beautiful young male I'd ever seen. The face was oval-shaped, framed by a mop of thick, black hair, which tumbled over his forehead and across his thick-browed eyes. Shaded by an almost girlish set of lashes, his pupils were deep, black... read more

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