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Brett, the Divorced Dad, Part 5

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“So tomorrow we have a stopover in Miami for about three hours. And we’ll be landing in Antigua at around 2PM tomorrow, local time.” “OK, great.” I wasn’t the best when it came to falling asleep on planes. Years of trips between Moscow and the US had taught me that. Hopefully tonight would be better. It was about 9PM and Brett and I were at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, sitting down with a drink, waiting for our first flight to Miami. Our luggage was checked in and I was starting to get really excited. For one, weather had turned in Redmond in the last two weeks. The warmth of the hiking trip had seemed far away when September turned into October and the sun made way for rainfall. So I was excited until Brett told me Antigua had also seen some rain this past week. But with an average of 79 degrees (26 Celsius), I was pretty confident it wouldn’t be all bad. But most of all, I was excited to go on this trip with Brett. Walking around the airport with our luggage, I felt like we were a couple. Much like the last time we had seen each other, Brett quite often put his arm around me or casually rubbed the back of my neck when I was picking out some magazines to take on the flight. I tried to keep in mind what David had told me, but it was difficult when a gorgeous man was touching me. And today he wore the white long-sleeve T-shirt that showed off his broad frame.

We boarded and I noticed we were in first class. Only two seats on each side of the aisle, but with a large armrest in between. My first thought was that the seats were a bit too far apart for him to fall asleep on top of me. I was walking ahead of Brett, but I let him have the window seat. “I was hoping the first class would have the separate pods, you know?”, he said. “But apparently those are only on international flights. While we’re going to need the sleep during this one.” “I’ll make do”, I said as I smiled at him.

Brett fell asleep almost instantly after we had departed Seattle airport at 10.45. His head fell onto his chest and I looked at him for a little bit. I put his blanket over him and then did the same for myself. I kept my eyes fixated on Brett, but I must have fallen asleep eventually, because at one point I woke up and we were almost landing.

Unfortunately we only had three hours in Miami and we were tired from the short night due to time difference, so we stayed in the airport and waited for our next flight. Brett fell asleep over his coffee in the airport coffeeshop, and I let him sleep until we had to get to the gate.

The flight from Miami to Antigua was only a little over three hours and we soon became excited instead of tired. We could clearly see the island from the airplane window when we descended. Already the ocean looked so invitingly blue. After a smooth landing, and a slightly longer wait than usual for our luggage, we were ready to head to our hotel. Just outside of the terminal I saw a man holding a sign that said ‘Brett & Sergey’. “Oh… my…”, I said and didn’t finish. “This is already the fanciest holiday I’ve ever been on”. “I just arranged a ride to the hotel, don’t be weird”, Brett laughed. He seemed used to a different style of travelling than I was. “Hello, my name is Dayan”, the bald, dark-skinned man said when we walked up to him. “I will be driving you to Hermitage Bay.” I liked the sound of that.

Dayan took our luggage cart and guided us to a 4x4 outside the airport. He explained what we saw along the way, although I had trouble understanding him between the sounds of the engine, the car radio which was playing an up-tempo local hit, and his accent. I just looked out the window. We drove on the left side of the road, which somehow always unnerved me. There were some large white clouds in the blue sky, but it was sunny and a nice temperature. I didn’t really know much about Antigua, and I hadn’t had much time to do research. Part of me had been scared that we would drive through a dirt-poor island to get to a luxury hotel at the beach. But from what I could tell, Antigua was doing just fine. The roads were fine, there were lots of cars around, and the houses looked in fine shape. We passed a KFC. Lots of trees by the road. Brett suddenly put his hand on my knee. I looked at him. He winked at me. I smiled.

When we arrived at Hermitage Bay, I realized it wasn’t so much a hotel as it was a resort. On the hill were all these cabins, as well as down by the beach. We were dropped off at a gazebo where a cheerful woman named Tiffany checked us in. “You have booked a hillside suite for six nights. Your room number is 25. You will be brought up the hill by cart. Right here behind me is where you will find the lobby, boutique, restaurant, lounge bar and main pool. Further back you will of course find the beach. The lounge chairs are yours to use at any time. Sign-up for water sports is right here. Here is a map of the resort for you to find the spa and the fitness centre. Is there anything else I can do for you?” I was in awe listening to this, I felt like I was being spoiled by my boyfriend. Even though this trip was never meant for me, it made me feel special. “Yeah”, Brett started. “Could we make a reservation for the restaurant tonight? We’re a little tired.” “Of course!”, Tiffany replied. Her toothy white smile was gorgeous. “What time?” “7PM please.” “Absolutely. Mr Dmitrievich, Mr Johnson, enjoy your stay. The cart is ready for you.”

A small golf cart drove us up the hill, from a regular road, onto a narrow path. And soon enough we arrived at our cabin. “Go ahead”, Brett told me as he was getting our luggage handed over from the guy who drove our cart. The door was in a high wooden fence that was connected to the cabin. I opened the door to what I thought would be some steps to an actual door that would lead me inside. But immediately I looked at the backs of two reclining chairs, a small, private, infinity plunge pool and a beautiful view of the sea, a mountain connected to the island and the tops of trees. “Oh wow…” I looked back at Brett and he smiled. “You like it?” “This is too much”, I said. “This is honeymoon material.” The entire cabin was so secluded and private, it really felt like we were the only people here. On the right there was a patio with an outside lounge area. A small sofa, two more recliners and two wooden chairs and a table. Only then there was the entrance to the inside of the cabin. There was a big bed with towels on it folded like two swans kissing each other. There was a flatscreen TV and a minibar. The bathroom had two sinks and a free-standing bathtub that had a hand-held showerhead. But then I saw another door in the bathroom, which led to an outside shower, completely private, with one of those round rain showerheads.

I walked back to Brett, who had just rolled our luggage into the bedroom, and repeated “This is too much. I can’t accept this.” “Look, I might be really annoying this week. I might go on and on about Nellie and Debra, I might cry… It seems like a fair deal to me.” “But…” “Come on now, we better try out that pool”, he said as he ran back out. “Bring two beers from the minibar!”, he shouted. Not long after I heard a splash.

I got two towels from the bathroom and found two Coronas in the minibar. I walked out onto the patio and Brett was staring at the view with his arms leaning on the edge of the pool. His wet grey hair stuck to his head. “This is pretty amazing, huh?”, he asked. “This is…”, I stopped to look for words. “I honestly don’t know what to say.” “Just enjoy it. We deserve this!” He swam toward me as I handed him his beer. I saw that he was naked in the pool. I looked around and saw that no-one could see us, even though I knew from the lay-out of the place the next cabin wasn’t that far away. They did a great job of making each cabin feel secluded. “Come in, the water is great!” I put my beer down on the table in between the reclining chairs and took off my clothes. I grabbed my beer and walked down the steps into the pool. He was right, this was amazing. The view of the sea and the island was gorgeous. “Cheers to a great holiday!”, Brett started. “Thanks for coming along and being such a good friend.” “Thanks for bringing me here. You’re the best.” We clinked our bottles together. We looked at each other and I considered it the most romantic moment. I felt a spark. I wanted to lean in and kiss him. “This asks for a selfie!”, he suddenly exclaimed. He walked up the stairs of the pool and his smooth ass was wet, shiny and gorgeous. He bent over to fetch his phone out his pants. I could see his hole as he did and got a hard-on. It was hard to imagine him not doing that on purpose. By now I knew Brett and I would have sex during this trip. David’s advice popped in and out of my mind, but it was hard not to let Brett take advantage of my feelings for him in this setting. Brett walked back into the pool, with his phone in one hand, his beer bottle in the other. He didn’t even notice my erection, or if he did, he didn’t mention it. “OK, mountain and beach as the backdrop… Get your beer in the frame…” He snapped the picture and I couldn’t help but think how much we looked like a couple on holiday. “That’s going on Facebook!”, he announced.

Not much later we were on the recliners next to our pool. We had applied sunscreen and soon I noticed Brett was drifting off again. He did say he was tired from the flights. His nude body now was lying inches away from mine, his snoring now deafening against the silence around the resort. It gave me time to think about to how to handle myself this week. I could try to resist what I knew was about to happen, but at the same time I knew my resistance would be futile in the end. As much as I wanted to make Brett fall in love with me, David was probably right. But I did not feel like listening to David right now, who seemed so far away. I decided to just go with the flow. Right at that moment, I saw movement out of the corner of my left eye. Brett’s dick was slowly growing and standing upright. And so was mine in response. I did not initiate anything and let him sleep.

That evening at dinner, I decided we should have champagne. “On me”, I said. “As a thank you”. “Oh wow, thank you!” During dinner, which was an amazing combination of local seafood and vegetables, we talked about so much. Brett said this trip was really meant for his and Nellie’s 13th wedding anniversary, which would have been tomorrow. I talked about how I feared coming out to my parents, and about how I looked into night school options to finish my degree and become a veterinarian after all. I asked him about why he slept so much today, and he talked about how he had had trouble sleeping ever since his separation, but whenever we were together he felt so comfortable and relaxed that he would fall asleep more easily. “Don’t take it as an insult”, he said, but I didn’t. I thought it was quite a great compliment. Steel drums accompanied the natural rhythm of the waves rolling into the beach, which we looked out on from the restaurant. As the champagne flowed I noticed Brett started getting rosy cheeks. He had brought linen pants to wear in the evening time and decided to wear them tonight, but before dinner he noticed they were so thin that his underwear was visible underneath, even his white briefs. After he said it looked ridiculous, I told him he would have to go commando. Which he had. Knowing I had a tipsy Brett across from me, only wearing one thin layer of pants with his baby blue polo, turned me on. Especially as the restaurant was packed. Every table seemed to have a couple, a man and a woman. Except one, a bit further down, where two massively built men sat down. One bald, one with hair shaven close, one black, one white. Conversation flowed so easily and my feelings for Brett only grew stronger. I was falling in love with him, but he was also my best friend. My friendship with Marie from work had always remained more superficial. I hoped that Brett and I would remain friends, whatever might happen on this trip.

After dinner we walked back up the hill for the first time. It was a short but steep climb. Because we were both drunk, Brett held onto me. I saw his cock flop around in his pants as he stumbled. When we got to our cabin, I needed to pee. When I returned, I found Brett naked on the bed on all fours, facing me. “Please fuck me, Sergey.” “But…” “Please. I love your cock inside me”, he said as he sat up on his knees and his erect cock pointed to the ceiling. He caressed his chest and stomach. I flashed back to two weeks ago where Brett told me we would go on this trip as friends. That didn’t last long.

That night, I fucked Brett in all the positions we could think of and I remember all of it. Brett was a loud fuck, moaning desperately throughout, sometimes begging me to go harder or deeper, sometimes telling me how perfect my cock felt up his ass. I came twice, he came three times, twice hands-free. He was insatiable throughout the night. We left the doors to the patio open and we saw the stars as we fucked. It was hot and romantic. We washed off the cum and lube in the outside shower, where we had a hot make-out session and went back to bed. Eventually Brett fell asleep with his head on my chest, holding me tight. I held him tight in return. I looked outside to the stars and knew I wanted to lay in bed with him like this for the rest of our lives.

To be continued…

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