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Adventures in

by flyingfox121

Nov 28, 2010

I recently visited Cape Verde for a holiday with my family, just a week to chill out, recharge the batteries, and catch some sun. Now Cape Verde, (cabo verde) to the locals is the perfect place to do all 3, but there is nothing else there, so If like myself you cannot lay in the sun for more than about an hour before boredom sets in, then you tend to look for something else to pass the... read more


My Hot Trucker

by dcbigguy

Feb 09, 2009

This is a true tell about my Florida trip in 2000. My elderly parents live outside of Tampa in a retirement community. I visit them a couple of times per year. Well, its April, 2000. I plan to visit my parents for a four day weekend, but I remember a friend telling me about this gay resort hotel in Orlando that was hot. Well, I remembered the name -- the Parliament House -- and decided to tell... read more

Interested... Part 1

by josh105

Feb 02, 2009

We met over the Internet. We were to meet at my hotel room. He had his instructions: wear a T-shirt, jeans, boxers, tennis shoes, and socks; bring a pair of shorts and flip-flops. I sat on the bed of my hotel room a little nervous. I had never done this before. Right on time there was a knock on my hotel-room door. I looked through the peep-hole. Not bad. He was tall and slender, a slight... read more


The following is a true story. Only the names have been changed. It includes explicit scenes of male nudity, masturbation, and oral sex. I really appreciate feedback, so please send all messages to Unknowncharact AT aim DOT com. -= James and Mike - Part 2: Away Trip =- Over the next year, James and I continued to jerk off together. We’d find moments where we could lock the door, get... read more

False or True?

by guschti

Feb 09, 2008

Well a little game for you - wanna find out what's true in this story and which parts are just fiction or where I add some fantasies? Guess and write to me you guessing - you will get the answers and some explanations ;-) Ready, Steady GOOOO!!! ...and then was this day in San Francisco - I met a guy in a club. We met because i forgot to pull away the prize from my new A+F-shirt and so we... read more

As I was leaving the station, I saw my room mate across the platform with a gorgeous lady and two kids who I can only assume were his wife and family. I smiled and thought how lucky she was! It was late at night and the gate had opened for boarding the overnight sleeper from London Euston to Edinburgh. It had been a long day at the office and I was needing to get to Edinburgh for an early... read more


Tube Ride

by modelview

Aug 17, 2007

Work of fiction, but of course inspired by a recent journey (the guy, and his outfit, being real)! ;) Let me know what you think (or what train you catch!!) I’d had a hectic morning but was heading back towards the office at around 2:30 in the afternoon, so not too much of a crowd at the tube station. I could see the tube train as I came down the stairs so I made a... read more

Fabian our hot little Filipino cabin steward was one fantastic fuck - he controlled the whole fuck with the acquired expert control of his incredible arse muscles. After he had literally fucked my brains out his arse drained my balls dry and left them aching and straight after he had did likewise with Stan and no doubt he could have then followed that up by fucking the arse off both of us but he... read more

It is the Easter weekend and the rain has set in and I can't go to the beach so I sit here hoping to get off soon on the erotic stories from MenOnTheNet and look at some of the hot young naked hunks and nice hard cocks. It's boring but my thoughts wander back to Easter twenty years ago - I was in my late thirties when at the last minute I decided to take a ten day cruise of the Pacific out of... read more

Bad Season

by Tyl

Apr 01, 2007

Story “BAD SEASON” Author: Tyler Jannson (would like to hear your comments.) Code: MM+/Anal/ Oral/NC/Blackmail This story is entirely fiction—no superstar was compromised writing it. The story has a copy write and can not be used without written consent. Synopsis: Zack McGraw had been a hot prospect—golden boy for San Diego/Blazers. An injury... read more

There's nothing like having breakfast in bed. And there's nothing better than serving breakfast in bed than when the recipient is a hot man. Through some wise investments, an inheritance, and sheer determination, my dream of owning a bed and breakfast finally came to reality. Built by my great grandparents in the late 1800's and with several additions and renovations later, this rambling... read more

Like Father Like Son

by Habu

Feb 07, 2007

As I walked into the city on the main street, Damrak, leading directly from Amsterdam's central train station, I nervously fingered the folded e-mail I'd been carrying tucked in my wallet for the past month and a half. Damrak changed into Rokin, and at the end of canal off the Amstel River, I made a right onto Heiligeweg. I had thought of this possibility on and off for the whole cruise down... read more


While living on the island of Cyprus, I developed quite a taste for young Turkish men. If you could get a good-looking, well-constructed Turkish guy before he got too far into his forties, you could almost guarantee you'd have something forceful, vigorous, straightforward, and good natured to play with. You also, quite often, would have a guy with a pretty heavy pelt on him. Now, I didn't... read more

Ride Em Cowboy

by Habu

Oct 24, 2006

Since the 1930s my extended family has had a remote ranch in a hidden Colorado Rockies valley abutting Medicine Bow National Park south from Laramie, Wyoming. The mountain fasts there—almost alpine in environment—are majestic, but they can be raw and cruel as well. Our family raised cattle there and took timber off the mountainsides in a planned "thinning" harvest pattern that supported a... read more

I had to go to the city one day for work and stayed in a hotel that night instead of driving back out to the country. I was super horned up and had been jerking off and watching porn in my room all evening. I would occasionally put on some shorts and a t-shirt, open the window blinds, and pretend I was just checking the weather or waiting for a friend to arrive- but in reality I was cruising for... read more

I was shaking. No guy had this kind of effect since my first time when I was a teenager. All of a sudden I had a big flashback of when I was a teenager, a bit of a geek and the handsome captain of the wrestling team Ian laying on top of me kissing me wanting me. What was happing now? How come this guy I had just met is having such an effect on me? Things were getting a bit stressful at work. I... read more


by Sebastian_Wallace

Aug 05, 2006

MALTEASER by Sebastian Wallace === E-mail: Website: === If ever you've been to Malta, as I did with my wife Melissa and our young daughter Beth this year, you might have noticed something about the men native to the island. Maybe it's just me, but when I walk down a street in the UK, I expect to exchange a few knowing... read more

Spring Break

by JDrake

Jul 13, 2006

It was the beginning of March and I decided I was going to travel to Daytona for Spring Break. I went online and booked the room and took care of my flight. I then went about my normal routine counting down the days. The days flew by and before I knew it, I was packing my bags and heading to the airport. The flight was pretty uneventful. There were a lot of gorgeous guys on board but they all... read more

I have been going through physical therapy for awhile now, after an accident. My therapist told me that he was going to be out for a couple weeks to take care of a personal situation. So of course I said "kewl" and planned a ‘lil trip of my own. I immediately hit the internet to find a hotel. Booked and called my car company to send out a driver. Turns out it was the 2nd week of spring break... read more

Late Bloomer

by newwriter

Mar 31, 2006

I discovered I liked sucking cock very late in my life. I had been straight – actually married and divorced – until a week’s holiday last year. I decided that the holiday would be just me lying on a beach, getting a tan, swimming and reading some books. No drinking, no late nights and no interaction with other people. I had heard from one of the secretaries at work that there were two nude or... read more


Finally Lars, Niklas and Oliver had arrived at the hotel. The journey had passed well and the weather at the island was fine; sunshine, humid, tropical climate. The three boys had just finished school and now they rewarded themselves with a journey to the tropics, which was of course partly paid by their parents. The three of them wanted to experience something together once more before their... read more

Dominic, Army

by Poked

Oct 31, 2005

I'd been at my new base about a week when Dominic arrived. He came in the afternoon while I lay in my bed in my skivies reading. He was a couple of years younger then I, and carried a big smile along with his duffel bag. I got up and looked around my locker to see who was coming in as he closed the door. "Hey man, how you doing?" "Ok, how about you? "I just got here. They told me to bunk... read more

In February 2002 I drove down to New Orleans with my best friend Buffy for the biggest party in the world. Every way into the city was blocked by festive parades and drunken partygoers. But after a little while we made our way to the edge of the French Quarter and found our hotel. We were amazed at the nineteenth-century architecture, the capitals over the lintels, the antique furniture, the... read more

I sat on the toilet in shock as I stared at my father's huge cock; the same cock that had fucked me the night before from the other side of a fence. "Sorry, boy! Didn’t know you were still in here!" my father said. "I w-w-as just leaving, sir", I stammered as I walked out. My mother was going to the spas all day and my father asked if I wanted to go by ferry to Washington Island to hike.... read more

That night as I padded out the door in my Speedo, I kissed my mom goodnight, "Where’s dad?" "He took the car to get air in the tires and check the oil." "Oh well I’m headed for the pool!" As I crossed the fairly dark parking lot I saw our car sitting there and wondered why I didn't run into my dad coming outside. Looking up at the full moon quickly brought me back to my mission. I found... read more

Uncle Jack, Part 4

by Poked

Sep 06, 2005

Dad took me to the airport and stood with me while I checked in at the curb. After check-in I told him I would be just fine. He gave me a hug and told me to have a good time, then drove off. I went into the airport with a small carry on bag over my shoulder. At the gate a good-looking guy behind the counter, helped me choose a seat. I told him this was my very first flight and could I have a... read more

Day 3 in Door County with my parents. They were meeting up with old friends so I rented a bicycle across from our hotel and decided to spend the afternoon in Peninsula State Park. As I rode kept thinking about man sex. My dad mentioned that he knew I spent a lot of time next door and he thought that my neighbor's daughter (he's divorced) was a little too young for me. I couldn't tell dad that... read more

Day 2 in Door County with my parents started to drag on when around noon I decided to call the number that the cute waiter had given me. He was staying on a boat in Fish Creek and had just ordered a pizza. I went over there and he was wearing sandals and shorts and looked hot. I stripped down to my blue Speedos. I sat on a padded chair towards the back and away from the dock. He handed me a... read more

I had just turned 18 and was about to finally get fucked by our next door neighbor when my parents told me that we would be leaving for Wisconsin the next day. I tried to talk them out of taking me but they insisted. Sulking all the way up there I decided that I was going to go after every guy I could find. Being a brown-eyed, dirty blond haired guy and with a swimmer's build and an 8-inch cock... read more

Cruiseship Fun

by JDrake

Aug 18, 2005

It was March, 2005, and Dylan decided it was time to go out and get away. Dylan had recently lost his best friend to an auto accident and was very lonely and depressed by this. He had not gone out on a date since the funeral. All his friends have been trying to get him to go out and do something. He just was not up to doing anything. He somehow felt guilty for the death of Bobbi, his best friend... read more

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