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Father/Son Sleep Over

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I was excited when my dad told me he was going stay at my apartment for a night, because his house was being remodeled. Finally I would have some company, I thought.

It was late when my dad came over. He was tired when he came in so he said he would just take a shower and get in bed.

"Ummm...I was just about to do the same thing so why don't we just take a shower together?" I asked.

"Alright" my dad said as we headed for the bathroom. We striped naked and got in the shower. My dad's dick was starting to get hard and so was mine. My dad and I were always open about masturbation and we often did it together, ever since I was 18.

When I began to stroke my hard erection, I began looking at my father in a way I never have before. I found myself wanting to have wild sex with him. We both shot our loads and finished our shower. After we got out and dried off, I started to put my clothes on when my dad grabbed my arm.

"Don't put them on just yet." he said

"What?" I replied? "Why not?"

"I need to tell you something. I have been fantasizing about your body for a long time, and I was hoping tonight I would get a chance to make love to you."

I was shocked what my dad was saying and he started feeling my smooth, hard chest with his hands. He pinched my nipples and I just stood there as he explored my body.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked.

"Yes" I replied, and he moved in and stuck his tongue in my mouth. It was a soft kiss at first and then he started to do it harder and faster, feeling my chest at the same time.

I hugged him, moving my hands all over his back and down to his butt. I stuck my fingers in his crack and pulled his hips close to mine, so our cocks could touch.

We finished kissing and he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He got on my bed and told me to stand over him. I did what he told me, and then my dad asked me to piss in his mouth and on his chest.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on pissing and when I did, I covered his chest in it and he drank the bit I got in his mouth. When I was finished, I laid down and he stood over me and began pissing on my face and chest. I had never tasted urine before, but at that moment it tasted great! I rubbed the piss all over my body. My dad laid his naked body on top of mine and kissed me. He reached his hand down to my cock and began to jack it.

"I'm going to cum Dad!" I said. He stopped and got on all fours and told me to shoot my load in his ass. I fist licked my fingers and rubbed them on his hole. Then I put them inside him. I put three fingers all the way inside his ass hole and when I pulled them out they were covered with his crap. I put my fingers back in my mouth and licked the shit off of them. Then I put my face down to his hole. I smelled the odors that was left inside of it. I stuck my tongue inside his hole and I loved tasting his shit! I wanted to taste everything that came with his body.

When his hole was nice and wet, I slid my hard dick inside. My dad screamed out with pleasure and so did I! I started out with very small, but fast pumps with my cock to make it last longer. But when I felt the sperm building up inside of me, I took big hard pumps into my dad's asshole. I shot the biggest load I had ever shot in my life into my dad.

"Oh...oh dad that was great!" I said "Oh dad I love you."

My dad laid on his back and I went down on his cock with my mouth. I could tell my dad was very horny because it didn't take long for him to cum.

The taste of the sperm that made me got me horny again. I jacked off on my father's naked chest and laid on top of him and kissed him. We fell asleep in each other's arms that night and in the morning my dad moved into my apartment for good.

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