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I find my self waking up not in the hospital but in the car as Michael drives... read more

Ok guy sorry for the long wait but let's just get back to the story As I went to go get pain killers for Michael I saw my sister Dawn sitting on the couch in the living room eating cereal... read more

I decided to refocus on my relationship with my girlfriend for a while - kind of reassert my masculinity and dominance over her, knowing I had allowed myself to be seriously used my some grown men. I like the sex with women on some levels, but then again the idea that she doesn't really appreciate my hot body or all the sensitive parts started to play on me again. She would never rim me, and... read more

I was still in shock after being raped - though I guess any court of law would toss rape charges out knowing the full extent of putting myself on display, but I was also ok with it. I loved being in my straight world and having my secret of just having been fucked by a man.I went back to the gym on a very quiet night late in the evening. I just needed to do some cardio late one evening... read more

My roomate has been doing me for over six months now. It started about a month after I moved in. We had some drinks and things got frisky. This is when he told me he's bisexual. I'm openly gay and on the feminine side and luv to cross-dress from time to time, so knowing that he's bi made it easier for me. Since then he's been fucking me and I've been blowing him whenever he wants it. A few weeks... read more

My dad was standing in the doorway to my room with a monster in his hand. As soon as he noticed i saw him he started to put his cock away and i barley had enough energy to speak my voice was ragged and horse when i told him not to do that. Eric looked over and and said ,... read more

Hey guys sorry I took so long getting back to this story i have been really busy with classes and school work homework and work im paying for my school and as many of you may know it is very expensive for a full time schedule. But i am back to finish up the story and the rest of the story will be better and way more detailed :). Enjoy:)...............................……………………Eric... read more

The Netotiator

by Habu

Jul 13, 2013

I wondered what he could tell about me that no one at home or the office—at least I hoped and always had thought—knew. He had introduced himself as Hal when he’d appeared beside me in Business Class and I’d stood from my aisle seat so that he could get over to the window. He’d had a friendly smile, and if I hadn’t been busy during the first two hours over the Atlantic from New York going over the... read more

It was Saturday morning and I had the house to myself, so I decided it was a perfect time to find some hot online videos and jack off. I sat in my easy chair in front of the computer totally stripped -- no one was at home, remember -- and found something that got me going. Then I started working my foreskin back and forth slowly, not wanting to cum too quickly.I had forgotten that I had... read more

PE Teacher’s Physical Part 6They woke at almost the same time, it was almost 6 AM, turned to each other and kissed, “Do we have time for a fuck” asked Steve, Keith looked at him and replied “Yes I think so, but who gets fucked?, its your bed so its your choice”. “Mmmm what a choice…. will you fuck me please Keith, and this time I want to be on my back so I can watch you cum inside me”,... read more

You have all read my previous stories about my gay encounters when I was married to my first wife and after the divorce. If you haven't, read them first. So I have been married to my current wife about 6 years. Before I met her, I was in a gay relationship for a few years. I started missing pussy so I met my current wife. Sex was good for the first year but then fizzled out like it... read more

Chapter 90NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by As we headed down the road, at the intersection I turned left toward town instead of right toward the... read more


by David Johns

May 07, 2013

I thought Doug had left for the day and I was alone in our office building. So before I went home I thought I'd watch some porn on my personal lap top and jack off.I found some online porn showing guys enjoying foreskin like I enjoy mine, dropped my pants, and started working my foreskin back and forth, getting harder by the minute, the head getting wetter and wetter with precum.I didn't... read more

my wife was out of town ,,,and i am retired and i wanted to stay home , went of by her self ,,,,,so i was sitting out back on the paito haveing my morning coffee , in my black silk night gown and my sexy high-heel house shoes , witch i slide into every morning , and a silk robe , well sitting out just enjoying the pretty sun shine and listening to the morning birds when my friend bob called ad... read more

chapter 2 ,,,,,,,and as i walked back to get his coffee and bring it back i didn,t just walk back i kind of strutted like a woman would ,,,,and made sure he could hear my heels clicking on the tile floor and smacking the bottom of my feet as i walked (oh i have no body hair) and i sat down and crossed my legs like a woman and let my robe fall open and let the sexy house shoe dangel off of my... read more

we had dinner that night and just talked about stuff , i had a good time and good food and drink, and went home about 9pm. about a week later bob called me and said ann would be out of town for three days and wanted us to play over at his house , ok , we can do that, so the time came and he called me and said she was gone for three days , left this morning , could i come over now , ok i said ,... read more

“Lou is chasing another story down, Gavin, and this one doesn’t look like more than a short paragraph in the local news section. So if you’ve got an hour or two, could you check this out? And if you don’t have an hour or two, I’d like to know what you’re doing; what you’re working on now was due on my desk an hour ago.”The city editor handed Gavin a telephone message form.“OK, boss. I’ll... read more

I was going into the gym a couple of days later - still blown away by the fact that I was caught on all fours jacking off in the steam room and not only got caught by a brawny guy, he grabbed my cock and rimmed me until I came...I have always been in control and unattainable by women and all men - until now.As I walked in the locker room, Troy was there grinning at me as he pulled his... read more

Nuclear Meltdown

by Habu

Feb 03, 2013

It was all happening so fast. I didn’t even have time to feel panic. I just felt a dullness and a foreboding—and a creeping sense of being trapped in a web of some sort. No, more like a cocoon, the sticky thread winding around and around me. Smothering me.“Just a few minutes, Dr. Winthrop, and you can go back to your room. I know this has been a shock to you. We have just a few more questions... read more

My roommate

by David Johns

Jan 17, 2013

I knew my roommate was going to be gone all afternoon, so I figured it would be a great time for me to jack off with Internet porn. I went to one of the free sites I visit, dropped my pants and shorts, made myself comfortable in my computer chair, and started looking for videos that would turn me on (my favorites are ones with uncut guys). Then I reached down and started slowly working my... read more


Author's Note: To all my fans who have been prodding me to publish the next chapter. Sorry it took so long, but here it is. Hope you enjoy it.Jason and Kevin were spending the day at Jason’s house; Jason’s mom was gone for the day and there was more to do there. As usual, when they were together, they were both naked. They never had sex with just the two of them, it was always with... read more

early in the morning a horny man stop by looking for directions how ever i was on the back porch and suckin a contractor off who woked for the AT&T company he had seen me many times masterbating on the back porch or in the woods how ever this day was different this horny man came around back and caught me suckin off the contractor,he undid his pants pull his uncut cock out said before you give... read more

Keith had plenty of time to think over the next week, he was excited about what had happened, but he had never thought about sex with another man before Mike. But he had really enjoyed both meetings and the sex he had with Mike, but at the same time he was worried about the future. What is someone found out about them, it would destroy his marriage; career etc let alone what his 2 sons would... read more

Eric and I had been going out for about 3 years one day when he was bringing me home from class one day. I said hey my dad isnt home u wanna come inside? he says yeah! and we get out and go inside and as soon as the door is closed Eric is all over me like white on rice. i had to break the kiss and tell him to wait for us to get to my room! Wen we get to my room he lays me on mi bed and... read more

Cafe is well build, not so airy but well furnished. There are 20 cabins in this cafe and every cabin have a one computer and two chairs to sit. The owner of the cafe was mature man. He smokes every time i saw him. He is mature, very hairy chest and hands and skin is black colour. I saw his hairy chest when i standing on the counter for token. He used to rub his chest and always undo... read more

This is a true story. The only fictional part of this is my name, my father's name and brother's name. Besides having our last name in common, we all have a cock looks the same and shoots same. Growing up I did not know my biological father. My mother had gotten divorced while I was still in the womb. My mother left my father while he was in Marines and she figured she could get... read more

My name is Alex, if you have read my blog Tales From The Drive-Thru about my escapades at the Beer Pit Drive Thru, then you already know something about me. For those of you reading for the first I am Alex Webber. I worked for a few years at The Beer Pit Drive-Thru and for quite some time I had plenty of sex there. I lasted about three years then one night one of the owners caught me. His... read more

Sometimes you just never know the name of the guy you just fooled around with. This was the case with... read more

florida foorball game

by zippy

Oct 02, 2012

It was a warm purfuck day i went to see a few freinds to hang out watch the game as norm on weekend or we were out throwing balls and playing tight end and quarterback sneak etd afterwards we would enter the shower one huge open shower bay before heading out only this day we were hangin pop corn prezels sandwiches etc,soon i was paged to anther part of the house,as i heard my page... read more

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