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A bit of introduction about myself; I am a mid-30 professional, well above average looks, reasonably well endowed, straight acting, very discreet, smart, witty, great sense of humor, and intellectually stimulating. I’m straight acting, with circle of women and men friends. To all of them, I am straight as an arrow. I grew up under the watchful supervision of my parents and subsequently spent a... read more

I remember how tall men have always impressed me. Even as a child, my cousin Ben who was at least 6’ 5” would seem to always stand out in family pictures and be the center of everyone’s interest. Anyways, here I was getting off this flight and following everybody off the plane when I spotted this incredible specimen of a man. He must have been at least as tall as my cousin Ben is, and built... read more

Note: This is a series of explicit gay sex tales that are based on a real experience - enhances a bit for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy. Would enjoy your comments. Thanks, Mike Chapter One: DAY ONE - THE ADVENTURE BEGINS After a busy weeklong conference I had arranged to take three days off for myself in Paris. I had arrived the night before and had checked into a 4 star hotel in the... read more

Journey Ended In Sex

by krish_23

Feb 27, 2005

Hi this is Tom (Changed) from India. Let me tell about myself. I’m 22 and have completed my Graduation in Commerce, and am searching for a job. I’m 179 Cms of height, 32 inch waist, 75 kgs weight. To tell about my dick/cock it is 14" of 6" thick. Now let us go back to the story. I was returning from some Interview in a local bus; we didn’t have many passengers on the bus, so you could say... read more


We got to know each other through an online dating website. His handsome features caught my attention and I emailed him immediately. Patt was funny and very interesting. He worked for a gym in Bangkok as customer service assistant. During his free time he would work out at the gym. Half a year back, I had the chance to go to Thailand. He agreed to let me stay with him for my 7-day trip and... read more

O'Hare, Part 3

by blueboymjc

Oct 19, 2004

O’Hare Part 3 David’s jaw dropped open as if to say “are you serious? I looked at him and laughed. Justin who had not left the room yet walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot tub. I could hear it rumble as he walked out of the door. As he went to leave the room he turned to us and spoke, “The tub is on and warming up if you feel you would like to use it. If you would like there are... read more

Remember This

by Frank_Damon

Aug 15, 2004

It was 30 degrees outside on a sunny day. We were a bunch of guys at the cottage playing around. Our girlfriends were not there for the week-end. Let's describe the group. I am 24, 5'9, with blue eyes and brown hair. Nick is 20, brown hair and blue eyes and 5’10”. And the last, but not the least, Fred, the older guy, 26, black eyes, black hair, brown eyes. Fred is full of black hair on... read more

I arrived on Saturday afternoon and walked to the beach, hoping to catch the eye of some hot guy, but no luck. So I went back to my room, had something to eat, took a shower, and decided to try my luck again later as the sun began to set and guys took to the beach for cruising. I walked back out to the beach and took a walk down to the rocks at the end of the beach which were known for... read more

One summer I felt that I would treat myself to a vacation. I was in a pretty wild and promiscuous state of mind at that point so I decided that I would vacation to the downtown gay village area of a major city. When I arrived the place was just pumping with hot men everywhere. The temperature was at an all time high in the city and clothing was becoming more and more optional as the sweat level... read more

Hitchiker Part, 4

by blueboymjc

Jul 24, 2004

Greg and I were both disappointed and relieved. With his aunt and uncle in the cottage for the weekend and not us we would be able to go to the camp I worked at and finish our day of sex and pleasure. I was disappointed because I wanted to be taken on that perfect 1950’s chrome rimed, melamine table but relieved because now I would be able to finish the day perfectly in my own bed at the camp and... read more

O'Hare, Part 1

by blueboymjc

Jul 19, 2004

It’s July the 9th, the day before my birthday, 4:15 in the afternoon. Here I sit at O’Hare airport waiting for a plane to Toronto, Canada. There was a nasty thunder storm here this morning and it backed up about 400 flights in and out of the air space. So far I have waited about 45 minutes and have been told it will be at least another hour and a half before I even get on a plane. I really... read more

It was the last day of my annual leave and I was at the beach enjoying another day of perfect sunshine. As I lay face down on my towel, I could hear the waves rolling in and the voices of children playing in the sand. I wished that I could stay forever but there was work waiting for me at home and anyway I had enjoyed myself very much. Little did I know the real fun was about to begin. There... read more

Hitchhiker, Part 3

by blueboymjc

Jul 03, 2004

Greg begged me with his eyes to enter him. His ass was wet from my long tonguing. He wanted it and he begged me to fuck him. I moved in closer and pushed my raging fat hardon at the entrance to his body. I looked deep into his eyes as I bent over his body. “Are you sure you are ready for this” I asked. He squinted in the sunlight and nodded his head yes. With one flowing movement I thrust the... read more

Hitchhiker, Part 1

by blueboymjc

May 24, 2004

The following story is true and only a few names have changed to protect the guilty. It was one of those insanely hot and muggy summer nights in Northern Ontario, the kind of night where the humidex was at 120% and not ever air conditioning could cool the body down. I was returning to Bala where I worked at a children’s summer camp as head cook. After spending the day in Toronto I was happy... read more

I won a three-day stay at the luxurious Paris hotel in Las Vegas. The place was incredible! One morning I was laying out by the pool in the shadow of a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower. As I was laying there, the most beautiful specimen of a man stood in front of me. He was about 5' 9", with thinning hair, but cut neatly, a well formed masculine body and a handsome face. He wore tight... read more

I worked for the airlines as a flight attendant for 6 years. I had my fun. I just got tired of not being at home and seeing my friends. The time came for me to keep my feet on the ground, so to speak. I transferred to work the ticket counter in my hometown in Michigan. It can be a brutal place to be during the winter, and it surely has been this year (2004) On February 3rd, we knew we had... read more



by maverick

Dec 04, 2003

Kavos - Maverick's Eighth Story ===== Copyright © Maverick 2003. All rights reserved. ===== The first suggestion of what was to come was in a joke my mate, Paul, made on the first night. Even after we'd visited just two or three bars, it became clear that our week at Kavos wasn't going to turn out to be the shag-fest that we'd expected. There just didn't seem to be any women... read more


by maverick

Dec 04, 2003

Kavos - Maverick's Eighth Story ===== Copyright © Maverick 2003. All rights reserved. ===== The first suggestion of what was to come was in a joke my mate, Paul, made on the first night. Even after we'd visited just two or three bars, it became clear that our week at Kavos wasn't going to turn out to be the shag-fest that we'd expected. There just didn't seem to be any women... read more

It was the last night of my stay in Russia. After spending the month in a small northern town, we returned to Moscow a day early, to check out all of the sites, and get good nights sleep before catching the airplane early in the morning. I would be staying in a room with my classmate Richard. Now, I had come to develop a huge thing for Richard while spending the month with him. We both knew... read more

Mirror Image

by maverick

Sep 15, 2003

Maverick’s seventh story Copyright (c) maverick 2003. All rights reserved. ========= Leon looked over at me and grinned at exactly the same time as I did the same to him. He said, "You can have the brunette." I laughed. "Fuck off!" The blond girl nudged her darker-haired friend and they both peered over at us through the smoke and the pulsing lights from the dance floor. ... read more

I was staying in a small town in the north of Russia for a month over the summer. It was part of a university program, and I was living with a divorcee in her apartment. It was a nice arrangement, with a nice apartment, but the only major problem was a lack of hot water. You see, in the summer, many buildings in Russia shut off their hot water, to save on money. The logic is that you don’t... read more


by Michael Edmond

Aug 21, 2003

Postcards Michael Edmond (c) Copyright, June 1999 - 2000, Michael Edmond, All Rights Reserved Aboard Air France, June. As I nestled into my seat and sipped on my drink, I realized life is a series of compromises between what you want and what you get. I never get what I want, or at least I don't think so. But what I do receive is pretty good; at least it seemed so at 30,000 feet... read more

I've been travelling a lot this spring, and I spent a few days in LA. I was staying in a youth hostel, and had gone to bed early because I had to get an early flight out of there. When I went to bed I was alone, so I almost managed to go to sleep, but then I heard someone entering. I pretended to sleep, because I really needed sleep more than talk, so I just listened to the other person going to... read more


by mgw2

May 08, 2003

I was driving though Iowa on Interstate 80 on my way to the northern Rockies. I had had a late dinner at a trucker restaurant near one of the exits. When I droved toward the entry ramp to the highway, I noticed a long, lean man with his thumb extended. The sun was behind him, so he was mostly in silhouette. I loved driving on vacations and often stopped for hitchhikers. Mostly it led... read more

Village Life

by EY Bear

May 01, 2003

I'm just an ordinary guy who happens to be gay. I always say I'm versatile but really I'm a bottom. This was in a sense a direct choice, as I loved both sides, both fucking and being fucked, but I reasoned that I could only fuck once (or maybe twice if it was a good day) but I could get fucked as much as I wanted, or as long as there was someone to fuck me. Let me tell you about Tunisia. You... read more

I often travel to Europe on business, but this time I decided to take a weekend break and spend two days in Amsterdam. I checked the Internet and found a Gay Hotel that charged about 90 Euros a night near the center of the city. I landed at Schipol Airport and found tram number 10 to take me to the hotel. The hotel was very nicely located and the man behind the desk was very nice with a... read more

My First Time

by CuriousManNY

Mar 18, 2003

I was on vacation in South Beach, Miami with a friend of mine. I had just separated from my wife and was blowing off some steam. My friend, Mike, and I were living it up, drinking, partying, and hooking up with women. One night we were at one of the beachfront clubs. I had been drinking all night and felt a little woozy. Mike and I got separated, he hooked up with some girl, and I felt like I... read more

The Cruise

by kazoorob

Mar 09, 2003

It was really cold where I lived and when I first heard of the cruise offer at work, I decided to do whatever it took to go. Normally I would not think of going to something like this, but it turned out free, so what the hell. We boarded the plane and off we went to Tampa to meet our ship. The weather was great, 85 degrees when we arrived. I was liking this more and more every minute. The... read more


You’d think that a world-traveling photographer wouldn’t have anywhere to go for vacation. But I spend so much time living life through a lens that I find little time to truly experience the places I visit. I keep a journal of some of my favorite places so that I can visit them later when I have more time to explore. One such place is Seville. I’d heard about a festival that they hold in April... read more

The Vacation

by duhstoopid1

Nov 18, 2002

I had decided to take a vacation with a group of friends. Las Vegas was the destination, and how to get there was the question. There were 6 of us in the group, 5 of which hated to fly and refused. So, we decided to drive. I had an Excursion--the only vehicle large enough for us all to ride comfortably with the luggage. We had decided that on the way, we would stop and see the Grand Canyon,... read more

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