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Sweet Sanjay

by Habu

Oct 20, 2013

I heard my name being called out from the midst of the teeming horde pressing in on the barriers after customs in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi international airport, and a head and arm waving a sign was bouncing up and down over the tumult. The sign the young man was carrying said “Clifford Jenkins” with “New York” written under it. That was me. But I wasn’t being met by anyone that I knew of. The... read more

... read more

I woke up the next morning and I thought i had the best dream ever. Jake and I had sex and became boyfriends. I sighed and opened my eyes. As my eyes focused, i realized that it wasn't a dream. Jake was sleeping with his head on my chest. He started waking up and saw me staring at him.... read more

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It was summer afternoon last year. I had ordered a Home Theatre system over the weekend and was waiting for the salesman for the demonstration. I had already installed the system and was playing a few cds but it was not fully integrated with my TV yet. The salesperson was supposed to help me with it.The bell rang around 2.00pm. I answered the door. A very handsome good looking guy... read more

I find my self waking up not in the hospital but in the car as Michael drives... read more

[This is my first attempt at fiction. It’s based extremely loosely on a true story told to me by my husband about an encounter he had with a famous man over twenty years ago, but it’s really not that story at all. There will be more about him and me and our real life and romance, but for some reason I felt the need to create rather than to recount . . . at least just this one. Hope you enjoy it.... read more

Hey guys:) so glad your bad for an other story. I am so sorry I haven't writen one in a while hope you guys are enjoying it. If your new to the hole story line you kinda have to read the other three parts for this to work:)When I open my door my phone keeps buzzing with texts from Kate and Max. I finally turn my phone on silent and just lay in my bed. I am left along with thoughts of... read more

You have to read my first two parts to get thing one check them out:)Max and u have just started making out when there was a knock on the door. I was frozen by this shock ,but Max knew what to do.... read more

This is part two of Chad and MaxAs I wake up it all comes back to me.Max and I had wonderful passionate sex last night. Me and the highschool hunk. I never thought this would happen I love him so much he makes my world. As I lose my self in my thoughts I look down at Maxs big strong arm pulling me in for a morning spoon session I know it's going to lead to more.... read more

Porn War

by Habu

Jul 08, 2013

The song “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” sprang to my mind, because that was what his kisses were. As far as I could tell in the dimly lit Blue Moon resort hotel room in Las Vegas, he was a young hunk, no older than I was. Most of the men in the room were older, a few probably twice or more my age. None were complete throwaways, but he was prime among them. And he had latched on to me as soon as I’d... read more

Chaz's Choice

by Habu

Jun 29, 2013

“Are you sure? You don’t have to go through with this.”But, who was I kidding. Julio’s choices had been shut down that first night—the night I’d found him supposedly by chance, but with chance having nothing to do about it. He’d been had even before I approached him at the Noobai Café, the discreet little gay hookup bar in the Restele district of Lisbon, not far from the Cuban consulate.... read more

Loving Wife

by Habu

Jun 15, 2013

“What’s for dinner? Lamb chops, I hope. You do those so well.”“Of course, if that’s what you want, Ely. If that’s what you want, than that’s what we’ll have.”He’s got no taste buds left, I think. What does he care if it’s lamb, pork, or shit? Note to self—while I try to keep my voice from having the sarcastic edge Ely had complained about of late. Of course we don’t have any lamb chops in... read more

Since the last time i went to Jake's house, my feelings for him escalated. I found myself staring at him whenever i saw him. Two of my friends, Beth and Eric, confronted me at lunch one day.... read more

this is a fictional story about a crush i had in high school. some names have been changed. all sexually active characters in this story are 18 years or older.I knew i was gay when i was 13. i was always more attracted to guys than girls. When i got into high school, my feelings towards guys intensified. No one knew i was gay, i was totally in the closet. My junior year of high school... read more

My First Time


Mar 21, 2013

This is a true story about how I first had hot sweaty sex with the man I loved.It was 7th grade when I first met him. He was 2 inches taller than me. We were in the same dance varsity. Then we became friends. I was shocked in my first year of college when we were in the same class. In that class we became really close friends. We were also roomies( I felt so lucky ). Then one random... read more


by aramis45

Mar 20, 2013

1Il mio miglior amico al liceo si chiamava Gianni, ci eravamo conosciuti il primo anno e continuammo a frequentarci. Quello che segue accadde durante l’ultimo anno. Facevamo tutto insieme, incluso giocare nella stessa squadra di calcio. Un sabato sera, dopo un doppio incontro, eravamo stanchissimi e decidemmo di utilizzare la spa che era nella casa dei suoi genitori, era tardi ed... read more

Back Where . . .

by Habu

Mar 18, 2013

I rolled over in the bed, reaching for Esteban, but he wasn’t there, setting off in me a mild zing of irritation. He’d gone to sleep last night while I was fucking him and now he wasn’t there at all in the morning. This brought the decision I had to make back to mind and was, perhaps, yet another nail in the decision—two decisions actually. I had an opportunity to head up the Radio y Televisión... read more

“The Bechtel Journal”. This is a series of chronological excerpts from the personal Journal of Matt Bechtel. ---BREAKFAST IN FRENCH--- Was it the fragrance of rain or the smell of fresh coffee in the air? Matt was not sure which of the two it was that woke him up after only a couple of hours sleep. He did know however that it was a pleasant way to be woken up since he enjoyed both. As he... read more

At Scott's House

by Rusty7

Jan 28, 2013

I was in love with Scott from the first time I saw him. Tall, athletic, a real man’s man at work, always full of solid advice, always attired in a crisp dress shirt and a striped tie, with a sort of a post-military haircut, not too short, and blonde, I suppose a dirty blonde, sun-streaked. I knew that he had been in the military for awhile, and there was a ruggedness about him, but he had a... read more

“The Bechtel Journal”. This is a series of chronological excerpts from the personal Journal of Matt Bechtel.--BITCHES-- “Ladies and Gentlemen the Captain has turned off the seat-belt sign…””London here we come! Hopefully this is just the first of many international trips to come…especially on the companies buck.” Matt exclaimed while adjusting his seat back a couple of notches. “This... read more


Later that day as Justin walked home(slowly as he could barely put weight on his right leg) he went over what had gone on in the nurses examination room in his head. Over and over again he remembered what it was like to Kiss Toby's soft lips and run his hands over Toby's smooth flawless skin. He particularly had enjoyed their second round when Toby had done things to him he had only ever seen in... read more

a story not only about sex but the beginnings of a new relationship. Please let me know what you think even if it's crappyThe class bell rang and Justin was jerked awake from an excellent dream in which Toby the grade twelves blond haired blue eyed hunk had been fucking him hard with his cock. Justin started to gather his books and then became aware of some one standing beside his desk... read more

Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance We meet in the night in the Spanish café I look in your eyes just don't know what to say It feels like I'm drowning in salty water A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise tomorrow will come an it's time to realize our love has finished forever how I wish to come with you (wish to come with you) how I wish we make it... read more

It was Justin's idea for me to write Tales From The Drive-Thru. It all started one day about a week after I had moved in with him. I had bought a new gay erotic story book and was sitting in the living room reading it early one morning while Justin was still asleep. I had been wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else. I didn't hear Justin come into the living room and I jumped two feet in the... read more

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over.I was walking home from town with my mate. We’d been drinking round town and we were walking through the park when I dragged him into these bushes and without no warning I kissed him on the lips. He was proper shocked. I don’t know what come over me. Just did it. Combination of the alcohol and like years of... read more

“YEAH!” my partner Jim’s nineteen-year-old son yelled and pumped his fist in the air after he caught me off my feet with a perfect shot to the baseline just out of reach of my desperately outstretched racket.“Good shot,” I called to Perry across the net. “Forty fifteen,” I called, reminding him he’d been a shot away from losing that game and the set and the match before that last-gasp shot.... read more

Jim, my lawyer boyfriend, and I sailed through another week together. I was all but moved into his beautiful beach house which him and his 19 year old son, Perry, who was home from college for the summer. My condo was very useful, however, as it was about fifteen minutes from my office and ten from Jim’s. If you’ve already guessed that we had a few “lunch dates” you’d be right.Friday was... read more

After the Picnic

by billyc

May 31, 2012

Jim, my dark-haired, light-eyed furry musclehunk attorney and I sat eating omelets ravenously and naked at the bar in his incredible magazine-dream kitchen. We’d worked up a major appetite over the previous several hours after meeting at a company picnic. He’d brought me home, and we’d sucked and I’d fucked his brains out, and over again a few times with a shower fuck thrown in between when... read more


by billyc

May 31, 2012

It was unseasonably hot for Memorial Day weekend – high eighties, humidity higher than normal and making it feel like mid-90s. The almost-hurricane off the coast was signaling is imminent arrival.The picnic was in full tilt. There were well over 300 people enjoying the food, the sports activities, the pool and the beach at the defunct beach club my company had rented for this Saturday... read more

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