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Colin Maxwell is taking a shower. His body does not have an ounce of body fat. He is pure beef cake and muscle. Speaking of muscles, he begins to wash up his nice hard cock. Once he was washed off, he called out to Scotty to give him a towel. Scotty told him to come and get it. A soaking wet Colin comes out to the bedroom and Scotty begins to dry him off. They soon kiss and Scotty sucks on his thick cock. Then Colin puts Scotty on the bed and sucks his first dick. Then he sits on the chair and lets Scotty ride his cock bareback. This is the first time Colin had his dick inside a man, and he loved it. They began to fuck bareback in every position until finally Colin fucked the cum out of him. Then as Colin got close, Scotty let him give him a facial. For his first time, Colin Maxwell has hit it out of the park. Be sure to watch the free gay porn trailer of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.

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