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Hunky baseball player Kenta lies tied up and powerless in a dark unfamiliar apartment. His humiliation and submission begins with a round of electric shocks to his nips and nuts. Then tormentor Yoshi pries open his mouth to gift him with a gob of spit. But Kenta is hard and turned on by the harsh treatment, his thick cock standing up straight and hard as Yoshi fondles and licks. Pinning back his legs, Yoshi lubes Kenta's hole with a thick string of saliva. After a hearty slap on the ass, Kenta rises to slurp down Yoshi's dick and share a rough kiss. Yoshi fingers the athlete's muscular ass and enters him roughly. Groans turn to sharp sighs of pleasure as Kenta takes every inch Yoshi can dish out. But Yoshi has a sportsman's surprise for the ball player, lubing up a baseball bat and stuffing it in hard and deep.

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