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After we signed all the legal paperwork, we made our way to the bedroom where I had everything set up and ready to go. JOHANSON is a smart 28 year old who did admin work for the Marines and moved up in the ranks as a reservist. When the cameras were rolling we got into some conversation getting to know him and that rather handsome face of his. Once the small talk was over, Rob did as he always does and kneels down in from of Johanson and began the arduous task of going down on this already hard boy when the clothes came off. Rob wasted no time gulping up that cock and within minutes, Johanson was glued to Rob's face as he took his cock balls deep with no problem. As the sucking broke for a while, Rob took the opportunity to get semi-naked and flash his ass at Johanson who began playing and slapping Rob's ass.

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