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Funsize Distraction: When I invited Shay over to spend the night during his first physical at my clinic, he agreed to it right away. His examination went splendidly, to say the least. And after a full night of passion, it appeared as though the twink's thirst was not quenched. He smelled like the night before. Shay pulled my undies off and slurped my daddy wood into his mouth. The boy bobbed and weaved on my meat like a lad on fire. He was such a good boy, and I told him so as he smiled up at my beaming face while coaxing pleasure out of me. Still seated in my office chair, I instructed the eager doll to rise and sit on daddy's lap. Truthfully, what really happened was Shay jumped into my lap and sat straight down on my swollen hardon. Didn't need any spit or lube, but damn the boy was tight anyway!

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