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Mike Rivers is a 26 year old student from Ft Lauderdale. Mike loves doing Gay Porn. Brian Bonds is 22 and a masseur from Little Rock. At a gym in Ft Lauderdale, after a work out, they head to the gym storage room. After Brian's done fucking Mike's mouth, Mike leans back, and Brian returns the favor. Brian eats Mike's hole preparing it for penetration. He puts on a condom and the party begins. Mike has been a bad boy and must be spanked. After some hard fucking, Brian sits, and Mike straddles him as we watch Brian's cock disappear up Mike's ass. Mike lays back, and Brian's ready to put this puppy to bed! While Brian hits Mike hard, Mike begins stroking his own cock exploding with a thick cum shot. Brian pulls out, takes off the condom, and erupts all over Mike's stomach. Mike is now covered with both his and Brian's load!

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