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By Randy Blue

Matty West has it made, getting the best of both worlds from Roman Todd. He gets the sensuous side when Roman gives him a relaxing back rub and later gets his passionate dominant side with Roman using and owning his hole and making him cum twice! But first there's Matty's massage in which Roman tongues his hole and initiates a round of mutual cocksucking. When Matty gets his turn, he gives Roman some of his best, devoted sucking and the pleasure triggers Roman's vocal dominant side. When asked, Matty offers up his hole for rimming and Roman wastes little time and pounds his hole hard. Matty doesn't just takes the drilling he loves it and wants more with a wide smile of ecstasy on his face. Matty is very expressive, which Roman sees clearly as he pounds him on his back and when Matty excitedly sucks him and rides him.

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