Elijah Rams Into Aksen

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Elijah Rams Into Aksen Visit Aussies Do It

By Aussies Do It

Well, this was a matchup that was bound to happen. Drop dead gorgeous Elijah, with his perfect body and oversized XXL cock, meet sexy little fireplug wrestling aficionado Aksen, who we last watched canoodling in a singlet to match his bf Pete's. In the opening interview they reveal a bit about themselves, and when Aksen lets it be known he's really into big humping groups and orgy scenes, the director helpfully explains, "Well the guys say that Elijah's dick is like an orgy in itself!" Aksen flashes a big smile and Elijah just gives a little laugh. He knows those words are the honest truth. When the sexing starts, the guys kiss and rub their horned-up parts together. Aksen has to gasp a bit when he pulls Elijah's trouser-snake out of his shorts. It really is as big as legend paints it to be...

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