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By Peter Fever

The Invitation: Horny Nolan is tempted by his memory of beautiful Jay Wu and the summer flirtation they shared when Jay was on break from his husband. Writing to his summer flame, he rekindles that spark in both of them, despite the face they're married now to other guys. Before he seals and sends the message, he encloses a key to a room at the gay resort they talked about, with an invitation to meet again. When Jay sneaks away to meet Nolan, they immediately strip and begin their illicit fun. Jay peels off Nolan's shorts and pops the big tool into his thirsty mouth. Nolan repays him with a juicy blowjob, slurping his long curved prong to the fuzzy root. They heat things up in the bubbling hot tub, where Jay smacks his stiff dick against Nolan's firm chest before fucking it down the twink's throat.

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