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Tim & Byron Visit Jalif Studios

By Jalif Studios

A sleazy, basement sex club, somewhere in the outskirts of Paris. Sexy bottom twink, Tim Cosla, enters a cubical and assumes what can only be described as an inviting position; on his back, legs in the air, fingering himself wantonly. He attracts attention pretty darned quick. Tall, dark-haired, handsome Byron Cohen has been walking around the club, dripping pre-cum for way too long and has seldom felt so ready to roll. He sees Tim and his giant dick immediately begins to throb. Tim is soon sucking Byron's meat like a hungry cum slut. Byron wants Tim and he's in no mood for time wasting. He gets on his knees, pulls Tim's impressive prick out of the side of his jockstrap, and sucks real hard. Tim's tight tush is soon back in the air, ripe, ready and twitching for Byron's enormous weapon.

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