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Barron and Dylan really go well together. Dylan's the more soft-spoken type, quiet at first, more easygoing and laidback. Barron's quite the opposite he's got that Big Dick Attitude that suits him well and that we all know is well-earned! Dylan and Barron's contrasting attitudes make for some incredibly hot results when you put the two of them into action together. While Barron's a take charge kind of guy, Dylan's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. While Barron's more of a top, Dylan's more of a bottom. Don't let yourself think Dylan's not a total horndog, though! As you see him in action here you'll see his cock is as hard as can be, and he comes to life when getting his dick sucked or ridden by Aliya. Getting a front row seat as Barron pump's Aliya's pussy also seems to get Dylan riled up and horny as it happens just inches from his face!

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