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There’s a lot of meat on my couch this week as we have two muscular hunks in their first video together, Dustin Healy and Jenson James. The hot duo compares their huge muscles side by side with Jenson weighing slightly more than Dustin! And after some teasy bulge rubs, the two straight lads have fun ripping the other’s underwear off! As soon as Jenson’s uncut cock comes out it is pointing to the ceiling as his rocket cock always does! Dustin gets a little helping hand from me as I tease his cock to a massive throbbing erection! Both hard, we can see they’re very similar sizes but Dustin’s is thicker! Dustin grabs Jenson’s erection first and wanks him as Jenson returns the favor as they feel what it’s like to have another man’s cock in their hand!

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