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18-year-old Tristan has never been tied up before, and he's pretty nervous about it. Franco enlists Tristan's roommate Steffan to assist, but when they tie him down with ropes and straps, Tristan starts to freak out. To make sure he can breathe while he's being tickled, Franco cuffs Tristan's wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table instead. All that freedom has a nasty consequence for Tristan, who has a false sense of control and bangs his head and torso on table when he flails. Tristan turns red and begs for Franco to stop, but Franco climbs on top of Tristan and tickles his size 9 feet like crazy. Franco repositions Tristan at in incline and tickles his armpits, ass and inner thighs hard. When Tristan doesn't show gratitude for Steffan's help, Franco invites Steffan to get in a few good licks of his own.

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