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Seth Cain Bottoms Newcomer Swhirly Visit Cocky Boys

By Cocky Boys

Newcomer Swhirly makes his CockyBoys debut topping Seth Cain, who's the right fit for Swhirly's sensual style and his ginormous cock! The spark of chemistry is there from moment they kiss and as Swhirly gets his first taste of Seth's hole. It really kicks in though when Seth sucks Swhirly's thick cock, pleasuring every inch without any indication it's a challenge. Seth is in control sucking, even while Shwirly feasts on his ass, and when he starts to ride Swhirly. The power top in Swhirly kicks in though: he flips Seth, drills him, gives him head and pounds him on his back resulting in an intense cum geyser. Seth follows by shooting a thick load over himself, which Shwirly loves seeing. At the end his big smile says it all: he loved his debut at CockyBoys.

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