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Ryan Jacobs just recently moved to town. Luckily, his brother's hunky high school best friend Mateo Tomas offered him a place while he settled into the new job. Ryan has always been into Mateo, his brother's cool, athletic, muscular buddy, and they even fooled around a few times back in the day. So, when Ryan moved in, he wasn't expecting Mateo to be open to rekindling their casual thing from back in the day. But, to Ryan's surprise, he was! After Ryan has been searching for months for the perfect condo, he is finally moving out today on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend! Unfortunately, the casual fun needs to stop now that Ryan is moving out. As disappointing as it is, there's no point bringing down the vibes before the festivities. And, the sooner they finish the move, the sooner everyone can go out and party.

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