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Alex Debuts on CockyBoys with Hunter Visit Cocky Boys

By Cocky Boys

Alex Kof gets his CockyBoys welcome from Hunter, who's hot to sub for him the second he walks in on Alex stroking his big dick. In no time Hunter is worshipfully sucking his cock and getting Alex even harder. He takes it easy rimming Hunter and teasing his hole until Hunter begs for his cock. That's when Alex pounds him and soon finds that Hunter can take his cock no matter how he fucks him. Alex fucks him every which way and yet, Hunter is still up to suck him even more passionately and ride him. Alex then takes full charge fucking him in mid-air and drilling him to the bed, working up as sweat fucking the cum out of Hunter. And when Alex cums, he breeds Hunter and fingers his seed deep into him. Some super-serious fucking and yet they have some playful dick play at the end!

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