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Jeff and Franco tie Thomas to the table with rope and tickle his smooth upper body while he honks with laughter and tries to squirm free. They tickle his armpits, sides and bellybutton, then count his ribs with a light tickling touch. Thomas tries to keep them off his thighs by clamping his knees together, but a little lube and their fingers slide right in. They tickle Thomas' bare feet with soap savers and brushes while he snorts and laughs like crazy. Letting his feet cool off, Franco climbs on top of Thomas and tickles his side gently while Jeff tickles Thomas in his pits. Thomas' toes curl when they tickle his belly and back, and his eyes roll into in his head when they take turns sucking his dick. With all three of their cocks out, the sex vibe is high. Franco cums first and shoots an enormous load all down Thomas' leg and the side of Jeff's face.

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