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Remastered Original from Gio Caruso with Brant Dickson and Dylan Roberts: 23-year-old veteran Dylan Roberts is back to show 31-year-old newcomer Brant Dickson how to ride a stud. They start off with a long passionate kiss before they start to undress each other, returning to passionate kissing between each article of clothing. It's not long before Dylan finds Brant's meat sausage and stuffs it in his hungry mouth. Dylan isn't satisfied with playing the skin flute for too long and decides to look for a dirty penny. Brant takes his turn at smoking the pole before Dylan encourages Brant to clean his back door with his tongue. Dylan is in heat and needs to find a way to cool off, so he decides he needs a ride on the Hershey highway. The boys salad toss in several positions before blowing their loads all over Brant's waiting abs.

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