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Young muscular teen Jenson James returns this week with a lad, Declan Forest, whom he recently met in the gym! Both of these young straight lads are boxers, except Jenson is heavyweight and Declan is lightweight class. Declan has ripped, defined, abs, lean muscle, and a slim physique. Meanwhile, Jenson has huge muscles and a well-built physique. Coincidentally, both lads are commando so stripping naked was particularly quick as they had no boxers with them! The lads have fun sword-fighting their naked uncut cocks together and wanking them together in one hand. Jenson is the first to get a rock-hard erection and Declan soon follows! Both have huge throbbing hard-ons when erect! After losing a game of rock, paper scissors, Declan is the first to wank Jenson!

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