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Polish, blue-eyed, and monster cock Kayden Gray works at a laundromat for Andy Star. One day, while getting a suit ready for cleaning, he imagines what it would be like to be the man who wears the suit. The blue-collar worker slowly suits up and is turned on by the experience. He pulls out his cock through the suit pant and begins to jerk off. When the sexy Brazilian boss finds Kayden wearing the suit and playing with himself, instead of being mad, he is turned on. Andy wants a taste of Kayden’s meat and is soon gagging on the monster cock. Kayden bends Andy over the table and eats his ass, and stuffs a tie inside his hole. Finally, he slides his massive cock into the bottom's hole and fucks him good and hard. The feeling of Kayden’s hard cock against his prostate feels too good, and both suited studs blow their load.

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