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Hooking Up Adorable Mates Visit Bentley Race

By Bentley Race

I finally got my cute mates Eddie Archer and Ryan Matthews together in the same shoot. Both Eddie and Ryan have been in a bunch of shoots with our mates but never together. When I heard they were both back in town at the same time I organised this shoot. And I'm glad it happened because it was so much fun. Both Eddie and Ryan are adorable. I can see why our mates are always asking to jump in on the shoots with them. I hadn't picked it up until we started filming but Ryan was very keen to get fucked by Eddie. The photo session went really well. And once I'd had taken a load of photos I grabbed the video camera to catch them stripping off one more time and fucking on the bed. I love shooting with Eddie and Ryan and can't wait to see them in more shoots this year.

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