Sword of the Samurai 5

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Sword of the Samurai 5 Visit Peter Fever

By Peter Fever

The Sword Fuckfest 2: As their fourway swordplay continues at the Samurai training school, new recruit Koki respectfully asks master Hiroshi to train his sword the way he took on his former top student Ton. Ton and Rio assume the position behind Hiroshi and Koki and drop the lower wraps that sheath their powerful swords of passion. The orgy takes on a new direction. Ton's hand works Koki's tool up to a powerful stiffness as Rio does the same for Hiroshi's. Ready for action the two samurai toss off their ceremonial uniforms and all four naked warriors press their manly flesh together. Koki nibbles at master Hiroshi's sensitive nips as they both stroke their swords of flesh. Koki shows his allegiance and respect for the master by taking his sword deep down his thirsty mouth.

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