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Straight Young Hunks 1st Man Suck Visit English Lads

By English Lads

This week we have our two muscular hunks, Jenson James and Dustin Healy, back together as the hot duo continue to push their straight-boy boundaries! Jenson is sucking his first cock today and what an impressive and huge uncut cock to start with! Dustin is nearly 8 inches long and very thick but Jenson is feeling greedy today and manages to suck a lot of it! The young lads do a fantastic job of showing off their huge muscles as they compare muscles, with Jenson weighing more but Dustin standing taller. Both looking in amazing condition from many gym sessions and training. After wanking each other's throbbing hard erections, and plenty of sucking, the boys power wank themselves to a big messy climax!

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