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Hanry Japa leaves a card for his bf Travis that he's having an afternoon swim by the pool. That's not ALL he's having! He sees horny muscle stud Danny Toro there when he climbs out of the water and they're off to the races, kissing and grinding their thick swollen crotches together. Up in the hotel room they doff their duds and rub their dicks on the couch. Daniel spreads his powerful thighs open while Hanry gets a musky mouthful of hot Brazilian sausage, and our boy gets the message that this muscleman wants his big hairy ass plowed. Hanry burrows his tongue into Daniel's hungry hole and those legs go up like they're spring-loaded. Hanry slides his bareback cock into Daniel's hot juicy asshole. He pumps in to the root while the big longhaired blond holds onto the couch's armrest for dear life.

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